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  1. The Saw Doctors - Indian Summer
  2. The 39 Steps. The Hitchcock version, watched this on Saturday afternoon it's a pretty decent version . Found myself laughing at the scene where Hannay ( Robert Donat ) was supposed to be frying a piece of fish on a gas stove whilst smoking a cigarette at the same time . 7/10
  3. Straight hame tonight for Celtic nae stoppin' for a poke o' chips?
  4. Bloodlands on BBC 1. decent enough opening episode. Plenty threads to this story I'd say
  5. Shouldn't be delayed imo, France can still field a strong team. That's the back up plan if it's needed
  6. XTC - Love on a Farmboys wages
  7. It's up to 7 now . Looking like the Scotland game could be delayed by a week then as the following weekend is another rest weekend https://amp.france24.com/en/sport/20210220-six-nations-rocked-as-more-french-rugby-team-test-positive-for-covid-19
  8. Wasn't it the late Mick McManus that said when asked about wrestling - " It's not Fake it's Fixed "
  9. They're ok I guess if action movies and car chases are your kind of thing, they won't exactly test your brain that much as the good guys are always going to win . Plenty non stop action with no sign of the franchise slowing down 7 th film made and due for release sometime this year and an 8th film on the way so they're certainly still popular enough .the films seem to have gotten bigger and more spectacular as the series has went along and the effects and CGI are excellent if you can believe that Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher then it's not a problem to see him as Ethan Hunt .
  10. Mission Impossible (6) Fallout . Ethan Hunt and his team are back saving the world again. Non stop action with plenty car, motor bike and even a helicopter chase as the IMF team try to find three bombs before they're detonated, there's plenty twists and double crosses along way as the film heads towards its finale . Tom Cruise is excellent again as Hunt , if slightly unbelievable at times and there's great back up from the regular members of the cast . Pure escapism, Top notch stuff 8/10
  11. If it's your team that gets it it's a penalty if it goes against you it's not and it's harsh
  12. Jamie Carragher is an annoying T**t
  13. Eric Clapton - I shot the sheriff
  14. These are the types of games we're supposed to win but we've never been great when expectations are high and our home form has been patchy . A scrappy 2-1 victory would do nicely though and hopefully the curse of Joel Sked picking us a s his banker won't affect the fixture
  15. Johnny Cash - The man comes around
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