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  1. Junior Cup 18-19

    As per my suggestion to do an analysis of Scottish cup ties to see how many are drawn I have done a quick analysis of 3 seasons chosen randomly over the past 25 years . all data has been obtained from Stewart Davidsons Scottish Non Leagie Reviews booklets which have proved immensely usefull, and thanks are due to him. The seasons are 1994-5, 2004-5 and 2007-8 and I have counted total number of drawn games in the competition, number which went into extra time in the replay, and number which needed a penalty kick shotout to decide the tie. The total number of ties varies slightly in each year as clubs have come and gone, and excluded the final from the analysis. The total number of clubs is around 160 in each year with the total number of games higher taking into account replays. During this period only one replay has been the rule, not sure when the practice of multiple replays was abandoned but they were certainly still being played in the 1980's. Total no of clubs in competition ; 94-95- 167. 04-05 - 165. 07- 08 -158 Total no of games played 207 193 188 Total no of drawn ties 40 35 31 Total going into extra time 9 0 2 Total penalty deciders 4 12 8 Not quite sure what all ,of this tells us except that there will always be games needing a replay, some requiring either added time or some other method of deciding the tie. At one time it was the toss oif a coin, the number of corner kicks won in added time (Kilsyth won the Pompey cup in 1958 on this rule), or games really played to a finish (Motherwell won a Scottish cup tie in the late 1940's that lasted 157 minutes). Now its penalties, usually 5 each, but sometimes going into double figures to reach a decision. All of this has nothing to do with postponments of course, or the resulting fixture congestion but I think it proves that doing away with replays in drawn Scottish cup ties will do little to solve the problem. Quite apart from that, the question of fairness has to be taken into account. There is no doubt that a home draw does give clubs a slight advantage and a draw away from home surely does merit another chance. Also the away club loses out on all the extra revenue that a home draw brings, Raffle, programme sales, refreshments, sponsorship, etc. A run of away ties to more remote clubs which often generate very little revenue can bring a club to its knees. Its £300 for a team bus to Ayrshire from here, £700 to Aberdeen and the share of an away gate is very often barely into three figures. Oh, and by the way it took less than 1 hour to compile the stats, and 30 mins to type, and I'm retired with nothing better to do.
  2. Larkhall Thistle 2018/2019 Thread

    !03 goals scored in our division already, that's 4 and a bit per game, the highest average in any of the four divisions. You have conceded 20 in three games so if you were to continue like that you could be correct, but I don't think so. Not even Fort William have conceded that many in a season. It may not be looking too good at the moment but things can change pretty quickly.
  3. Junior Cup 18-19

    Its not just replays that are the problem, many of the serial postponements are of first attempts to play the tie, lets do an analysis of reasons for not being able to get a game played and establish what really are the problems. The two main reasons as I see it are firstly weather, not a lot we can do to change that, Secondly the guidelines on what what pitch conditions are to be applied by referees as to whether a game can go ahead. As we are all aware referees decisions can differ as to what is acceptable or not. It is all down to safety considersations for players, and sometimes for spectators as well. How do we change that, I don't know either but bearing in mind that we live in a country with a very changeable climate better training to achieve more consistency in their decision making might help. In the meantime why not introduce a rule that if a game is postponed two weeks in a row purely down to local pitch conditions, then either the game should be switched to an all weather venue closest to the home teams location, or if both teams agree, to their opponents ground if it is playable. I can see that might not make some teams very happy but the disruption being caused at present should not be allowed to continue. Since it is probably unlikely that the Junior cup will continue in its present form for very much longer it is perhaps a problem that will be solved by the SFA imposing new rules on cup competitions. I can't imagine they would allow the Scottish cup to be held up by a game being postponed ten weeks in a row.
  4. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    The official attendance at this game was 7714. It was a sixth round Scottish tie whiuch ended 2-2 , Rob Roy won the replay and went on to lift the cup. The highest ever attendance was 8876 v Broxburn in a replayed sixth round tie in 1951 . That was the first junior game I ever attended. There may well have been an even bigger crowd at a tie v Petershill in january 1959 when it is estimated that over 1000 Petershill supporters broke in , coming down from the main road , over the railway line which used to run behind the ground and the wire fence which was no real barrier to them. That game was one of the first to be filmed for Scotsport by STV. Unfortunately the film has been lost, believed destroyed in a warehouse fire many years ago, but the result was good, a 4-0 win for Kilsyth although we lost to Carluke in the 6th round with 6300 present. I would put the absolute capacity when both ends were fully terraced at around 10 thousand.
  5. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Glad you enjoyed your visit today, although probably not the result! Won't comment on the game, enough of that else where. We have made a lot of improvements in recent years, latest was total refurbishment of dressing rooms after an arson attack last year. Pretty certain they can now stand comparison with any others in the junior game. Before that we replaced pieshop and toilets aabout three years ago. The terraces on the west of the tunnel were relayed about six or seven yeats back when we also removed all the old terracing behind both goals and grassed it over, it gets cut regularly. The dugouts, tunnel walls leading onto the pitch and walls in front of the terraces were rebuilt about ten years ago though unfortunately sub standard brick was used and it is spalling quite badly in some areas. Enclosure roof repainted with a sponsors name last year. It has to be one of the largest adsvertising boards in Scotland at over 300 feet long. Boundary fencing replaced on two sides of the ground as well a few years back. Club hut refurbished, we took it over in a semi derelict condition from Glasgow Rangers supporters club. A pretty comprehensive list as I am sure you will agree, but still a few jobs we would like to do, looking forward to our visit to your own ground later in the season to see the new covered enclosures, etc. Quite a few other clubs have made improvements as well, Perthshire is looking much better than it did a few years back and the new grounds at Renfrew, Port Glasgow, etc show that despite ruimours to the contrary the junior grade is not dead just yet. It is changing but a lot of clubs are preparing for a new era, the name may change but hopefully the clubs will survive. PS Enjoyed a chat with Tommy Flynn, recalling the games he played against us in the 1950's.
  6. Junior Cup 18-19

