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  1. Dont think so , was he not the actor in Lovejoy I've always said Darvel just need a rogue antique dealer for a bit of balance in the team. Is Tinker coming as well?
  2. The old paper hankies are looking good for next season. Pretty much all the areas we needed strengthening have been addressed so far.
  3. Those wrestling cowboys have nothing but the interests of your club at heart. I didn't see anyone else coming in and saving the Hill. To be honest i have always had a soft spot for Maryhill having lived in both Maryhill and Summerton years ago and I would frequent Lochburn when the Bankies didn't exist or when I couldn't make an away game as I work Saturday nights.
  4. So much for a brave new dawn and a level playing field. The old Junior mindset of a few clubs souring the milk so they get their way as usual. Fear of not having the upper hand.
  5. I don't think any club can really be sure of "walking it" into the top of the LL and to be honest we are now at least 2 years behind the clubs that joined the EoSL from the Juniors. I'm sure there will be a good few surprise teams now we are all on a relatively level playing field now. Interesting times ahead though.
  6. Probably realistic when you factor in pre season training.
  7. I'm sure Danny McGrain and Tommy Burns had stints at Maryhill juniors when they were coming through the ranks at Celtic. No?
  8. Did Perth not used to be known as Saint johns town hence the name?
  9. Surely the clubs could work together on a programme for it ?
  10. Play it at Pollok. We have a good record in finals against them
  11. I watched Yoker and Maryhill in our year without a club and had a good laugh at games. certainly no hate for Yoker just because it's our derby game. Obviously for the 90 mins we play them it's a different story but i like to see them prosper as much as we will with the stadium plans.
  12. Plenty of room for a really smart enclosure on the shed side if it went the whole length of the park kind of like what Maryhill have just now. Wouldn't cost as much as a stand and would create a great atmosphere IMHO.
  13. Is Rutherglen Glencairn astro or grass ?
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