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  1. I believe Cove Rangers will gain promotion to the SFL this season at the expense of Berwick Rangers who will drop down to the Lowland League. In that scenario am I right in thinking that only the winners of the EOSFL and SOSFL play off will be promoted with no room for any other applicants such as Linlithgow Rose?
  2. In the 2010 final at Rugby Park, Largs fans outnumbered Linlithgow fans. They will bring a decent support for this one.
  3. The SJFA has again misapplied it’s own rules in relation to the semi finals. The competition rules state that the team drawn out of the hat first shall have choice of venue for the first leg. However the SJFA considers that this means that the team first out are at home in the first leg. Most clubs would probably want to have the second leg at home and are therefore are being penalised by this wrong interpretation. If my team had suffered I would be protesting! Any thoughts particularly from Lochee fans.
  4. It’s not that long ago that Hurlford Utd we’re bottom of the Ayrshire leagues with no points and a goal difference like FortWilliams. It’s the possibility that your day will come that keeps these clubs going.
  5. Don’t get to see Rose match these days but this was a disappointing performance. Rose appeared to be suffering from playing a match poorer standard of team this season than Beith are. They outplayed us in every department. First half was very close and if Rose had taken their chances it could have been tied at half time. However after the keeper selling a second goal and Thom being sent off for dissent the game was beyond us. we still have not faced up to the issue we have had for over 5 years, lack of midfield physicality. Lots of clever footballers but no one to will the ball dominate that area. TC is not at his best without another striker who can hold the ball up and play him in. At full back we are extremely weak. However we should keep faith with MB who remains the best around. Time to rebuild. If I am out of line with these comments I apologise to all my friends at the club who went out their way to greet me yesterday. At least that made my day out worthwhile. Thanks folks. I will be back as will the Rose.
  6. Cove are massive favourites for this tie and having seen them rightly so. Pity the plastic pitch will spoil what could have been a great tie. Beith and Rose could be close with neither side at their best. TC could be the difference between the sides.
  7. The Rose have drawn the poorest side in the senior game in the first round of the Scottish. The Fort are on the verge of packing it in this season. Losing 7 is a good result. i would not be surprised if they withdraw from the competition. Pity cause they have a very good social club which can have 200 in it on a Saturday afternoon. unfortunately they are still there at 10 past 3!
  8. If these divisions go ahead there will be a mass exodus to EoSL at the end of the season!
  9. The picture dates from the late 50s when Dreghorn played in white. in the early 60s they changed to yellow and black. It was taken at their home ground at Fordside Park on the banks of the River Irvine beside Holmsford Bridge. The ground is now partly beneath the bypass. i am putting together a short history of the club for those interested.
  10. Looks like the writing is on the wall for WoS junior football reading between TJ’s lines. To say he did not see the EastbJuniors’ defection coming is the understatement of the football century. Now that the exodus has started there is no way back. However why can’t the LL be abolished and replaced by a Western League and an Eastern League each of 4 divisions and an enlarged Highland League taking in the Highland and Tayside Juniors. Alternatively allow for at least 4 clubs to gain promotion to the LL, one from each region and a playoff among the runners up.
  11. This will be a transitional season only with next year’s leagues based on this year’s positions. Chances are that Bo’ness and the 2 Roses will be in top section next season. League Cup and othe cups may also pair the top junior cups together. At least Forfar and Broughty are off the travel plans.
  12. The new set up sets a level playing field and a chance for all clubs to qualify for the premier division in season 19/20. That will be a tough league to get out of and into the Lowlands League.
  13. The vast majority of posters on this topic are in favour of the move to senior. The older members who oppose the move should recognise that it will be the younger members on and off the committee who are the lifeblood of the club going forward. If they don't the younger members will quickly leave and the club will fall into terminal decline.
  14. If the level of understanding is poor it becomes important for someone on the committee to set out at the start of the meeting objectively and exactly what the consequences of a vote either way will mean. When members know who is joining and who is remaining they will have a clearer understanding.
  15. Tomorrow is the biggest date in the history of LRFC. Like the Brexit vote it is bound to be divisive among members and supporters. Is it better to follow our lothian rivals into new territory or stay in a weakened east Junior set up? In my view we should accept the new challenge. If the pyramid system fails it is quite possible to reverse the decision in time. If we don’t go what was the point of installing floodlights or the other ground improvements? To stand still would involve us in a weaker league with more visits to Tayside and no meaningful local derbies. Onward and upward htg
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