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  1. Mild embarrassment at being duped into thinking that a stranger on the internet is Spanish when he’s not is a risk I’m willing to take So I’m going to believe him Unless he tries to sell me something
  2. At least Livi were slightly dirty I'm more perturbed by the fact that not a single Hearts player showed sufficient commitment to commit a bookable offence
  3. After all the flack they got for denying Falkirk a promotion because of "off field matters" they'd probably become over-cautious about not giving clubs what they'd "earned on the park"
  4. Given that nobody seems to be looking forward to this game Here’s a picture of my dog instead
  5. https://www.londonhearts.com/scores/tea/gretna.html 5 meetings in total Only one finished with 22 players on the park
  6. There are some good reasons to criticise the hearts support but being too easily pleased is not one of them.
  7. People in Argentina think that Prince Andrew is an imposter because the real one was killed during Britain’s defeat in the Falklands conflict They are of course wrong as, regardless of the name you prefer, there is no such place as the Falkland Islands
  8. Its the misuse of the term “peasant” by Subway, an almost exclusively urban operation, that’s annoying me.
  9. Barnsley is a wretched hive of Brexit c***s Stendel is German and started his career in Hamburg the richest state in Germany.
  10. I’d have thought that Dublin’s own Eoin Morgan would be the natural choice on those criteria
  11. its also safe to assume his favourite Shakespearean works are the merchant of Wigan, three gentlemen of Chipping Sodbury, Timeon of Andover and, of course, Hamlet Prince of Devon.
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