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  1. Put’s the whole tiresome Rangers are a new club! No they’re naw! aye they are! No they’re naw! aye they are! Etc… trope into some perspective
  2. To this day, whenever Airdrie get eliminated from the Scottish Cup I can’t help but think “maybe this is our year…”
  3. In the context of Scottish football club crests Rampant Lions and Thistles may be patriotic but they are now overused to the point of cliché. The better crests like Falkirk, Dunfermline, Hearts, Morton etc.. have some kind of iconography of the place they represent, they communicate a clear message about the clubs identity. With a change of colour palette Livingston badge could be any team in Scotland Even Kilmarnock have the Squirrels from the town crest. I don't know if there's a lot of Squirrels in Ayrshire but at least it's not another bloody lion. This is why Livingston really should have a highway code roundabout symbol on their jersey Because you people love a roundabout don't you
  4. On reflection I should have said "one of the reasons" you don't understand each other
  5. Spurs fans still moan about Woolwich Arsenal moving into North London and that was over a hundred years ago so I don't expect Livingston or MK Dons to be let off the hook in my lifetime
  6. I think that, to some extent, what we're seeing is a difference in geographic perspective. If you ask people from Zone 2 London to meet you at Kings Cross they'll grumble about having to change at Bank but I've heard people from Fort William talk about "popping up the road" to Inverness. People from Livingston seem to feel as if they're on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Edinburghers think that anything past Newbridge might as well be fucking Narnia. To a Rangers fan that lives 40 miles from Ibrox a 20 mile "relocation" will hardly register as a "relocation" at all I suggest that is why you can't understand each other
  7. In this sense it's clearly referring to the US sports model where the league is a closed shop and the only way for a community to get a team in the national leagues is to get an existing team in another location to move to theirs or hope for an expansion team. In Livingston's defence there's a case for "Hate the game, not the player" here because that's basically how Scottish Football worked for a century. Waiting for someone else to die was a necessary evil just as Grave Robbers were required for the progress of medicine in 19th century Edinburgh. But Bill Hunter deliberately running Meadowbank into the buffers is the equivalent of Burke and Hare moving on to manufacturing the corpses fresh
  8. According to Wikipedia the 1965-2002 version of Clydebank F.C was the 4th Clydebank F.C The Clydebank F.C that are currently respectably mid table in the WoSL are the Mark 5 version Their "honours" page lists "lowest attendance" which is probably worthy of mention on this thread https://www.clydebankfc.com/honours/
  9. 17 Brougham St, W Tollcross, Edinburgh EH3 9JS I look forward to your review
  10. That’ll be the Turkish Doner Inn. It may be the first kebab place in Edinburgh. It’s certainly been there since the ‘70s which suggests they must be getting something right
  11. Todd in the shadows is great and it was Train Wreckords that introduced me to the mötley Crue piano ballad Pat Finnerty’s “What makes this song stink” series starts as a parody of Rick Beato’s “What makes this song great” but has developed a weird life of it’s own by the time he gets to Machine Gun Kelly it’s through the looking glass He buys a camera after shooting the first two on his phone
  12. I don’t think he’s a real Rabbi in fact I’m not even convinced he’s Jewish
  13. Somehow Cammie Devlin had got to his forty first hearts appearance before getting a straight red we all knew it was coming eventually and it’s probably for the best that it happened while we were chasing a lost cause
  14. I'm not sure yet but tell your boss you don't need to go to work on Monday
  15. My 15 year old Jack Russell died today but I didn't realise that was public knowledge
  16. Boris seems like the kind of person that might be behind all this
  17. Were I fortunate enough to be sitting on large sums of liquid cash in GBP I'd probably want to diversify but I still don't see why I'd buy a USD stable coin instead of USD itself. It would be like buying casino tokens for a casino I don't fancy playing in
  18. 18 unscathed minutes for Kingsley and a second cap, His first cap was coming on for Snodgrass after 66 minutes when we were 3-0 down in Paris as the hosts prepared for Euro 2016 A 21 year old Barry McKay got his first, and so far only, cap in that game, coming on in the 84th He was unable to turn the game round in 6 minutes and it finished 3-0
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