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  1. You make me feel brand new.

  2. Happy Birthday KB.

    Go and rattle yer bird.

  3. Thick as shit.

  4. You will be missed


  5. Perthshirebell- Respects KB.

    Not a boring fucker like Dubs/Matty sad sack.

  6. Come back, KB. Where are you going to get Curry advice now? You can't rely on those Indian cook books. They're foreign, FFS!

  7. i'll never forget you

  8. Goodnight sweet Prince.

  9. I am looking foward to your next alias, make it a hamilton fan this time.

  10. :(

    i take it this is goodbye?

    i love you lots and lots.



  11. Coming to a boro forum near you......


  12. Is to retire from P&B. 99.9% of the time, I was joking. Don't take things too seriously people, we're only here for the banter. P.S. accies to div1

  13. That'll be the one, At least if TNA did chose to do this they could only better the last one.... David Arquet vs Jeff Jarrett vs DDP.
  14. Normally that goes without saying BFG = Abyss = Monsters ball = pish. I'm hoping that we see AJ and Sabu ontop of the cell and Sabu does an arabian guillotine off a ladder through a table. Lethal Lockdown is like HIAC but with weapons, loads more action and much much better, like War Games in WCW I love when there is a match where there is action happening all over the place, same thing with the royal rumble, there is so much happening sometimes they miss eliminations (and wee here the word "teetering" 50 times) Love it. P.S. Bring back WCW's 3 stages of hell match.
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