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  1. What competition would this be in? Or just a friendly?
  2. I couldn't be there but, according to my wife who was, it was directed at Luke McCowan as he came on but was clearly a boo for the decision to remove Moffat rather than a view on McCowan per se (other than presumably the crowd didn't expect him to do any better than Moffat, at best). But it was stupid for sure, and wasn't going to do anything to help poor McCowan prove them otherwise.
  3. You obviously didn't come and see him starting in the Reserves Challenge Cup against Livi the other day. Okay, I know somebody is going to come back and say the defence got a clean sheet so it couldn't have been that bad, but Ecrepont looked nothing like ready for a first team start. Most of the danger came down his side and only a few great shot-stops from Hare-Reid, and our two centre-halves putting in great shifts, kept it that way. He's going to be a decent player but he's still too raw to be chucked in at the business end of the season. You know how quickly SRE turns on a player that makes a couple of mistakes - you could end up ruining the boy.
  4. Ayr v Queens

    Historically whenever a team on a terrible run, that couldn't find a run on a wet window in the rain, needs a result then playing Ayr has been the present that keeps on giving. I hope I am proven wrong but, like the team, confidence is low. A nil nil draw seems the only alternative sensible prediction...
  5. You have to be very careful about all this "should have, could have, would have" stuff - it can sound like excuses and breed mental weakness if vocalised in the team. You can be pleased with the performances on the park but the bottom line is we didn't win many games and that needs to change for the run in. I'm hopeful that a fully fit Shankland, the return of Mark Kerr as an extra creative option and, a couple weeks away only hopefully, the return of Forrest to the bench at least will give us the wee lift we need to convert decent performances into solid wins. 'Mon Ayr!
  6. I would venture that a competitive Scottish international team will do more for the overall good of the game and enthusiasm for the product available in the League week to week than pretty much anything else. Other nations have shown bringing players through the system together U21 and full squad works so I struggle to see the argument that the League should take precedence. I get more far jacked off by moving match for TV at the last minute than for moving games due to international duty.
  7. What do you want to do? Play rush goalie?
  8. If your team Folded ?

    The drinking culture may be the same, but you can't rip into the opposition and officials in the same way and the singing section is rubbish. Also hear the betting culture is hard-core and matching fixing is rife!
  9. If your team Folded ?

    As the name suggests, my hear-felt footballing allegiance lies down south but I've been in Scotland now for 13 years and been an Ayr Utd season ticket holder for 10 seasons now I think (they're the wife's team). Took a couple of years to get used to the standard of football generally in Scotland (brutally brought home to me when I was in the away end at Hearts when Spurs humiliated them 5 nil) but watching live football is just so much better than being a TV fan that probably I care almost as much about Ayr Utd now and certainly more invested in time and money. But if Ayr Utd went under and did not do a Phoenix from the Flames act, then I suspect I would find another Scottish club to follow - probably Spartans, maybe Edinburgh City, given we live in Edinburgh. Since following Ayr Utd, being able to affordably sponsor shirts, go to POTY and other events without too much hassle getting or affording a ticket, joining the AUFC 500 Club etc., I know I prefer the feel and family nature of a smaller Club where you can feel, and actually, get closer to the players and management team and make a difference just by coming along. Meanwhile if Spurs went under I could never follow another English club - which probably answers the equivalent question for me to what you are asking here.
  10. I think Rose may need dropping for a while - to get his head straight again. Muirhead and Bell looks a decent partnership. That said, we also need a settled CB pair. - any other positions you can rotate but CB? I prefer Adams at defensive midfield when we have something to defend and see a game out. Always been a big fan of Kerr, only when he'll be facing pace everywhere might I drop him to the bench. Kerr and Murdoch (with Doc and Robbie as their bench swaps) looks best to me, with Declan and Miller wide. McCall will never play that side to start though, doesn't favour two wingers at the same time and would trust Robbie and Adams with his life it seems. He's made more correct calls than not this season to be fair but this place would be boring without opinions.
  11. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    Almost a replay of Morton last week. A really sparky first 30 mins, but getting increasingly shite as the game went on. Two subs then made that made us look worse. Hmmm... Really strange sub to bring Adams on, when the game was crying out for some creativity - if Kerr was on the bench he must have been fit enough to play a part and I would have given him the last 15 mins to see if his clever short passing could have unlocked the Pars defence. As the game went on I remarked that I could see I losing this, and so it came to pass. A set piece was always the mostly likely route to a goal for either side given the poor quality on display on both sides. Increasingly I am giving more credence to the view that maybe this League is a really poor one - whilst we've clearly been punching above our weight it is looking like Ross County v Dundee Utd for the title now. Not sure I care if we finish in the play-offs or not now, quite fancy the summer holidays starting on time if this is the quality of football we are going to served up.
  12. Morton v Ayr

    If Morton park the bus then we had better hope Kerr is fully fit. To my mind, Kerr (in concert with the Moff) has got the clever passing game to unlock ten men behind the ball, if anyone in our squad has. We might struggle otherwise.
  13. Live games

    It's a negotiation. You can still require more advanced notice of which games they want. As I said earlier, grow some SPFL.
  14. It does make you a happy clapper. But I don't care! :-D
  15. We've been in the high 60's possession-wise quite a few times, but never into the 80's ever nor likely the 70's either. But even 66% possession is a dominant stat - you have the ball twice as long as your opponents. Trouble is possession stats are the worst sort of show pony bulls&it to judge games by if you don't do enough with it and are content to play in front of two packed lines of four.