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  1. I suspect it's a ratings thing. In the same way I dont particularly want to watch exclusively old firm away matches on bt sport/sky but folk watch it.
  2. Ah, you're THAT kind of Tory. It must be hard not having the same supply of EU workers to bring your tiffin.
  3. Just waiting for 'immigrants are clogging up our public services' for bingo.
  4. I was 8th in the queue at ten to 7. I do live in a commuter estate so perhaps not that surprising as folk tend to be away to work early but I thought it was notable.
  5. To be fair it's the only late window game with playoff implications for both teams. Not sure what else they would show in that slot this week. Agree with the overall sentiment but a weird week to complain about it IMO.
  6. They're not showing the cowboys, they're showing the fucking LA Rams. Get your facts straight.
  7. Where is Christian Dailly to call out this nonsense when you need him.
  8. CeeDee Lamb is going to be a fucking superstar in the NFL.
  9. Settling in for Baylor v Oklahoma, hope it's a good one
  10. Any fancies today? I'm struggling to pick one.
  11. They are listed now, looks like they have all the big games. Good stuff.
  12. Are any of this weekends games on BT Sport? A quick google suggested not - cant be right surely?!
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