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  1. Bridge of Allan is always really busy if the sun is out.
  2. One of my bike club buddies stole my thunder my posting a 130 mile ride on Strava today!
  3. 115 miles around Loch Tay and up the Ben Lawers road today. Cracking route and cracking weather. I am going to enjoy my beers tonight. 🍺
  4. Jakobsen has had facial surgery but his life is no longer in danger and early signs are that there's no brain or spinal injury. 👍
  5. Moby Dick was quite good and not too difficult to understand. The Satanic Verses, though - no idea what was going on there.
  6. Looks like a calendar photo. Stunning.
  7. I can attest to that. I walked up one of the Red Cullins (forget which one, it was about 15 years ago) on a fine day without a map or compass, but there was a clear path so I thought it was no problem. By the time I got to the top, the clouds had descended and visibility was 10m or so. But I still had the path, so again, no problem. I'd got a third of the way down and beneath the clouds when I saw the view looked different - I'd come down a completely different ridge! Away from the ridges the terrain was appalling, so had to back to the top and very carefully make sure I went down the right path second time.
  8. It was closed mid morning on Saturday due to dangerous parking on the surrounding roads. I had cycled over it about an hour before and it was far, far busier than I've ever seen before.
  9. Dunno, I lost interest in top end club football several years ago to be honest. This story piqued my interest because I knew there'd be strong views on it.
  10. The one thing worse than having the same big clubs across Europe dominate everything, is having teams getting £1bn+ pumped in on a purely arbitrary basis, then dominating everything.
  11. 👍 Careful for the first 2 or 3 rides, after that it's 2nd nature.
  12. Hopefully you have already come to this conclusion, but in future attempt to pump the tyre up before you take everything apart. A 30 second check that could save you 5 hours!
  13. I know the guy that did that, stole a couple of my KOMs. 😠 It's a incredible ride, personally I would have chosen a more interesting route.
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