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  1. No-one voted to actively hurt Falkirk. Each club were given a binary choice of two, almost equally shite options and choose the one that best suited them. How can you blame them for that? Your anger should not be with the SPFL members clubs, but more with the SPFL board who rushed into presenting this ludicrous vote with two seemingly inevitable choices without even a second glance towards anything that would actually benefit the whole of Scottish Football. I bear no ill will towards any other club in Scotland over this (well maybe a little for Dundee) - I'm slightly embarrassed for the likes of Ayr, Dundee, Montrose, Airdrie, Elgin and Cowdenbeath who have voluntarily given up their right to a promotion playoff with - it would appear - f*ck all recompense showing a true lack of belief in their own club, but thats as far as it goes. Dont waste your hate and anger on those that barely deserve it, and dont let the SPFL deflect you away from their own severe incompetence and lack of integrity. As for hinting towards Hearts or (shudder) the rangers as brothers in arms - oaft.
  2. We have been shafted though, along with Airdrie and montrose. Not by raith being declared winners, the decision is that current league standings have been taken as final, we just have to swallow that one. Arbitrarily being denied the opportunity of promotion through the playoffs however is a proper shafting for all teams in playoff positions. You can't declare final positions (and the associated rewards/punishments) for teams top and bottom and not do the same for all other clubs. That would be a completely different rule for two teams to the other 8. That's absolutely a shafting. If only there was some kind of precedent for cancelling playoffs partway through a season...
  3. Shambles top to bottom but if this does go through, it's an absolute shit show for teams to be relegated without an end to the season but putting that monumental element to one side, these sides do currently occupy spots that would see them relegated, likewise raith currently occupy a slot that would see them promoted. However, Falkirk, Airdrie and montrose (and qots) currently occupy spots that would result in a promotion playoff...surely the result isn't just to pretend that isn't happening and move on without some form of consideration to that fact?
  4. I get the thread is drenched in sarcasm but I've seen the sentiment in enough places - and from a swathe of fellow bairns - for it to be at least partially held as accurate by some. I just wanted to point out that clubs were given a straight binary choice between two equally shite outcomes and resolved it by choosing the one that best suited their own needs. Any hate and anger towards individual clubs is horrendously misplaced, and is anger that should be pointed squarely at the absolute f*cknuts supposedly running our game who have attempted to rush into an outcome without giving any due consideration to anything else that might, just might benefit the WHOLE of scottish football.
  5. I reckon Falkirk is an easy choice as we only have two players really worth a mention, so POTY: McManus, YPOTY: Mutch.
  6. Did our funds increase by 160k by just releasing the funds set aside for tidsers wages?
  7. "Two and a half minutes played, and it was coming" is a great quote.
  8. Cant remember the last time we scored a late goal to win a game 3-2.....! Chuffed with that result, there was so much resigned inevitability about it going back to 2-2, as per Starks earlier in the season, I cant imagine McKinnons team woulda got the 3 points today.
  9. That Hibs interim manager done awright today - we should be looking at him.
  10. I believe the poster is drawing similarities between our own situation and that concerning the now defunct team called Rangers. You know that club that repeatedly gave control to fantasist charlatans and in the end couldn't pay £42 to a local face painting company. The fact that we have done the exact opposite is an interesting way to draw conclusive similarities. As for the current situation, under what possible criteria could the current MSG have had to come to the conclusion that Mark Campbell was the preferred bidder over 2 other bids that would appear to be far more valid and a string of others that they p*ssed off to the extent their bid was withdrawn. Whilst I'm glad the correct decision has now been reached, the embarrassment factor that is added to the current MSG, in addition to that which already existed due to communication/academy/Lewis/club crest etc issues is such that their future as having any responsibility to run our football club is surely now completely untenable?
  11. No one played badly, didn't need to be anything other than half decent to win, though I'm liking big mcmillan more and more each game. Very good at creating chances for others and has that knack of flicking out a toe just in front of the defenders for goal attempts.
  12. Im going for peak Ray and say that neither McManus or Sammon will play on Saturday. Tidser back in alongside Gomis with Mcmillan up top himself.
  13. Or that they deliberately opted for the most shoddy, shaky bid so that they could have a lengthy and thorough DD process showing that they truly do have the good of the club at heart, before announcing that they discovered some things in the bid that made them concerned and that for the good of the club, its better off if they stay in charge for another wee while for the good of the club, and in the process be the saviours of FFC like they absolutely have been all these years. (for the good of the club). Or maybe I'm being overly cynical.
  14. I cant be ersed to check the dates, so was it Rakish Bingham or Botti Biabi that kept him out of the accies team?
  15. Ive figured it out lads and lasses. McKinnon is supporting his boardroom pals by deliberately playing dugshite away from home, the only place where those boycotting against the MSG will be able to see the Bairns play, in an attempt to force these folks back to TFS for the home games and join the 'real' fans for some proper sexy football. Canni believe I didnae spot that before now.
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