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  1. Marcos Alonso? Or are we ignoring him since he's technically a wing back?
  2. Gas boilers - maintenance & repair

    Knowledge is power and this is just a topic that people are really uninformed on generally speaking. Mechanics would be another example. I can see why some old biddy would go with SSE or that when they are 'reputable' over a local guy who is probably miles better.
  3. Gas boilers - maintenance & repair

    Yeah sorry Magee I'm sure you're a great heating engineer but given your track record on here over several years I'm not comfy with the idea of you being in my home.
  4. Gas boilers - maintenance & repair

    Spoke to both those mentioned early evening and both have been round already to have a look. Superb service IMO. Both have basically said SSE are full of shite so will see what they're saying when they send through quotes tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendations.
  5. Gas boilers - maintenance & repair

    Cheers, is that your business?
  6. Gas boilers - maintenance & repair

    Boiler has now given up the ghost completely and I'm required to replace it. Been quoted £4300 by SSE... seems extremely high but I clearly know f**k all about boilers. Anyone know a decent plumber/heating engineer in the falkirk area? Apparently flue access is still going to be an issue. If I never hear the word flue again it'll be too soon.
  7. Red Dead Redemption

    What do you do online? I don't really get that part of a game like this. Hedwig, my beautiful white Arabian, passed away tonight. I'm a wreck. I've named my new horse Arthur's Seat.
  8. whisky lovers

    That was one of the tasters tonight. It's lovely too. Can't go wrong with anything they do to be honest.
  9. whisky lovers

    Nah, Good Spirits on I think bath st? Glasgow. They're great. Before I knew about whisky I was weird about blends but these are really, really special.
  10. whisky lovers

    Went to the North Star tasting at Good Spirits tonight. Silly thing to do as I'm now £142 lighter... although I am now the proud owner of a Vega 41.
  11. Monday Night Football Thread

    I can't see past the Saints for the superbowl. They're on a different level. Goff and Mahomes will meet in at least one superbowl in their careers but it won't be this one.
  12. Monday Night Football Thread

    That took a decade off my life.
  13. Standing Bowl XVI

    Already used Chargers, Falcons, Eagles, Patriots, Bears and Dolphins. Week 4: Packers and 49ers
  14. When did your club 'make it'?

    Scottish cup QF win against Hibs, 2010.
  15. Standing Bowl XVI

    Week 3 - Bears and Dolphins