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  1. For the smaller clubs in the lower divisions the furlough would have covered most of the players wages as well
  2. I’m fairly sure I remember a thread about it a while back It was soft long term low interest loans for the top flight and grants for the rest. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me I have been wrong on the internet before ETA: turns out I wasn’t imagining it https://www.gov.scot/news/emergency-funding-for-sport/ https://www.gov.scot/news/emergency-funding-for-football/
  3. Dropped by the hearts rememberance service at haymarket both the mens and womens squads were there en masse I bailed out because my dogs were being noisy
  4. The existential threat would have been at least reduced if not eliminated by the government stepping in and offering emergency financial assistance
  5. Craig Levein did a grand job for us between 2000-04 I forget what else he's done but he's probably available
  6. What’s it all about? I mean really! What’s the bloody point?
  7. The word "thinkers" is carrying more load than it was designed for
  8. How many of the other 11 managers do you reckon you could take in a fight? And which 3 would you pick for you pub quiz team?
  9. Cutting Rangers ticket allocation on the 12th of December becomes a serious proposition with the way attendances are currently trending
  10. the derby remains the biggest attendance of the season but only by a margin of 48 people
  11. He’s not as dapper as he was when he was hearts manager first time round Mind you he’s spent a year in Dundee since then When you look at what that did to Paul Hartley Robbie’s got off lightly
  12. Fair enough! when I saw the team before the match I assumed that Woodburn would be the striker They were pretty mobile as opposed to sticking to rigid roles and confirmation bias did the rest. One couldn’t help but be reminded of when we had a front three of Coulquhoun, Robbo and Crabbe
  13. After yesterday his approval rating is back into the 90s NeilsIN 90.3%, NeilsOUT 9.7% Source Regular Twitter polls by @PantsShaton
  14. I saw the goal side on so I didn’t realise it was deflected till I read that here At the time I thought it was just an utter thunderb*****d of a strike.
  15. A 5-2 score line is always going to be a bit frustrating for supporters that attach almost mystic significance to the “5-1” but, that aside, a three goal margin didn’t seem particularly out of proportion to me.
  16. Given the absolute rollercoaster Hearts have been on for the last few decades the I’m sceptical of your implicit assumption that a “usual” hearts team exists
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