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  1. My 9 year old son woke me up this morning with a big grin on his face saying, "Boris Johnson has died!". Only later did I realise that the grin was because he can't keep a poker face when doing an April fools joke.
  2. For one thing, we'll get a far better idea of the death rate.
  3. I have a family of 4 and we fill (if we left them to get full) the paper / cardboard bin in 8 weeks, plastic / metal in 6-8 weeks and general rubbish in 8 weeks. It never ceases to amaze me how neighbours with families the same size or smaller than ours have over-full bins every week.
  4. The Giro has been cancelled.
  5. Nicola Sturgeon has just announced that gatherings of 500 or more will be cancelled from next week. It's not clear for how long, but presumably at least a couple of weeks, so that means our game will be either postponed or held behind closed doors.
  6. Did anyone else get an email today from UEFA saying that the resale portal is closing on 9th March? Does anyone else think that's a bit fúcking stupid, given that we don't even know all the teams that are going to be at the tournament yet??? I've put my Czech v Croatia tickets on for resale, but I may find myself with 3 other tickets not involving Scotland, that I don't even have a chance to sell (legally).
  7. Good point. But for peak Scotland, we'd win the playoffs and then the championships would be cancelled.
  8. Wiggle has a huge choice of gear and you can get good stuff at decent prices. The last jersey I got, which ticked all my boxes and I'm happy with, was £29. The make was Endura.
  9. It has ended. Monday was the last day. The last 3 days have been sunny. In my neck of the woods anyway.
  10. Getting a road bike is definitely a good idea for a 100 mile event. No harm in doing some training (shorter distances) on the MTB though. You'll feel the benefit when you go back to the road bike. A decent new road bike will set you back £500 as an absolute minimum, but if that's too much you can get a better one 2nd hand for a lot cheaper.
  11. Bit harsh by mountain rescue to be honest. He was injured, alone, in the middle of nowhere and in atrocious weather conditions. Ok, the injury wasn't too severe but things could have snowballed from there and it's quite possible he could have died. Not informing them he'd reached the bothy was pretty ignorant (or maybe just super forgetful), but I've heard of far worse call outs that got more lenient treatment by mountain rescue.
  12. My American namesake was executed after being found guilty of murdering his wife and kids.
  13. Apologies for my ignorance in this area, but if you are raped (presumably anally, given that the victims were men), wouldn't you know about it the next day? Or at least have some notion that something is not quite right?
  14. Where did I say this was limited to the UK? I've picked up 'xeroxing' from American TV.
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