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  1. Appreciating the subtleties of semantics might come in to play here but did we essentially hire Alan Gow and Gary Holt to perform the same role at the club? One got himself involved (allegedly) in trying to undermine an investment opportunity for his own selfish gains and the other got involved in tactical on-pitch decisions, before then taking over the role of head coach? Do we not do job descriptions?
  2. Im no master tactician or anything but it does seem to me there are obvious flaws with our ill-fated 4-2-3-1 formation, or at least the version of it we are playing. If we keep playing defensively minded players at left and right back who don’t advance into forward areas, that leaves gaps on the left and right side of midfield. If we also play two deep central midfielders, that compounds that issue and the gap grows more obvious. Gaps on pitches will naturally get filled, so that means the only ones that can fill it are those playing left and right side of the attacking three. However, those two players are meant to be the ones supporting the striker, so lo and behold, the striker looks increasingly isolated and devoid of support. Likewise, assuming the intention of the left and right of the ‘3’ is therefore that they get the ball deep to drive at the opponents and get crosses into the box. Let’s assume that players is Morrison on the right – we have one striker up top being marked by at least 2, maybe even 3 defenders. The other options at various times are Fotheringham, Telfer, Alston, Gomis, Leitch, Connolly and Francis – a powerhouse of aerial threat they are not. I don’t like the formation, but for my untrained simple eyes, it only works if we play full backs who can get forward. Of course, you could just play 4-4-2.
  3. We brought in Sean Kelly to play left back, so Dixon could move into centre back to lessen the impact of his weaker aspects and the combo of Hall/Durnan got spilt up to lessen the impact if both's weaker aspects. We had Deveney on loan as cover for Kelly. Kelly gets injured, so Dixon goes back to left back and its Durnan and Hall in the middle. Mercer gets injured, so we bring in Neilson on loan as cover for right back - we play Gary Miller at right back. Connelly gets injured, so we bring in Fotheringham on loan as cover for left wing - we play Robbie Leith at left wing. WHATS THE F*CKING POINT IN LOAN SIGNINGS?! Durnan is now suspended and we have McLelland on loan as cover - whats the betting we see Mercer back in at RB, with Gary Miller at CB. McCrackens latest interview - like Millers before that - is delusional with regards our performances recently and devoid of any responsibility. Its embarrassing.
  4. See when one striker gets out wide and plays a ball into the box, it's handy having ANOTHER striker there.
  5. If we are counting at home to Montrose as a 'big game', then in fairness at home to Cove was also 'big game' , which we won. Being pedantic, we also didn't lose in either of the games against Partick, so I reckon we are on at least a 3 'big game' not losing streak. Break out the streamers, its celebration time. I just hope that the months off have allowed the team to practice defending deep crosses to the back post.
  6. If you consider playing at home to be advantageous, then that is one clear way that an 18 game season is far more fair than a 28 game season or whatever we reached last time.
  7. Only Leagues 1 and 2 will be null and void. The uproar will be minimal and ignored cos frankly, no-one gives a shit about L1 and L2 except those in L1 and L2.
  8. If we don't have anyone to play wide left mid, pick a formation that doesnt require one. Given the same turgid pish we've seen last few weeks and the somewhat 'free hit' nature of a cup tie against higher league opposition, surely now is the time to try something at least a wee bit different? For what its worth, I reckon we have the players to try a 4-3-3, and I'd honestly like to see what Durnan can do in next to Dixon. Mutch Miller Durnan Dixon Kelly Alston Gomis Telfer Morrison Keena Francis
  9. Sammon and Dowds must be up there as the worst strike pairing in the league - empirically and statistically.
  10. No-one voted to actively hurt Falkirk. Each club were given a binary choice of two, almost equally shite options and choose the one that best suited them. How can you blame them for that? Your anger should not be with the SPFL members clubs, but more with the SPFL board who rushed into presenting this ludicrous vote with two seemingly inevitable choices without even a second glance towards anything that would actually benefit the whole of Scottish Football. I bear no ill will towards any other club in Scotland over this (well maybe a little for Dundee) - I'm slightly embarrassed for the likes of Ayr, Dundee, Montrose, Airdrie, Elgin and Cowdenbeath who have voluntarily given up their right to a promotion playoff with - it would appear - f*ck all recompense showing a true lack of belief in their own club, but thats as far as it goes. Dont waste your hate and anger on those that barely deserve it, and dont let the SPFL deflect you away from their own severe incompetence and lack of integrity. As for hinting towards Hearts or (shudder) the rangers as brothers in arms - oaft.
  11. We have been shafted though, along with Airdrie and montrose. Not by raith being declared winners, the decision is that current league standings have been taken as final, we just have to swallow that one. Arbitrarily being denied the opportunity of promotion through the playoffs however is a proper shafting for all teams in playoff positions. You can't declare final positions (and the associated rewards/punishments) for teams top and bottom and not do the same for all other clubs. That would be a completely different rule for two teams to the other 8. That's absolutely a shafting. If only there was some kind of precedent for cancelling playoffs partway through a season...
  12. Shambles top to bottom but if this does go through, it's an absolute shit show for teams to be relegated without an end to the season but putting that monumental element to one side, these sides do currently occupy spots that would see them relegated, likewise raith currently occupy a slot that would see them promoted. However, Falkirk, Airdrie and montrose (and qots) currently occupy spots that would result in a promotion playoff...surely the result isn't just to pretend that isn't happening and move on without some form of consideration to that fact?
  13. I get the thread is drenched in sarcasm but I've seen the sentiment in enough places - and from a swathe of fellow bairns - for it to be at least partially held as accurate by some. I just wanted to point out that clubs were given a straight binary choice between two equally shite outcomes and resolved it by choosing the one that best suited their own needs. Any hate and anger towards individual clubs is horrendously misplaced, and is anger that should be pointed squarely at the absolute f*cknuts supposedly running our game who have attempted to rush into an outcome without giving any due consideration to anything else that might, just might benefit the WHOLE of scottish football.
  14. I reckon Falkirk is an easy choice as we only have two players really worth a mention, so POTY: McManus, YPOTY: Mutch.
  15. Did our funds increase by 160k by just releasing the funds set aside for tidsers wages?
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