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  1. You can push that further Theoretically there could be a third candidate and those seats could split 34/33/44 meaning that you’d only need about 18%
  2. Season ticket sales just went past 10,000 So Tynecastle is going to feel busy when we finally get to go back in.
  3. It looks like we’re getting two properly competitive test series. Which is nice
  4. He seemed to play better when he didn’t have time to think.
  5. I should probably point out that my original comment about wanting to see more antipathy towards the Welsh and Northern Irish sentiment was intended as a throwaway quip as opposed to a heartfelt testimony.
  6. That Anti English sentiment is letting the Welsh and Northern Irish off the hook if you ask me.
  7. Hearts should arrange to pay 38 instalments of £65.80 and not bother paying the last 8
  8. That filthy back heel to set up the opener in the cup final will be what I remember him for.
  9. Everton is a placename. It used to be a seperate town council a long time ago. to that would be like "Partick Glasgow Thistle" "Rangers" would technically have been "Govan Rangers" as opposed to "Glasgow Rangers" back in the day
  10. It's a bit of a shame because having a first team regular called Robert Burns would have been handy for poetry jokes That will probably be lost on the people of Cumbria though
  11. Aside from the possibilities of reconstruction or nulling and voiding discussed at length elsewhere The number of games in the Championship season wasn't certain either on July 10th and in fact it still isn't. Things could get worse and we may end up with less than 13 home games which means we'd be carrying more than 5 forward into the next season. Of course if we somehow finish the season in 4th and go up via the playoffs then we'd have 16 home games
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