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  1. Of all the times I’ve watched hearts go top of the league that was probably the least enjoyable of them
  2. I think I speak for the group when I say … Hopefully that reason is that St Johnstone have yet to play Hearts while Dundee have yet to play Ross County
  3. Basically we can copy our opponents posts from last week about not burying the game when we should have and paste them in here as our own. Dundee did to us what we did to Rangers Not a great day but on the brighter side we’ve stretched our lead over Hibs and we’re technically top of the league till tomorrow so things could be worse. For Dundee that’s a big step forward. The championship Dundee were more than useful and would, in a normal season, have come up as champions. Given that they were, and remain, the last team to take 3 points off hearts it was a surprise to see them struggling at the start of the season
  4. According to the SATF Podcast GMS was carrying a few niggles for Ibrox so was rested. Don’t be surprised if he gets a bit more than the last 10 minutes this week
  5. Especially by their high standards, it’s early days yet so they’ve got to raise their game if they want to win the championship . They were strong this week but it’s a marathon not a sprint isn’t it. They probably need to sign a complete and utter bellend in the winter transfer window to step in and destabilise the dressing room properly.
  6. Supposedly they’re attempting to adopt “the purple lids” as a nickname based on the headgear There would be a few issues with being “the purple helmets”
  7. Covid has had an impact on everybody's mental health Except me because I'm a teapot
  8. There’s got to be better ways of raising £20 for charity that don’t require reading through lots of posts from a St Johnstone supporter
  9. I’m no expert on this but How would you know whether to change it? Are you sure you’ve thought this through
  10. What is slightly tin pot however is that when we crowd sourced a big flag with it on for the 2012 cup final the flag ended up being too big to display at Tynecastle so it’s only ever seen at Hampden
  11. Nonsense It’s easy Craig Wighton, Charlie Adam, Neil McCann, Alan Gilzean, Jocky Scott, Jack Hamilton, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Kjell olafson, Paul Sturrock, Jerren Nixon oh hang on… I see your point
  12. Before obviously We wouldn’t be drinking Earl grey in the early evening Incidentally you simply must drop by the new organic Italian grocer on Dalry road on the way back to haymarket. The tomatoes are amazing
  13. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately so I don’t fancy a full fight. How about a minor scuffle, slightly jostling each other or maybe a game of trivial pursuit and sharing a pot of Earl Grey
  14. You’re new here This appears frequently on this thread Still it bears repeating
  15. Probably less of a risk at Hibs than at the big global corporate brand clubs who are doing this kind of thing with socios.com where supporters are so alienated from the superstars that this kind of thing might be valued https://www.socios.com/socios-rewards/ The moment in the PSG "fan experience" video where the poor schmuck is delighted to get a wave from a player is tragic
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