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  1. That is brilliant news. It means that this was a false alarm Heart of Midlothian Champions 1895, 1897, 1958, 1960, 1965 & 1986
  2. Given that they allow smoking in the toilets at Easter Road I don't see how smearing shit on the walls is any worse
  3. Divided Loyalties for two of West Edinburgh's most famous residents
  4. Early Betting Best prices Hearts are favourites at 4/6 (Bet 365) Saint Mirren are 13/8 (Skybet) That looks about right to me
  5. And Ferries, Kent's got Ferries too. And violent chavs as well and hardly any non-white people.
  6. Correct, but I'm not giving you the rest of my postcode
  7. Sorry for any distress my misinterpretation may have caused.
  8. "The Serpent" is from the debut album (Genesis to Revelations). Phil Collins didn't join until the 3rd Album and he didn't become a significant lyricist until Gabriel left. When I first heard Genesis I thought they sounded like a substandard Marillion ripoff. I later found out that this was chronologically impossible but I'm still not entirely dissuaded.
  9. Some Christian fundamentalists think the Bible should be taken literally and that Genesis is a perfect expression of God's truth. Personally I wasn't even convinced of Phil Collins as a drummer never mind his singing
  10. 100th anniversary of the House of Lords rejecting the Irish home rule bill and Phil Collins' 62nd Birthday.
  11. Where's the best place to park for a gig at the Barrowlands?
  12. If the people of Belfast get this upset with their council about a flag can you imagine how they'd deal with the Edinburgh Tram fiasco?
  13. Presumably you mean dishonourable exceptions as the exceptions would be any supporters of other teams who are also taking a similarly partisan view of events.
  14. The Town of Battle is in East Sussex, England http://www.battle-sussex.co.uk/ This game is a doddle When do I get to ask you one?
  15. Belfast Council bothered to check this up http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/equality/docs/EQIA-flying-union-flag.doc 3.18 In 2008 the UK government published the White Paper “The Governance of Britain: Constitutional Renewal” which contained proposed changes to the rules on the guidance relating to the flying of flags in England, Wales and Scotland. The changes give UK government departments the freedom to fly the Union flag on their buildings as often as they wish. These changes followed a consultation process where over 60% of respondents supported flying the Union flag on all UK government buildings all the time. The rationale for the changes (set out in an earlier Green Paper) included the government’s view that: “..in other countries, such as France and the United States, the national flag is regarded as a source of pride, in recent years the Union flag has all too often become the preserve of political extremists, a symbol of discord rather than harmony. It is critical that this symbol is not hijacked by those who seek to work against the fundamental British values of tolerance and mutual respect.” 3.19 The Scottish Executive revised its guidance in 2006 to require the flying of the Saltire each day from Executive buildings and the flying of the Union flag on designated flag days. The National Assembly for Wales building flies the Union flag, the Red Dragon and the European Flag on a daily basis. 3.20 Research for the initial EQIA report showed that a number of major city councils in England and Wales had already adopted the policy of flying the Union flag every day (for example, Bradford, Coventry, Newcastle, Cardiff and Swansea[1]). Others tended to fly the Union flag on designated flag days only (for example, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield). In Scotland, the majority of councils tended to fly the Union flag alongside the Saltire on designated flag days, although some flew both flags every day (for example, Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Moray, Renfrewshire and Scottish Borders). Edinburgh City Council flew the Saltire every day but did not fly the Union flag, although there was a flag displayed inside the Council Chambers. 3.21 Although the research has not been fully repeated for this report, it appears that some councils have changed their policies as a result of the White Paper. For example, Birmingham, Leeds and Sheffield councils now fly the Union flag every day. <BR clear=all>[1] Cardiff and Swansea also fly the Red Dragon every day.
  16. We should hand Northern Ireland over to Dublin Just as soon as the republic agree to take Glasgow of our hands as well
  17. Roughly my reaction. Compared to the people arguing about flags Mister Attwood seems quite reasonable.
  18. For the benefit of those of us who don't follow Belfast politics as closely as others.. Stoops? What's that mean
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