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  1. How much better do Arsenal look when Xhaka isn't playing? Talk about addition by subtraction. Smith Rowe looks class.
  2. I have a bet on the chargers for the SB. 40/1. Made it the second they hired Staley. He is the balls. Does anyone know if they were doing propf of vaccine spot checks before the london game last week? Had an email from them saying they would be but I hadn't bothered with getting the vaccine pass thing because I thought England weren't bothering with all that?
  3. This genuinely brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing it.
  4. Seems there are some who genuinely prefer the glorious failure, moral victory type performances and results. Baffling.
  5. And you couldnt be happier about it, miserable b*****d.
  6. Did you clock if they sold guinness? The only way I can ever get my old man out the pub early to get some of the atmosphere is if they have Guinness. He wont leave early for a lager in a plastic cup.
  7. Also interested in these answers.
  8. He would have got away with it if it was an isolated email but, Malky McKay style, he seemed to be hitting every fucking marginalised group going. Scumbag. Now all we need is for P&B to discover he leases a BMW.
  9. Mine too and I was only in the fucking house.
  10. Like a metronome. Jorginho style. Always available for the ball and literally never gives it away.
  11. Imagine watching that and then coming on here to slag off players... then doubling and trebling down on that. Get a fucking life Ro Sham Bo.
  12. That was a while ago now pal. Hope all good with you.
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