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  1. Really well actually (I've done a load of them with V.Aye.R). I personally prefer the face to face but the virtual is decent. Only slight problem is the amount of losers on the call who think they know more than the experts but they're easy to mute.
  2. I have tickets for Dublin, Rome and Zurich. Plus whatever UK shows he does.
  3. I don't think £45 for access to tasting drams that you couldn't sniff any other time is too much personally. Especially with the tenner off a bottle. Done a few of these festivals and they are always brilliant.
  4. Saw a Pine Marten the other day at dawn. It spent a few seconds sniffing around the green house then bolted away under a hedge. Apparently rare to see them so was quite chuffed. Knew it wasn't a weasel etc because it was bloody huge.
  5. 1. Stuttgart 2. AC Milan 3. Valencia 4. Bordeaux 5. Porto Honourable mentions for Fiorentina, Ajax, Dortmund, Galatasaray Top 5 dislike: 1. Man City 2. Real Madrid 3. Juventus 4. PSG 5. Bayern
  6. I appreciate I gave no actually useful info there. It's good value imo. Not hugely different from other 12yo speysiders but a really good example of the genre. A bottle most folk probably won't have tried and a really nice dram.
  7. Is the problem folk have with it the entire concept of additional intervention, or is it a worry that it won't be used sensibly/correctly/consistently? If it is the latter, it seems daft to not want to proceed with a potentially useful tool out of a fear of the tool not being used correctly. Seems a good idea to me but I'm clearly missing something based on the reaction of everyone else.
  8. So long as the sporting integrity of the title romp is protected over the genuinely competitive European battle. That's definitely the best way to prioritise any fixture discrepancies.
  9. Ross County have been in the top 6 for 4 minutes all season.
  10. Mine is touching the excess flour on a roll. I'll always avoid a floury roll and get flourless ones. Can't explain it.
  11. Walked past the swatch shop this morning about 9.30 and the Q was insane. There's no way they'd have had enough of them for everyone. People are weird. The Q for breakfast at Dishoom was thankfully much more reasonable.
  12. She's started an Instagram account for a house that hasn't been built yet. Furthermore, she's called it "surname at the estate name", using my surname. We are not yet married. HELP
  13. Totally appreciate that and completely understand why Denver felt they had to make the deal. Just not sure it's a slam dunk that Wilson will recapture past glory. Will certainly be interesting to see him try.
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