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  1. Just back from our P&O week. Was mostly class, would say we are pretty close to being indoctrinated into the cult (and it is a cult). Few bits that were less good - some folk genuinely seemed to not wash for the week and were actually reeking. Most folk were well behaved but there were some characters on board who I think had probably won a raffle or something. Also a huge proportion of guests seemed to just waddle between the various restaurants and buffets and constantly be eating themselves even closer to death. A weird thing to watch actually. The buffet was like Baghdad and we ended up avoiding it entirely. We got the drinks package (£39.50 a day per person) and with most drinks at £6.95 or so it easily paid for itself. I didn't consider us massive drinkers but maybe we are if other folk think 40 quid a day for drink on holiday is bad value. Porto was stunning, will definitely be back. Vigo was OK, interesting wee place but not much to it. Glad to have been but wouldn't consider much left to do there. Lisbon was nice, huge place obviously and we only saw a small amount of it. Would probably go back. Did a couple of the excursions which were mostly good but christ I could do everything myself faster. A cruise is a week of walking slowly behind fat old people basically.
  2. Fern Brady was the worst bit too. Been said before I'm sure, but for me the fixation with booking only comedians is tiresome after 14 seasons. Get other 'famous' people on who aren't necessarily known for being funny, please.
  3. We're away on Saturday. What's the script with smuggling booze on board? Presume it's a no-no?
  4. The Campbeltown Loch went to the whisky warehouse in the sky last night. Terrific dram for the price but good luck finding it (springbank). To make up for this, I've opened two new bottles tonight - Glen Scotia 15yo and Fettercairn warehouse batch no 2. Sometimes it's OK to enjoy life a bit eh.
  5. It's a last minute decision for me. Have been planning it but am helping my sister move this weekend so I had to be sure I could work around that. It's a particularly acute issue for County's away support which is mostly central-belt based. Dundee are doing the same thing to Partick fans on Saturday but at least the majority of them presumably can get to Firhill to collect a ticket. I'm not going from Larbert to Dingwall to get a ticket for a game in Edinburgh.
  6. Was looking forward to this but with no facility to buy or collect tickets on Saturday it looks unlikely that I'll be able to go. How hard is it to have e-tickets? Stenhousemuir and Alloa can do it FFS.
  7. Murray's new deal has a "homework clause". Real good sign when your supposedly franchise QB needs to be told to watch film.
  8. Count me amongst the Murray skeptics.
  9. Bit harsh on County I think, we had several more gears there if needed.
  10. Did anyone try for Munich tickets? I was 537,000th in the Q so gave up pretty quick. Couldn't have been any faster on the button either. Industrial-scale ticket scalping as usual.
  11. Ours just got released now. I'm sure someone will be along with a photo imminently. The home one is... different
  12. I was at an NFL game in Oakland California about 3 years ago and at the train station after the game I saw a young guy wearing a "Wildcats" hoodie. I say to him "that's a strange coincidence, I used to play for a team in Scotland called the Wildcats, where are your ones based?" It was the same team.
  13. Really well actually (I've done a load of them with V.Aye.R). I personally prefer the face to face but the virtual is decent. Only slight problem is the amount of losers on the call who think they know more than the experts but they're easy to mute.
  14. I have tickets for Dublin, Rome and Zurich. Plus whatever UK shows he does.
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