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  1. Be good to know how much that is. Someone asked on the Clyde Owner's ”Q& A”. The answer was apparently subject to a non disclosure confidentiality clause so no figure was forthcoming.
  2. When was the last time we agreed a pre contract deal with a player? We seem to scrape around the bottom of the “no longer required” barrel.
  3. Ridiculous suggestion! His commitment cannot be questioned.
  4. If you had access to the Owners’ Forum you might have seen the odd suggestion that was the case,
  5. Considering the amount of funds in the Club’s bank account available, how much do you think the lack of a budget for signing proven players has been the cause of our run of disappointing results?
  6. Most likely a reflection of the paucity of talent around him playing at a higher level.
  7. It was nothing to do with a missed payment. At least one head should have rolled following that debacle.
  8. By “we are being forced to play three games a week” are you using “we” to mean the majority of League 1 clubs?
  9. Reading this I couldn’t help hearing a Karen Dunbar character in my head. (Younger readers ask your folks.)
  10. Yes it might be. He’s good pals with Duncan. The grumpy Scottish spare. ( from wiki fandom ) “Sunblest’s the Best”
  11. With your experience, would you recommend Grindr for such purposes? “Demand a Milanda”
  12. Your contribution to a “Pride” celebration perhaps? “Demand a Milanda”
  13. The “Bonnie Tyler” question answered. The “Whoisit”? revealed.
  14. You won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Don’t go spoiling a good “Whoisit?”!
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