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  1. The argument that English voters shouldn’t determine how Scotland is governed has been becoming more forceful over time but events of recent years bring into question whether English voters should determine how England is governed. Surely they’d be better off as a Caledonian colony until their society has matured to the point where they’re ready for democracy
  2. The Arab world is a geographic area as well as a linguistic and cultural one.
  3. Making generalised observations about other nationalities is a treacherous business But there’s a kernel of truth in there
  4. Their water mostly comes from lake mead, which is behind the hoover dam My cabbie explained that if Las Vegas didn’t use all that water it would just go to waste And by “waste” he meant California
  5. ^^^ Giggling on a hearts thread about Motherwell going 6 clear of Hibs
  6. To be strictly accurate that only covered the high purchasing, low income households Presumably that still leaves, the middle purchasing, low income households. Who are now less likely to become high purchasing households. Whether this represented a qualified success or qualified failure seems to be very much in the political agenda of the beholder Set at such a low level the scope for major positive or negative outcomes was always limited We’re now at a point where we’ll need a raise in MUP just to account for inflation so doing nothing would effectively be a reversal I reckon we should raise it ahead of inflation to see what happens
  7. It turned out not to be inevitable but It wasn’t one of those “never in doubt” situations either The deal to effectively let Car manufacturers ignore Brexit didn’t actually go through till this year So it’ll probably be ok but let’s be honest the prospect of Boris somehow screwing up the agreement isn’t unthinkable
  8. But have you tried green dotting? Dispensing blessings hither and thither like a medieval pope or emperor
  9. Has anybody ever figured out what that username is supposed to be? It’s an anagram of “Tin pot reefers”, “tripe softener” and “or fit preteens” but that doesn’t help. Aside from that, if we’re able to move past the faux moral outrage it’s worth noting how the example of Hearts Administration has affected the game for everyone else if you’re a large creditor (for instance Lloyds) owed large amounts of money by a Scottish football club (for instance Dundee United) that you’ve got little expectation of getting back you know that if you pull the trigger on Administration then you instantly devalue the company. any saleable players are free to walk, secondly the inevitable relegation after a point’s penalty will destroy revenue and to cap it all off “Football debt” needs to be met if the business is to carry on which effectively forces other creditors like banks down the queue. Having seen what happened at hearts it’s hardly surprising that big creditors for other football clubs decided to just take pennies in the pound and cut their losses rather than pick over a meagre commercial carcass. Which as it turns out was great news for face painters up and down the land.
  10. A certain amount of antipathy towards hibs is intrinsic to loving Hearts and presumably vice versa But SPR seemed to be one of those people who got his priorities twisted
  11. Denis has got a blog! https://denisprychynenko.wordpress.com/ After being a peripheral player at Hearts he bounced around Europe and eventually ended up in Antwerp playing regulary for Beerschot and that seems to have worked out for him I remember how the younger Me was constantly looking for attention from other people and getting recognized by many. How I would dress up and go to fancy restaurants and try to conquer everything and everyone. To be honest, I realized that this is just ridiculous! It’s a fake world with fake people trying to act and behave like someone they are not, just for of some attention and ego satisfaction. I am still only 28 and I am surely not perfect, but time keeps showing me that there are much more important things in life… I refuse to live in a fake fairytale.
  12. Up against expensive superstars like Mehdi Taouil, Darren Barr, Danny Grainger and Jack Hamilton Hibs had no chance
  13. I’m pretty sure it’s just one part of the whole “eternity in paradise” package that’s on offer but it’s the weird one that grabs the attention A bit like that MP who was claiming all sorts of nonsense on expenses but people only remember the Duck Island
  14. There are more and more suicide bombers these days But on the bright side There’s also less and less
  15. At least that’s the currant interpretation
  16. What this forum needs is dedicated thread to cover discussion of Rangers previous financial misadventures. That way people that give a toss about the finer details could leave the rest of us to concentrate on objectively more important matters in Gorgie
  17. The ability to do a decent days work despite being middle aged would qualify for this thread too
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