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  1. The Dutch amateur sides pay the professional teams to show up, and then hope to get the money out of it (and make a profit on top obviously) from ticket sales.
  2. He has been away from the Glasgow area since 2014, though. Just found this article: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dundee-united-star-james-keatings-12404502 Depression is a terrible disease. Hopefully he will manage to get back on track soon.
  3. I am ill-informed: what is the situation with James Keatings, Fraser Fyvie, and Callum Booth not being part of the United squad? The only ex-Hibee on the pitch (or bench for that matter) is Sam Stanton.
  4. If we would bent those rules a bit and recognize Aberdeen's result at Burnley as a draw (which I feel would make more sense), the Scottish teams are still unbeaten in this European campaign after a combined 14 matches played. Not too bad.
  5. The best opponent, in the sense of the lowest ranked team according to UEFA, would be Trencin from Slovakia, who are facing Feyenoord. The winner of Hibs-Molde will be paired up with either: Dinamo Minsk/Zenit Olympiacos/Luzern Genk/Lech Poznan Zorya Luhansk/Braga Trencin/Feyenoord
  6. Bit of a downer to find out the final is all the way in Azerbaijan this season.
  7. They played in the Europa League group stage in 2014-15 and 2015-16. They have beaten the likes of Mainz, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Partizan Belgrade, and APOEL Nicosia, and held Besiktas to two draws. They have only suffered big defeats at the hands of Tottenham and Schalke. They may not a big name, but are definitely in the category aganst which we would would expect to get shafted. So like you say, a huge win for us!
  8. Hibs' win technically was not over DOS, but of a 'City of Utrecht all-star team' consisting of the best players of the city's three professional sides, which later merged to form the current FC Utrecht. Surely our trahsing of Faroe giants Runavik - already the second time we put six past foreign opposition this season - has to be listed now as well.
  9. It has been mentioned before in this thread, but it is worth repeating: wherever you are in your life, get yourself into doing some sports. Running, cycling, martial arts, kicking a ball around, it is all good, as long as you do it with at least some zeal, frequency and preferable at set times during the week. It will make you feel better very quickly, give you more confidence and energy to deal with other stuff. And you will meet some new people (individual sports like running and cycling you can - and should - also do in groups). There are literarilly no downsides.
  10. The current league structure seems absolutely fine to me. Did they at the time not split up the league into smaller ones in order to boost crowds by lessening the amount of meaningless mid-table games? So now crowds have still not reached the desired size we should just go back to the old situation and hope it will suddenly work out this time? Improve the game by looking what training methods they use overseas, especially for youngsters, and incorporate the best of those methods in Scotland. Improve the level of football by looking at football, not by keeping on changing the league structure and calendar until the magical setting is found.
  11. I was under the Impression that we were lagging far behind our total point tally from the previous two seasons, although then finishing 2nd and 3rd and now sitting comfortably at top. Yet in fact we can still improve upon our record from our previous Championship seasons (which we both finished with a total of 70 points), by getting 10 points from the last 4 matches. Not impossible, but 4 points from the remaining 4 will also guarentee us the title, so anyone for 4 more draws? Winning the Championship title with 65 points is very low. St Jonstone won the title with that amount in 2009, Gretna and Partick Thistle went up with 66 in 2007 and 2002, and Dundee won the title with 69 in 2014, but on all other occasions in this century the title was won with 70 points at least.
  12. Surely St. Mirren are enough of a household name in Scottish football to survive in one form or the other? Maybe as a phoenix club in the lower leagues at worst? To lose the club altogether would be a massive shame. St. Mirren have never been lower than the second tier. The 11th place finish in the 19-team second division in 1974 (ranking them 29th in Scotland) equates to the third tier in the current league structure, but that was a one-off in your entire history.
  13. You could save a lot of points by signing our goalie.
  14. Campaign: Raith Rovers - Hibernian 0-2 Hearts - Hibernian 2-2 Hibernian - Hearts 1-0 Hibernian - Inverness 1-1 Inverness - Hibernian 1-2 Hibernian - Dundee United 0-0 (4-2) Rangers - Hibernian 2-3
  15. Do you believe your club was right in praising your fans response to the alleged severe provocation?
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