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  1. I see you have the skill to decipher gibberish. Is it something you learned or simply genetic?
  2. What if this was what I was told? Too late. I’ve gone all “Rogue Male”! ( when you ask a question remember the “?”)
  3. Is there any room in your bucket of sand for others to join?
  4. Some assumptions in that post. Clearly some time since you purchased a newspaper.
  5. Are you washing in the sink? Careful! Your neighbour might be sneaking a peek.
  6. What exactly is the “it” to which you refer?
  7. Thank you for your considered response. Always a delight to interact with fellow supporters.
  8. What an interesting few weeks. It would appear that it’s time for the dust to settle and planning for the new season can begin. Clyde should be in a very good position with regard to a playing budget for the forthcoming challenge. The board, I understand,have been prudent and retained funds from last season to keep our momentum upwards assured. Well, that’s the way it looks.
  9. I heard the same. Last December if I remember correctly. Not really news if a rival wants one of your Club’s better players. I’d be more interested if another club was tapping up Chris Johnston. I’d be happy with that.
  10. Nothing like keeping things simple. How does the Club fund an Admin. Assistant to deal with the flood of applications? (Of course, a volunteer will do it. Silly me.)
  11. Falkirk’s new sponsor is interesting. Old Italian restaurant chain? (dolor asinae)
  12. Excepting the fact that operational and fiscal accountability are both no different from any other business. ( charities excluded perhaps ) I’d ask you to explain the difference between a football club and, for instance, an abattoir.
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