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  1. Hunny boy Williamson, Blind Orange Jefferson, Bloody waters etc…
  2. I think you’d have to switch to 12/8 for that bar to get the extra syllables in. Which would require a standard of drumming that might be beyond many of these bands were i on the committee that approves these marches I’d insist on shit like that and gradually raise the required standard of musicianship After a decade or so we’d end up with hardly any of these marches but the few that we did have would sound awesome like Miles Davis jamming with Neil Peart
  3. . Whether the common vernacular use of “sash” for what would be called a “collarette” by a seamstress is legitimate or not could be a long and dull argument but regardless of one’s position on that matter. I think you may have missed the point of the meme somewhat.
  4. We don’t play again till Sunday when Namibia come to Glasgow Namibia aren’t very good and we’re at home so thing should be fine
  5. She didn’t curtsey because she’s 98. give her a break
  6. £25k will barely pay for a duck island She's embarrassingly small time
  7. New Episode of the Economist’s “Money Talks” podcast: Crypto Winter is here https://play.acast.com/s/theeconomistmoneytalks/moneytalks-cryptowinterishere
  8. This deserves more greenies than it will get
  9. 2004/05 UEFA Cup although the 5 team groups saw teams play 2 home and 2 away so along with the braga games we only had 6 matches in total we’re guaranteed 8 European games this time which equals the club record 1988/89 (St Patrick’s, Austria Vienna, Velez Mostar and Bayern) so from that perspective “historic” isn’t that big a stretch ETA THAT WAS 34 years ago, damn I feel old
  10. Not just "more than twice in a row" 1955-60: 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 2nd then 1st That's going to take some beating The only other time was interrupted by a difficult European away fixture at the Somme 1912-15 : 3rd, 3rd then 2nd
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