    Thanks for the compliment. Say what you mean in the first instance. Vague suggestions just invite this kind of response. Clubs have made it very clear that they prefer the current setup. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  7. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Approx 500 words, if you can't do twenty words a minute its time to go back to typing school. So about 25 minutes + thinking time = six hours.
  8. Junior Cup 18-19

    Do you mean a penalty shoot out , with or without extra time being played? Or just keep playing until one club scores another goal and declare them the winner? It could be a very long game and spectators might start wandering off after three or four hours. This a very vague suggestion and clubs have indicated that they prefer the current method of settling the tie, i.e. a replay then a shoot out. It has worked very well and no one has suggested we go back to the days of three or four replays.
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Agreed, the explanation from Valeman has the ring of truth about it, unlike some of the other comments. Staggering that the design of a facility such as this can be left to someone with so little experience of what is really required. I wonder how much he gets paid? Salaries for top Council jobs are out of all proportion to the abilities of the people holding them it seems from all the cockups that we keep hearing about. Havn't been to Port Glasgow yet, but I wouldn't say Carluke is the ideal example of a new style ground, spectators are too far away from the action and the hilltop location is a bit windswept. Renfrew is still the best so far, but nothing to beat an old style ground like our own providing that it can be properly maintained and updated as necessary.
  10. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Overall Kilsyth were undoubtably the better team going forward but our defence needs strengthening urgently or we will find ourselves cut off in the bottom half. David Waters is being sorely missed and no adequate replaclement has been brought in. Salim has now failed with two penalty kicks although Danny Smith, our best player on the night, netted when the keeper spilled it. We were rather unlucky not to get an equaliser in the last few minutes when Rossvale were on the ropes but thats how it goes. As for the venue, it is one of the worst for spectating that I have ever been to in over sixty years of watching junior football and I can tell you I have been to some real dumps, but it would have cost no more, probably less to put decent terracing along the FULL length of the side opposite the sports hall and a little covered area such as Renfrew have would be pennies compared to what the entire complex must have cost. But that has nothing to do with Rossvale, it's all down to East Dunbartonshire Council who obviously have no idea of what is required for a proper junior venue. I wonder if NEW ADAMSLIE will turn out any better?
  11. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Rutherglen Glencairn and Cambuslang Rangers as well. Going back to the days before the West Region Shotts won two successive promotions and were champions of the top division in the following season. This was after they had been banned for a year for being naughty.
  12. Today's scores

    No and yes.
  13. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Yes, add 3/4 and you will have a starting eleven.
  14. Holm Park

    Since when did it become OUR own?
  15. Scores today

    The penalty shootout is for the bonus point. The result of the game was a 1-1 draw.