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  1. You’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true
  2. Although the existence of Wales suggests that there may be slightly more to it than that Of course the Welsh FA had to accept the indignity of playing important matches within 40 miles of the nation's capital and cooperating with Rugby so the SFA are clearly the real winners here
  3. There may still be room for discretion If the police think the ground is almost, but not quite, suitable then Talbot could have the choice of spending cash to get the ground up to spec or moving the game.
  4. My mistake! I'd forgotten that Kilmarnock had got themselves relegated. I suspect that's slightly higher in the public consciousness of Auchinleck
  5. What kind of capacity do you realistically require for run of the mill league fixtures?
  6. There’s a Celtic game, a Rangers game and two top flight match ups This is going to be fifth choice at best
  7. To be honest we've all got to be a little jealous of "Tannadice" for it's sheer poetry and just grateful that we're not in something like the Indodrill stadium or the global energy arena or
  8. It was officially "Tynecastle Stadium" for a few years till the Ann Budge regime swapped the name back. I reckon everybody except Budge's most bloody minded critics will be on board with that. There was a "Hibernian Park" before 1888 back in the days of the OldCo Hibs. It was on what's now Bothwell Street just on the other side of the legendary "bridge of doom"
  9. I was thrown by your post finishing they will crap themselves agin us
  10. Didn't you lose at Ibrox first time around after Porteous had that red mist moment
  11. Sorry if assumed that you were a Celtic fan talking about their neighbours
  12. Factually accurate Not least because they’re playing on Wednesday
  13. Bobby madden handled our Opening fixture and made quite a good job of it managing to avoid having to issue yellow cards to anybody Unfortunately after making an arse of himself at tannadice he may feel that he can’t afford to make any “controversial” calls so might not be so even handed this time
  14. I was a little nervous when it was 0-0 at half time but if I'd realised that was a potato fixture the tension would have been unbearable
  15. The other day,out of the blue, Mrs Topcat said "That's just bloody typical, you're not even listening to me!" Which I thought was a strange way to start a conversation
  16. Referee:Bobby Madden AR1: Alan Mulvanny AR2: Dougie Potter Fourth Official: Willie Collum
  17. The best way to deal with that sort of bigot is simply to ignore him.
  18. I doubt we take first place He probably means something along the lines of 'worse than one of the old firm in particular'
  19. there are already two other big stadia in Glasgow and another, even bigger one, in Edinburgh as well as the hydro so the market for large event venues is crowded. The business case for investors is going to be a tough sell
  20. New York gang leader whose relationship with local law enforcement is sometimes strained.
  21. I'm far too much of rational humanist to believe in Karma but any Hindus out there might want to read it that way. It was more about the way people anchor their expectations for a club.
  22. I checked and it's 9 times since the war https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_St_Mirren_F.C._seasons Weirdly they had a run of 7 (seven) consecutive top 6 finishes starting in 1979 which ended when they capitulated to Celtic at the end of 1986 and they finished 7th behind Dundee They've not been a top 6 side since then Middle aged St Mirren fans who think 10th isn't good enough are arguably as haunted by the season that ended that golden era as their Hearts contemporaries are supposed to be
  23. Point of course information nobody really takes St Johnstone seriously despite recent events
  24. I can see that That kind of work rate is a lot harder to maintain when you’re losing
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