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  1. Please hit it, like the rest of us have. If nobody engaged with the clueless dipstick he would soon bore off somewhere else.
  2. The absence of people around was just the impact of your humorous banter and winning personality. They were just avoiding you, as you promised to avoid us. Please just delivery on that last promise and stop posting please.
  3. Disagree. The Rangers will surely just buy the finished article like they always do, especially if they are serious about challenging Celtic for next years title. Much as he has done a great job in the Championship, I don't think Shankland is quite that yet. Maybe in a year or two. Can't see that move, and if it happens would not expect him to have more than a bit part to play next season there. Much better for his development to head south.
  4. Actually, I think Sunderland would be ideal for him. Should get enough starts to continue to learn facing better defences in a side with a decent chance of going up to the English Championship. If he went to say Swansea, one of the names he was linked with, he'll find it more difficult. They already have Oliver McBurnie on their books . If we wants to start every week top end League One is his best level, with every chance of proving himself further and going up. English Championship is a really competitive level - no reason he cannot play there but starting every week and keeping on learning should be his priority, which pleased to hear he and the people around him realise.
  5. Agreed. He's a inconsistent player for sure, and on one of his rank days he might make somebody's list, but he's nowhere near a Jobbers XI. Agree a strange choice for an Arab who must have surely watched Deci tear them a new arsehole on that 0-5 Friday evening?. Also, if rumours are true, he may be playing for Dundee Utd next season.
  6. Ah, VirginTon plays his usual game. Quick to have a pop, but dives back into his burrow until the dust has settled if you hit him with a zinger! At the risk of mixing my metaphors here, a one-trick pony with zero football knowledge and no backbone but like a scolded puppy you just know he'll be back for more. Bless.
  7. Apart from all that goes out of the window once the regular season has ended and you are facing two-legged knock outs. The last two nights of European football should tell us that - Liverpool finished 3-0-3 in their Group stage, Spurs 2-2-2 in theirs and they have both made the final. Absolutely ICT have had the best of it so far, but the difference is a clearly offsite goal and a disputable penalty. The penalty isn't is the same category as the second goal, it's how the ref sees it and we've all seen them given. The offside is about as obvious a mistake as you will find, but the not atypical outcome of the woeful standard of our officials up here. We need to use it as a motivation for Saturday. It's half time and we're two down. Need to channel our day away at Brechin a few years ago now, roar the lads on so that they leave it all on the pitch and what will be will be. COYA!
  8. Yup, you've nailed it - although to be fair it's a "OF oh and ICT" bias.
  9. Not sure he is really bothered. He probably just trying to promote a bit of "us and them" trench mentality to try to get an extra 2% out of his players. That fact that it is exactly the same for our opponents tonight is maybe irrelevant if he's looking at the big picture. Merits of 3rd or 4th place having a shot of promotion aside, if you are going to have a play off system it should be the same with all the leagues. HL & LL has to be different as they both feed one Division, but even that should be nearer the system of the SPFL. Let an equal meritocracy rule!
  10. So long as there are NO COLTS anywhere in the mix, I can live with what they come up with. If two or three part time Clubs are up and then automatically stay up for the 2020/21 season then that would obviously be an added benefit to Ayr. Can't see how 44 league games could possibly work with three other National Cups, but that is detail.
  11. McDaid was completely rested Saturday. That indicates for me that he'll start tomorrow.
  12. Jesus, Itzdrk, you are bloody hard to please. Seven out of ten for our League performance? I understand a tad of disappointment after our stonking start but you need to look at the big picture mate. Also breaking down our season into the different cups just shitebaggery of the highest order, again allowing you to concentrate on the negatives. Okay, I'm obviously not from Ayrshire - so I don't get a hard on over beating Kili nor the same level of sour puss over a loss to Talbot (losing Cup games to non-League clubs isn't that uncommon in England, I guess as there is more depth in quality there) but we have been the most professional I have seen us since I starting following Ayr back in 2006 when I moved up here. Overall it has to be a 9/10. Some glorious performances and the odd epic failure. A proper old fashioned season with the added spice of watching a player the national press are talking about at the same time. And the impossible dream is still alive, irrespective of how unprepared for an adventure in the Premiership we may be. Highlight was watching that Dundee Utd v Ayr Utd game, from their Directors Box as guests for added enjoyment. Scoffing their very tasty (clearly Directors Box only) mini steak pies (I think I had three!) and trying not to break out laughing as the fifth went in front of a rank of grim faces was entertainment of the highest order!
  13. Where did you get that? Went though the FAQs and not mention of railcards. Not saying you are wrong - just like others trying to figure this deal out fully.
  14. I am guessing you can't book a seat on any train, if you don't need a ticket in the first place. Is that going to be a issue? I don't use trains much at the weekend. Only on the booking site already some Edinburgh to Inverness trains are showing "limited availability".
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