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  1. I posted this before, but a person in the house opposite mine did time for terrorist offences. Raising funds and had quite an arsenal stored there.
    There was a field between the houses, maybe a hundred yards. There must have been all sorts of surveillance and comings and goings there and the surrounding roads, but I never noticed a thing.
    However, I also walked past the car a nurse was locked in the boot for about a fortnight and never noticed that either.

    You know you’re getting old when….

    … you forget where you left your kidnapped nurses
  2. 1 hour ago, BC63 said:
    9 hours ago, Jack_Jarvis said:
    Hearts don’t normally travel in great numbers to Rugby Park these days, if I were Talbot I would be wanting them on a wild wet day at Beechwood, not sure Hearts would want that and Fudge may go running to the SFA. 

    Fudge can run to the SFA all he wants ...

    I think "Fudge" was supposed to be a pun on Ann Budge rather than referring to a chap. 

    Mister Jarvis appears to have been imagining something unlikely happening in the future so he can get enjoy being annoyed about it now.

    If we've learnt one thing this thread it's that Auchinleck's ground is at a higher standard than people might reasonably expect for a club playing at that level 

    A bit like Rugby Park in that respect, although Talbot's prospects of promotion look stronger


  3. Nope...it was on the instruction of The Polis...
    "East Kilbride, who play in the Lowland League, were told by Police Scotland that their K Park ground was unsuitable to stage a game of that magnitude."

    There may still be room for discretion

    If the police think the ground is almost, but not quite, suitable then Talbot could have the choice of spending cash to get the ground up to spec or moving the game.
  4. 2 minutes ago, Cptn Hooch said:

    The only all premiership tie is Livi v County. I've heard its also the only tie where both teams are from the same league but haven't checked

    My mistake!
    I'd forgotten that Kilmarnock had got themselves relegated. I suspect that's slightly higher in the public consciousness of Auchinleck

  5. Yeah, that image doesn't exactly fill me with joy considering it's 3 rows and a running track away from the touchline. I can only hope that it will be better when actually there, but I have my doubts.
    However, the club have stated that permission was granted from the good ol' Edinburgh Council for a stand of some sort to be built on the opposite side of the pitch. Quite how far down the line that is, is another matter though.
    Intrigued as to whether they put a similar white fence around the pitch to allow folk to stand closer as is the case at Ainslie Park...
    Anyway,  Aberdeen away... cracking away day for us.

    What kind of capacity do you realistically require for run of the mill league fixtures?
  6. It's a fantastic draw. It will be fantastic to see Talbot pit themselves against a good top division side on their own patch.
    This game has to be at the top of the BBC shortlist for live coverage.

    There’s a Celtic game, a Rangers game and two top flight match ups

    This is going to be fifth choice at best
  7. 1 minute ago, Kyle Reese said:

    Yes. For a while after Hibernian started playing at Easter Road, the press still referred to their home ground as Hibernian Park. 

    Point is though, Hearts Park would sound shit and most of us oils t be onboard with it. As it’s Celtic we are talking about though, then I’m delighted to use the even more beige and generic sounding Celtic Park name. 

     To be honest we've all got to be a little jealous of "Tannadice" for it's sheer poetry and just grateful that we're not in something like the Indodrill stadium or the  global energy arena or 

  8. 7 minutes ago, Kyle Reese said:

    Been to both. Rancid place. If I was a Celtic supporter (🤮) I’d still call it Parkhead too. I’m trying to imagine someone renaming Tynecastle Park: ‘Hearts Park’. I’d not be having that. It’s Celtic though, so I’m happy for them to have an ever shitter generic name for their stadium than that which they had already. 

    It was officially "Tynecastle Stadium" for a few years till the Ann Budge regime swapped the name back. I reckon everybody except Budge's most bloody minded critics will be on board with that.

    There was a "Hibernian Park" before 1888 back in the days of the OldCo Hibs. It was on what's now Bothwell Street just on the other side of the legendary "bridge of doom"

  9. We've got no chance.

    Bobby madden handled our Opening fixture and made quite a good job of it managing to avoid having to issue yellow cards to anybody

    Unfortunately after making an arse of himself at tannadice he may feel that he can’t afford to make any “controversial” calls so might not be so even handed this time
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