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  1. Denis has got a blog! https://denisprychynenko.wordpress.com/ After being a peripheral player at Hearts he bounced around Europe and eventually ended up in Antwerp playing regulary for Beerschot and that seems to have worked out for him I remember how the younger Me was constantly looking for attention from other people and getting recognized by many. How I would dress up and go to fancy restaurants and try to conquer everything and everyone. To be honest, I realized that this is just ridiculous! It’s a fake world with fake people trying to act and behave like someone they are not, just for of some attention and ego satisfaction. I am still only 28 and I am surely not perfect, but time keeps showing me that there are much more important things in life… I refuse to live in a fake fairytale.
  2. Up against expensive superstars like Mehdi Taouil, Darren Barr, Danny Grainger and Jack Hamilton Hibs had no chance
  3. I’m pretty sure it’s just one part of the whole “eternity in paradise” package that’s on offer but it’s the weird one that grabs the attention A bit like that MP who was claiming all sorts of nonsense on expenses but people only remember the Duck Island
  4. There are more and more suicide bombers these days But on the bright side There’s also less and less
  5. At least that’s the currant interpretation
  6. What this forum needs is dedicated thread to cover discussion of Rangers previous financial misadventures. That way people that give a toss about the finer details could leave the rest of us to concentrate on objectively more important matters in Gorgie
  7. The ability to do a decent days work despite being middle aged would qualify for this thread too
  8. You’ve got it all wrong Hibs came to a voluntary agreement with their creditor Hearts had a CVA which is a totally different concept Apparently
  9. It’s the difference between “little intention” and “no option”
  10. The concern would whether we could rely on another safety net being there if there’s another financial shock on the scale of the whole Covid/demotion omnishambles And the crucial difference between this and Rangers situation is that rangers are being lent money by the people that own the club which means that it’s still technically debt That’s not necessarily a problem but as we found out in the credit crunch soft debt can become hard pretty quickly if the creditor gets into trouble themselves My understanding is that Rangers have a few different sources so at least there isn’t a single point of failure like we had
  11. Getting to and from Bosnia might stop it being cost effective so you'd really just be doing it for fun There's a Croatian amputee war veteran that begs around the west end. You could shake him down if you're passing
  12. It's probably worth bearing in mind that because they charged us 19 games worth for 14 games last season and 14 games worth for 19 this season they effectively borrowed 5 games worth of season ticket revenue from this season. And it turns out that we spend £600,000 pursuing justice for Ourselves, Partick Thistle and Stranraer Money that could have been spent winning the championship at a trot as opposed to a canter
  13. All the details here https://www.heartsfc.co.uk/uploads/tinymce/Final 2021 Accounts HMFC.pdf
  14. Hearts accounts are through and you’ve probably deduced, from the fact that I’ve mentioned them before any hibs roasters, things look quite good all things considered Turnover was down but a combination of the foundation, benefactors, govt COVID support and player trading meant that technically the club finished in profit
  15. Not technically accurate historically speaking but just enough truth there for it to work as the premise for a joke
  16. Your mate had the ability to resist the "Hawkeye the noo" pun I can only dream of being able to do that
  17. You know what I hate about Russia? Those Dolls! They’re just so full of themselves
  18. That explains is why people are always moaning about the prices for away supporters at Tynecastle
  19. Everyone will still have lost money it’s just that the government loans mean that the effects of those losses are diluted over years to come and don’t represent a sudden and potentially disastrous cash flow crisis However while bigger clubs got bigger loans they would be smaller relative to turnover £1.8m will have gone a lot further at Livingston than £2.9m at Hibs which in turn will have gone further that £3.2m at Ibrox
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