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  1. Guessing you’ll be boycotting your own team for taking Rangers Colts on loan too then since that is funding their youth systems because they don’t come free?
  2. Loving the match report from the Cowdenbeath Facebook page - surely the most tongue in cheek use of "had fallen over" ever. Maybe more Blue Bells than Blue Brazil these days?? I'm Falling
  3. Yep, Chairman is elected by whoever is on the Board. Trust and SC shareholding only really comes into if it there was a poll vote where a decision is based on the number of shares actually held rather than the number of bodies in a room at the likes of an AGM. That said though there probably needs to be more encouragement to get new faces on the Football club board as it seems almost to be taken as a given that the same Directors are re-elected each time. However people need to come forward and propose themselves for election though.
  4. The renowned film director Ken Russell would make a better signing than Andy Russell, and he's been dead for years.
  5. I went in 1985 and don't think there was ever 89 like...
  6. Russell is awful every day. The likelihood of him putting a tackle is lower than that of Michael McIntyre saying something funny.
  7. It might be unkind to say that Ross Gray might be better off being a barman than a footballer based on this seasons displays....
  8. Falsely accused as you can't break seats wearing welly boots.
  9. They were only wearing wellies so they didn't have to wipe their feet on the way out of Easter Road
  10. Shocking organisation by the club, surely you should be able to phone up and get them hand delivered to your door at a time that suits you since at the moment you can only buy them online, buy them at two upcoming matches or buy them from a town centre location. Not much opportunity at all then. Least they could do surely!.
  11. Should have got tescodsave to stand outside since the sun shines out of his a rse and therefore would have provided ample illumination
  12. No chance someone would take £12 and put a click on the hand one for £2 and keep the tenner then?
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