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  1. Best runners-up are seeded in the play-offs. The Nations League guys are not. Austria will be going hell-for-leather for top two.
  2. So - to translate - we need to approach the matches against the teams seeded below us, with a balanced degrees of respect and confidence. Too often we have leatt too far in either direction. I have a lot more confidence in SC's approach to getting this right, than that of one or two of his predecessors.
  3. It is because we have not worried about the likes of Moldova in the past, that we have been fucked.
  4. Given the quality they showed in a number of our recent matches, I rather think they will be pleased to be in our group once more.
  5. Knowing the village of Thornton, I am not sure that age difference would represent a barrier.
  6. The managerial qualities required to keep an unfashionable club in the Premier League, may not always transfer well to a job where winning every domestic trophy is a requirement.
  7. Unexplained static solid monolith? I believe the US scientists have termed it a "McBurnie"
  8. Whoever would have thought so much heartache could be collected in the one place?
  9. That would be Serbia but I get your point Yes, I realised my error about 10 minutes after posting, but basically couldnae be arsed fixing it.
  10. Ah, well - all in all a pretty decent week and a bit. Imagine, if we had to watch Slovakia v Croatia and Czech Republic at Hampden next summer. (assuming we are let in, at all, of course.)
  11. Sorry - My explanation was clumsy. I suppose I mean we should have three tiers of seeds. One - Europe sides Two - Group Winners Three - Group runners-up But perhaps I am over-complicating things. And , as another poster rightly stated - why should the Europe sides (who have already had a bye), be favoured?
  12. Seems to be a bit unfair that some section winners are seeded, whilst others are not. Far fairer to pair up the four section runners-up with the four Europe clubs, then pair the 8 group winners with each other. But ultimately, all the SFA and Betfred want is an OF Final, so everyone else can go whistle.
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