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  1. Alternatively We’re the Athens of the north you’re a distant outpost of our civilisation
  2. It was just a guess He was the first American with a Scottish Surname that I thought of Technically Cameron Diaz was the first but that didn't work
  3. I'm a hypocrite when it comes to shit like this In principle I support people's rights to display Union Jacks, Tricolours, Papal Banners, Red Hands, ISIS flags, Spanish Republican Flags, or whatever* at football games but I just don't want to be within 10 metres of "that sort of person" especially when I've paid extra to be in the posh seats * I'd be OK with a pride flag provided they removed the green stripe
  4. Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that whatever Deloitte produces will be geared towards the priorities of the middleweight clubs that commissioned it the omission of Motherwell from that group isn't a massive issue for them. Their commercial interests are going to be, broadly speaking, aligned with the Dundee clubs who operate at a similar scale. Similar logic would go for St Johnstone were we , for the sake of politeness, to assume that the last few years aren't a blip
  5. Very unpatriotic carrying the British fleg in a German bag. It’s a « bag for life » which by the look of him is a fairly low bar
  6. If we're talking about league construction then the league is the context of the question and Aberdeen's 5 top 3 finishes make them clearly the most successful team in the rather arbitrary 10 year window. Hearts and Hibs have also finished top since St Johnstone and did so in a league that involved the new solvent version of Rangers Motherwell have finished in the top 3 four times compared to St Johnstone's one in 2013 so if anybody's got a right to complain about being left out of the gang of 5 it would be them
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