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  1. That turned out to be a great call. We went there after the final and it was delicious. Thank you very much.
  2. I just hope you get right behind Gareth Southgate and the lads in Qatar
  3. Currently in a very nice Italian restaurant on the south side watching a parade of miserable looking Rangers fans I almost feel sorry for them
  4. The one example I’ve found in real life was”CitizenAp” a ticketing App which used a blockchain to store my ticket purchase which could then allow the app to present the QR code on the door. I had to download their App and then there was a delay as ticket sale was written to secure tamper proof distributed registry as opposed to a simple database Given that this was for a student production in a 200 seat venue it’s unclear if there’s anything the blockchain added to the process that simply trusting EventBrite to deliver it couldn’t have. I’ve never had to use the app again but CitizenTicket still exist as a company so someone must be using it. You can read their blockchain sales pitch here. https://www.citizenticket.co.uk/product/ To me blockchain still seems like a clever solution that has yet to find it’s problem
  5. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy
  6. I'd guess about as much as you love the idea of a Rangers win allowing Hibs fans to brief a massive sigh relief
  7. Victory Parade Details https://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/article/post-cup-final-supporter-info
  8. And it's an unbelievable 20 years in August since Hearts second greatest 5-1 Derby win We're nearly overdue
  9. This one is odd. On one level it’s an out and thread closing winner but because they clearly set out to make a terrible song on purpose it’s actually a highly successful piece of conceptal art on its own terms which would make it good [/url] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Most_Unwanted_Song
  10. The Ramonas are Edinburgh’s own all girl tribute to the Ramones And if that sounds like the kind of show that you might like then it almost certainly is a show you will like
  11. Welcome aboard Dunfermline, Try not to be as shit as Stirling just in case we introduce relegation
  12. When you read the article it shows that far from being cut off the Islanders have two fall back routes while this gets sorted Travel south and a take a ferry from Eriskay to Castlebay on Barra and then a ferry to Oban. This would involve more than five hours of travelling to get to Oban. Travel north and take a ferry from Bernerary to Harris and then a 56 mile (90km) journey by road to Stornoway in Lewis for a ferry to Ullapool - a total journey of almost five hours.
  13. “la terreur” seems to be common in the revolutionary rhetoric of the time so the name didn’t come from nowhere Of course the fears of post reformation Europe probably explain why the label has “stuck” But we may be drifting off topic
  14. Shove your union jacks up your arse and dry your salty tears Aaron hughes you big Welsh tosspot Great night for Scotland
  15. We're off to the Burrell collection in the morning and a nice Italian restaurant early evening so hopefully it'll be a pleasant day out on the southside even if it doesn't turn out to be a totally awesome one
  16. Hills are offering 3/1 against Hearts which seems about right. A Hearts win would be a surprise but not a huge one.
  17. Golf seems a bit like sudoku. I can see how you might find it interesting to play it yourself but can’t see the appeal of hearing about other people’s game at the weekend or watching people play it for money on telly
  18. Scotland play two T20 matches against New Zealand in Stockbridge at the end of July Although if you want to see something more competitive then the ODI against the USA might be better
  19. Being sponsored by DPD it’s hardly surprising that Frankfurt delivered but delivered really late
  20. As a hearts fan I think that a penalty shoot out is a dreadful way to decide this They should be made to play another 90 minutes, each way, while wearing welly boots full of custard.
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