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  1. So the handbrake is acting completely normally today. No more squeaking and its engaging normally. I've left it in gear anyway to be safe but could it have been debris or something? I'll probably get it checked anyway for peace of mind.
  2. All mine cancelled. Congrats to all the real tartan army fans who will get to go at my expense, well deserved.
  3. Cheers, I'll get it to the garage on Monday then.
  4. Mine will use half an onion then put the other half in the fridge for future use. By future use, I mean that I end up throwing it out 4 days later.
  5. My handbrake just started squeaking there and I've tried to park on a hill to test it, its fucked because the car slowly started rolling down the hill even when the handbrake was engaged. How expensive a fix is this? And how urgent... maybe a stupid question but can I get away with it for a couple of weeks if I park in gear and on the flat?
  6. 5. Get Out 4. My Backwards Walk 3. Poke I have 2 that I love above all others - Old Old Fashioned and Fast Blood. Fast Blood might be in my top 5 of any songs all time. I think it's a masterpiece.
  7. Few distilleries will release the same things year on year like that these days because theres so much pressure now to release new and interesting stuff. Macallan (what he did that with) is premium for some reason. His bottles were worth £40k or something mad at the end but the newer ones wont have increased in value that much, they're already really dear. It's hard to know what's going to be worth money in the future. I doubt he did it at the time thinking it was an investment, he just thought it was cool to have the same thing every year. Look for new releases, special editions etc. Some of those will be worth a lot in future but you're not going to turn £500 into £50k very easily.
  8. Fair. I do a 9 day fortnight so dont mind zooming in early to avoid the worst of it. Easier to do when you know you've every second friday to make up for it.
  9. Clocked this morning that this is one of those peak hours only bus lanes - kicks in at 7.30. Aim to pass it at 7.20 and you'll fly through as normal.
  10. How have Boohoo still got stock that my GF hasn't bought yet? YOU DONT NEED ANOTHER FUCKING OVERSIZED HOODIE YOU BOOT
  11. As someone who now sits in this new bus lane queue every morning I completely agree with you. The thought of what it's going to be like when traffic levels approach normality post-lockdown is giving me the fear.
  12. I like to think I'm not a particularly judgemental person but I will admit to being a bit weirded out by people who think ingesting a can of sugar and chemicals is a good thing. I'm a strict two coffees a day type guy. Whilst we are on the subject, tea is foosty water consumed exclusively by beasts.
  13. As a side note, the bizarre argument happening on this thread that nobody else seems to be acknowledging is fucking glorious. Keep it up lads.
  14. To be fair, he heavily caveated the rant by acknowledging that, and also acknowledging how well he has done from football financially. I thought he was absolutely spot on.
  15. Moved to the Black Isle when I was ten and went to a couple of caley games and a couple of county games and was basically told to pick one. Caley were the league higher at the time, but county were winning a lot as it was the season we won the 3rd division. Plus caley is the coldest stadium on the planet. So ended up supporting county. Lived in Ayr till I was 7 so in an alternative life I'm an Ayr fan*. First game I ever went to was weirdly Ayr against Ross County in the cup. The teuchters bodied the home team 2-0, it must have been a reasonable shock at the time. *There are old photos of me as a toddler running around in a rangers top so I'm probably just hoping I ended up an Ayr fan. I maybe had a very lucky escape indeed.
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