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  1. If patter was pish you’d be drowning in a pool of your own making.
  2. From recent experience Cafe Royal is a good call. Been there, done that.
  3. Every time you post on here I’m reminded that Fifers come from a long line of seed potatoes.
  4. He only allows four at the AGM. Why should he ask any?
  5. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    A source and confirmation if you please. After all it is the end of the season for you already. Oh! There’s this
  6. “Pedantry Alert” It was 5th February 2000. Not in the 90s. Thank you and back on topic!
  7. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Live in Sheffield and ask that! Trevor- Sorry- Sir Trevor Brooking will not be at The Blades v West Ham match at the Lane next season. There’s not enough personal protection for that twat!
  8. Clyde v QP

    Well, at least it’s, by your own admission, evolution. ( check your OED) Or borrow your Dad’s, if you know where he is.
  9. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Aye. Decent keeper.
  10. Clyde v QP

    Hey! Just starting a new thread. Big game coming up! How do you think we’ll do against QP?
  11. Broadwood

    Which is it? Both “pubs and terracing”, then your use of criteria is correct. However “and/or” implies a singular criterion on which to judge away games.
  12. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Perhaps the Board will meet to agree an official announcement. It may be later this evening before we know the outcome.
  13. The Battle for 2nd - Edinburgh City vs Clyde

    Served with Bovril or a Beef Broth avec bouquet garni?