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  1. Fine advice, not sure my ancient mobile phone can cope with another app though. Pretty sure you can can all of that from my profile on here. If you're interested, give me a buzz.
  2. Been ages since any posts on this thread. I'm thinking of signing up for online dating, a few months after separating from my wife of 18 years. Who else is online dating at the moment? Any suggestions / tips / amusing stories?
  3. Yeah, pretty nasty. Showering is a nightmare for about 3 weeks after losing that much skin. Good to see it's well on the mend. 👍
  4. Go on, put them in a spoiler tag. Might make me feel a bit better about some of my cycling injuries. 🤢
  5. If he keeps this form up it'll be more like 19 minutes. Fantastic ride from Pogacar, but barring something very strange happening, the rest of the tour will be dull, in terms of the GC anyway.
  6. The Testaments by Margaret Atwood Sequel to The Handmaid's Tale. It's a worthy follow up, written from the POV of 3 very different women, all crucial to the collapse of the patriarchal Gilead regime. I don't know if it was intentional, but for me there are echoes of ISIS in the Gilead society, which make it all the more terrifyingly possible. Overall, a good book. Highly recommended it you liked The Handmaid's Tale, still recommended as a stand alone book. Plot spoiler below.
  7. It's been in loads of places in the media, but here's a link to the BMJ - https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1346. And yes, I'm aware that no vaccine is 100% effective, the point again is that current vaccines are less effective at reducing transmission of the Delta variant versus the Alpha variant (and the even more so versus the original strain).
  8. It's an interesting point but if we were close achieving herd immunity it would be difficult for the virus to be spreading so rapidly as it is at the moment. That will happen eventually of course, I suspect it will be more like a few months rather than a few weeks. The reduction in transmission for the Delta variant is significantly less than for the original strain (which is what the vaccines are based on), so some vaccinated people are still getting it, albeit in a much milder form. As you suggest though, the main thing is the stress on the health system and then ultimately the number of deaths, neither of which is causing a big problem at the moment.
  9. Genuine question - what makes you think this wave will pass in the next few weeks? It's showing no sign of even levelling off at the moment. Previous waves resulted in tougher restrictions, then, after a few weeks, case rates slowly started to come down. This time restrictions are being eased (albeit more slowly than the roadmap) not toughened. ps I'm NOT suggesting we ramp up restrictions again, I just can't see case rates coming down any time soon.
  10. Fantastic for Cav. Like him, I didn't expect him to ride the tour again, never mind win a stage - who knows, maybe win some more. You could see how much it meant to him as well. Brilliant.
  11. Exactly the same as me. I reckon some of those I've spoken to just fancied a couple of days off work that wouldn't be questioned!
  12. After predictions of doom following the 2nd AZ shot from just about everyone I've spoken to, I had mine last night and am absolutely fine (so far). I had a mild fever after the 1st, but not even a slight headache today. Anyone else had an easy ride with the AZ 2nd shot? Or was it worse than Covid itself for you?
  13. 2 happy customers, Adamski bought my ticket. 👍
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