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  1. Another one - does anyone know whether the scale-back of tickets will be done by category? Say 50% of the cheap seats are sold but only 20% of the expensive ones. Does that mean the scale-back applies to the cheap seats? If the scale-back is applied across the whole stadium equally, the cheap area would be too full and the expensive area would be almost empty.
  2. I presume that if you're unsuccessful in the ballot and your tickets are cancelled, you'd get a full refund? Seems obvious but nowhere on the email I received does it actually say that and the FAQ don't cover it either.
  3. I learned the hard way to not read a map while riding.
  4. Yeah, I've seen rides with a top speed of 120 kph. 😕
  5. I've never bothered with any of the challenges, but you are spot on about some of the KOMs. To be fair, in most cases it's not deliberate. It's people doing a session on their bike (usually MTB) and forgetting to switch the app off before the get into the car to drive home. Those cases are easy to spot and flag.
  6. Yeah, the local legend thing is a bit odd. Seems to be rewarding a lack of imagination. 😄
  7. The bore of a billion aliases. You know he's back when you see posts on this thread getting red dotted.
  8. The super tuck is. Not only are they worried about people out in the real world trying it, they are trying to be proactive for once and stop an accident occurring whilst doing it. The cyclist's representative body has been particularly scathing of the lack of engagement from it's members on these changes I tried it once and it felt incredibly unsafe, especially when trying to get back on my saddle. Won't be doing it again. Forearms on the bars feels really unsafe as well, for me anyway.
  9. Interesting, are those changes for safety reasons?
  10. Could work in his favour if he has mild symptoms and recovers quickly - he's not going to get it again before the open finishes.
  11. No homers, you're allowed 1 homer.
  12. I have had problems with blisters with a long line of running shoes until I got my current pair, which are Brooks. No guarantees they'd be good for everyone so definitely worth getting a proper analysis and fit as per above post. May need to wait a while.
  13. Have you read the book? I read the book first and thought it was superb, maybe I'm being a bit harsh on the film as I had such high expectations from the book.
  14. The film is nowhere near as good as the book.
  15. I've read 4 back to back and definitely agree that the premise is wearing very thin. Enjoyable enough though. I've moved on to How to build a Universe by the Infinite Monkey Cage team, which similtaneously raises and lowers the tone on this thread.
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