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  1. After aberdonians dressing up a 2-0 home defeat to Motherwell as some kind of victory over Dundee United I assume we’ll have Motherwell fans taking the piss out of Hearts for not keeping a clean sheet next
  2. .Clearly Pittodrie was a wake up call. That’s the best game I’ve been to in a long while I think it’s safe to say that the experiment of having Woodburn deputise for Boyce was a success.I now feel daft for worrying about it Fair play to United, dragging themselves back into contention from two down twice showed spirit and tenacity even if doing it a third time was too big an ask.
  3. 2-1 seems about right We deserve to be ahead and we are They don’t deserve to be out of it and they’re not
  4. “quiet respect” doesn’t alliterate with “poppy” in the same way that “pride” does
  5. If Gary Mackay Stevens starts There’s something about GMS that means defenders just can’t resist kicking him even if they know they shouldn’t I’m a hearts fan and I’d still be tempted to take his legs out from under him if I saw him in Sainsbury’s
  6. Although she would have literally been 3rd in line for the throne and a generation younger than number one and two so it wasn't totally unlikely
  7. I'd assume that for this thought experiment the 10 teams would also be able to combine all of their "off field influence" as well which would help balance things out
  8. I caught the bug a little later than you so while I did go to a game in 1985/86 I wasn't really on board till later. So I'm dropping that from your list and including the 2014/15 Championship season. Under the circumstances the fact that we had a 2014/15 season at all was a cause for celebration or at least relief but better was to come. The youth of that team and the way we'd seen them develop from Under 19s thrown in out of their depth in August 2013 to seasoned pros while still U21s was exciting and typified the massive upwards momentum that was around Tynecastle at the time. Upward momentum that can only be sustained that long if you start at the bottom of a deep, deep hole. And then you've got the presence of both Hibs and Rangers as antagonists in Heart's redemption narrative. One potential nemesis would have been sufficient to make the plot work but two arch villains made our heroes' triumph feel epic. There was a disappointing sequel made in 2020/21 which didn't impress critics or audiences. Robbie Neilson reprised his role from the original and Covid stepped in for the global financial crisis but Raith and Dunfermline were never convincing in the Hibs and Rangers roles. It was like asking Ant and Dec to fill in for Alan Rickman and Bela Lugosi That was very much a straight to DVD piece but the original is a classic
  9. I was using it as an example of the kind of mischief that I would personally find as tempting as whoever pulled off that stunt did. But your suggestion of somehow, and wholly unfairly, scapegoating Hibs isn’t without merit
  10. But the cultural phenomenon of using subterfuge to make people listen to it is decidedly 21st It seems reasonable to assume that in context "hacked the pa system" means "spotted that the Aux input socket was left unattended" If I was touring Easter Road and saw an opportunity to play the Hearts song from Spotify over the PA I'd be sorely tempted
  11. It's a 38 game season so we're going to need a few different options anyway It's invariably the old firm's strength in depth that middleweight clubs fail to match when they mount an early challenge
  12. This is the problem in that we only see our own clubs players on a regular basis so we're all ill informed even by normal P&B stantdards Apparently Hibs have some decent strikers but the derby was a drab 0-0 so I've seen no direct evidence of this. Dundee Fans, on the other hand, are presumably now under the impression that Ross county are some kind of unstoppable goal machine. I've a suspicion that "Second Striker" might actually be Boyce's ideal role as well but given that he's so far ahead of anyone else that we've got it doesn't make sense for him to do that at Hearts.
  13. Hopefully if anybody hacks the pa system again they'll recognise that this is the 21st century not the 19th and play this As for sitting amongst the home fans to save money it'll be of no surprise that the cheap seats nearest the away section are the most boisterous The Gorgie road end has a lot of family groups so I'd avoid that too.
  14. Tony Watt has to be in the squad because he's Tony Watt The Great thing about Charlie Adam playing for "Rest of the SPFL FC" is that unlike at Dundee he'll be a squad player as opposed to be expected to carry the whole operation. We're not necessarily looking for 38 90 minute games out of his 36 year old legs.
  15. And yet that was Hearts first defeat in 12 and only Aberdeen's 4th win But aside from the questionable wisdom of basing our squad selection for "Rest of the SPFL FC" on players' form over the last few days... Given that Aberdeen were playing two up front wouldn't it be Watkins place that Boyce would be competing for as opposed to Ramirez?
  16. It would have been better if you hadn't commented Firstly you make a straw man argument about it being an issue exclusive to football Secondly you're using that to support a false dichotomy between it being either a football issue or a scottish society issue (but not both). Thirdly this seems more ridiculous still if you pause to consider that Football is a major element in Scottish culture and so isn't a separate thing from Scottish society anyway. And to top it all off you're building another false dichotomy by reducing whether Irish sectarianism exists in a group of people to a yes/no question in order to create a false equivalence Discussions about sectarianism tend to circle round to the thorny issue of Catholic education but in your case it would appear that Catholic, or indeed any education at all, might have been a better idea than whatever you were doing instead. Good day to you
  17. Congratulations to Kelty You're now the only unbeaten team in all four divisions
  18. The best funeral I remember was a humanist one conducted by a Roman Catholic priest who’d woken up at the age of 50 and realised that he didn’t believe God didn’t exist He had all the professional skills but none of the mumbo jumbo
  19. The obvious answer would be that Celtic and Rangers reflect different cross sections of society than other clubs, notably disproportionately from Scotland's thriving community of utter fucknuggets
  20. And when jags fans proclaimed “There’s only one team in Glasgow” that estimate has a fairly wide margin of error
  21. Say what you like about Diana but she didn't care what colour people's skin was, what religion they were, what country they were from....
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