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  1. After a first half OG he might be expecting Graham Alexander to pull him off at half time but that’s tame by comparison
  2. There’s a Motherwell Oktoberfest beer festival? Why has nobody told me about this before
  3. Not everyone can own a football club: Mansour bin Zayed, Dermot Desmond, Stan Kroenke, Ron Gordon, myself, Gorgie Greatness and my mate Niall the Motherwell fan. It’s a pretty select group and while wee Dermot’s lot had the better of our midweek encounter that’s now history and we move on to Motherwell at home Hibs 0-0 draw at fir park was probably better received by hearts than the teams directly involved. We’ve got enough of a cushion that we’ll be third after the derby but it’s the difference between getting drawn back into a battle for 3rd and disappearing over the horizon In terms of personnel there’s a few question marks Michael Smith was subbed off early against Celtic, Halkett went off injured late on but at least he walked off and there’s ongoing questions about Souttar Toby Sibbick’s arrival helps ease my nerves on that regard and with Beni, Devlin and Haring available Nielson has good choices to make. Motherwell on the other hand seem to have started the year sluggishly losing to 10 men in Dingwall, going to extra time against Morton and then drawing a blank against Hibs. One must suspect they’ll pull themselves out of this malaise at some point but hopefully it won’t be till Paisley next Tuesday Hearts are 4/6 on at the bookies which looks about right I’d be surprised if don’t win but it wouldn’t be a massive shock
  4. I fell in love once But it was over far too soon I thought I’d gotten over it But now Toby Sibbick walks back into my life And it all comes flooding back
  5. Shotgun by George Ezra is the same chord progression as Baby Shark Although Baby Shark does at least have a key change
  6. If the common stories about the führer’s undercarriage are to be believed then he was literally non-binary
  7. The self awareness to realise that one’s opinion on a given topic isn’t necessarily valuable is a useful gift Otherwise you can end up mansplaining womanhood to women And that never ends well
  8. It wasn’t too bad till that thunderb*****d of an opening goal but we fell to bits for a while after that. It wasn’t till they announced two minutes added on in the first half that hearts regained any composure If the first half demonstrated why we’re not going to be in the top two the second showed why we’re not going to be in the bottom nine. And even though we didn’t get a result the atmosphere was so much better with less Celtic fans
  9. So I was thinking “We’re doing alright here, we’ve limited them to speculative long range … … oh buggger”
  10. Everton presumably think that he's good enough to get lots of game time in Scotland. Mind you Hearts thought Harry Stone would be good enough to get plenty of game time for Partick Thistle only for Jamie Sneddon to suddenly hit the form of his life so you can never be sure.
  11. Mine is generally "I Got Rhythm" but if I'm in a sentimental mood "Somebody to watch over me". Amy Winehouse's version is particularly poignant in hindsight
  12. I've been to Uddingston and, to be fair, there's not much else to do there for entertainment
  13. They are somehow on here https://extinctionrebellion.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Counter-terrorism-poster.pdf Which must piss of the Green Brigade because they aren't
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