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  1. Official P&b Cycling Thread

    Is that Falkirk Bike Club, UTN? I'm in Stirling Bike Club. Would imagine we cover a lot of the same roads.
  2. P&b Running Club

    I'm doing the Stirling half as well. I haven't done it before, but a mate who has assures me it's very flat, apart from a slight climb towards the finish (just when you want a climb). After buying someone else's place, careful you don't win otherwise you won't get the prize money.
  3. P&b Running Club

    Maybe it was a one off, or maybe you are overly sensitive to them. Worth trying another couple of times (keep your afternoon free) , but if it keeps happening you may need to find another form of energy.
  4. P&b Running Club

    How many gels did you take? If it was 2 or 3 then no, it's not normal. If it was 6 or 7 then yes.
  5. Last Book You Read....

    Moby Dick is a strange one. Very readable in parts, utterly bizarre in others.
  6. Last Book You Read....

    I've just finished Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. It started off well as the sleazy protagonist was chasing his 'prey', but once they get together it totally lost its edge. I was really struggling to finish the last third. But it wasn't holding my attention so I completely missed the key plot element for about 50 pages.
  7. Last Book You Read....

    I got about a third of the way through it then have up, I just didn't get it. Same as me. It's very rare that I give up on a book, but I just couldn't go on wasting my time with Catch 22. Hugely disappointing. The other book I remember ditching was The Silmarillion.
  8. The get fit, stay fit thread

    I like all of those things too....
  9. The get fit, stay fit thread

    My wife (no pics) is on a diet at the moment and is eating oats for breakfast. I haven't eaten oats since I was a kid and hated porridge, so gave them a go. I didn't make porridge as such, just oats and milk (unheated), and it was pretty good, certainly way less stodgy than proper porridge. Anyway, being a bit of a geek for this sort of thing, I played about with ingredients to try to produce a perfect breakfast in terms of nutrition, taste and cost. This is what I came up with, ready to be shot down in flames by the P+B fitness and diet gurus: 80g oats, 170 ml milk, 100ml water, 40g bran flakes and 10g protein shake powder. The key nutrition info is: 561 kcal, 10g fat, 15g sugar (almost all 'natural'), 26g protein, 14g fibre... and just 41p per portion. It tastes pretty good, is quick to make and is properly filling, not like a bowl of normal cereal that leaves me hungry 2 hours before lunchtime. Before anyone says it's lacking in fruit and veg, yes it is, but I always make up for that with lunch and dinner.
  10. P&b Running Club

    Thing is I *did* go before my run, but obviously there must have been more up there... And, yes, I ran straight into the house and on to the toilet where the rest came out about 5 times faster than I'd been running.
  11. P&b Running Club

    Went out for a fairly hard 11 mile run today and while I was happy with the pace, I had pretty severe bowel cramps towards the end. Anyone else ever get that shit? [pun intended]
  12. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    Great match, had the upper hand for 2 sets, but just couldn't keep it going at the end. Wonder if he's more likely to call it a day now, as it's highly unlikely he'll get a better final match than that. Hope not.
  13. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    Pretty even game now. Murray has a chance.
  14. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    Holy moly, then serves to love. What a guy!
  15. Why aren't you dead yet?

    My mum had severe haemorraging a few weeks before I was due, it was pretty close for both of us for a while, so I may not even have made it to day 1. When I was 4 I had pneumonia so that could have done for me in days gone by.