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  1. For once I appreciate one of your posts. Just once mind.
  2. Still 8th. Where we want to be at the season’s end! [emoji6]
  3. How do you offload players on contracts until the end of this season?
  4. Oh dear! Season ticket holders or “owners” first in line? Or maybe simply “ Genuine Fans”?
  5. Does your memory stretch back far enough to remember 28/9/19?
  6. Here is the view from the station. Bleak at best.
  7. “Show me on the doll where he “touched” you. Don’t worry. You’re not in trouble. The nasty man has gone away.”
  8. Mariska Magdolna Hargitay. Always worth tuning in to see her in action.
  9. That would be your RADAR detection device?
  10. Aha! Then our correspondent would not have called his baby a wee baby but a large one hence negating any possibility of a tautology. However, I do accept your point and indeed thought of your example as I posted my original thought. I was once called a “hair splitting pedant”. You can imagine my immediate response. All this aside I’m sure she is a delight for now. From experience I can tell you that in 10/11 years time, Dad’s opinion may alter a little. As for Saturday’s game? No idea what may happen.
  11. Tautology alert! “ Wee baby daughter”! Excellent example of the art.
  12. It’s getting worse! Did yir Maw never to tell you to keep yir arse cheeks shut?
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