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  1. Leeds battered Everton 1-0 hardly seems fair , good to get a win though after dropped points against Arsenal last weekend
  2. Great episode last night , best one so far this season
  3. A pretty shitty way to lose
  4. Just as well that penalty went over , with the hooter going off as he prepared to take it
  5. Another one chasing money from Don the con's campaign https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election/fred-eshelman-donald-trump-lawsuit-voter-fraud-b1762554.html
  6. Super League Grand Final time , hope its a cracker
  7. Kyle McKinstry: NI darts player given eight-year ban for match-fixing and failing to produce phone bill https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/darts/55090827
  8. At the start of the season doubted weather Micky Mellon would make it to Christma. I wasn't really expecting Holt to go until he made those comments at the weekend. I'd reckon there's a shoogly peg in the managers office a New Douglas Park so wouldn't be surprised to see Rice go , Lennon might hang on until after the Christmas and New Year period,if they fall any further behind Rangers then I can't see him staying
  9. Steve " The Wally with The Brolly " McClaren I'm sure he'd be able to master a West Lothian dodgy accent
  10. Hanoi Rocks - Up around the bend
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