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  1. There's no magic bullet, assuming you want to stay clean. Train more and harder.
  2. An intelligent and sensible person of any skin colour will be able to see that the comparison is ridiculous and not make such comments. That's true regardless of the experience of black versus white people in this country (as an aside, I love the irony that you could know the reality of being black is so different to being white). If people are questioning the decision to stop screening the film, that's absolutely fair enough, and if line of thinking comes from a position of being on the wrong end of racial prejudice then I have a great deal of sympathy.
  3. I'm not qualified to talk about the merits of stopping screening the film (not banning it, there is a difference), but I'm hearing a lot of noise about how this is a 'racist' decision by the cinema companies. One comparison I've hear more than once is with the mass shooting at the cinema in Colorado showing The Dark Knight Rises, which didn't prompt any cinema chains to stop screening the film. One tweet on the point read: "There was literally a mass shooting during The Dark Night Rises and that wasn’t pinned on White people and their media wasn’t banned? Absolute joke." This is a ridiculous comparison for a number of reasons: 1. The decision to stop screening Blue Story was made by cinema chain in the UK, in response to incidents in the UK. The incident at The Dark Knight Rises involved a different cinema chain in a different country. 2. There were several violent incidents that led to the decision. If screenings continued it looked like violent incidents would continue to occur, and the cinema chain has a duty of care to its staff and customer. 3. The USA incident was a single, isolated incident, involving 1 perpetrator, who was caught after the incident. There was no suggestion that any similar incidents were likely to happen again at showings of the film. This comes across as some people with a large chip on their shoulder looking for any excuse to play the race card.
  4. Here's a selection of my homemade efforts. My son insisted that we put a cherry on top. They taste pretty good, nice bit of crunch unlike the usual soft / soggy shop bought mince pies.
  5. Wetherspoons doesn't show football. Morrisons is 2 min walk down the hill and does.
  6. Playing Fortnite and watching mindless drivel on Youtube is what primary school kids are up to these days. Homework is a godsend.
  7. Amazing how much some people are spending. I pay £75 per month and live in a decent sized detached house. There's 4 of us in the house and we don't scrimp on the heating as both my wife and I feel the cold. Supplier is Utility Point.
  8. Early in his spell the fans didn't like him due to his unimpressive performances and diving. In particular he got a load of abuse, bizarrely, for getting a penalty for us at Station Park. Photos later confirmed there had been a foul. Anyway, he sorted himself out, or Allan Moore sorted him out, and he became a key player for us in the 2nd half of the season. His freekick v Morton and goal in the playoff final were particularly memorable.
  9. Ridiculous number of kids coming round to my house tonight, about 60 so far, but it has quietened down now. I had to raid my 3 year old's pot of sweets as I've run out of the ones I'd bought. 😁
  10. Been a while since they've had a Mountain TT? I wonder if that will suit Froome, assuming he's made a comeback by then. It would surely suit Bernal even more than Froome.
  11. Despite our best efforts to f**k Scotland over, it's actually not too bad, so we'll leave it to the traditional method of getting Japan's rugby team to put Scotland out....?
  12. The world record for a 9 year old doing 10k is 38 min 43s. Granted that's on the track, but I have no problem believing the kid did the full 10k race.
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