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  1. I'm not buying into this "Hearts will struggle next season" trope but I doubt we’ll score six times in a game even once
  2. If you're going to support a club that plays in bright Orange then you clearly don't mind being loud https://uk.foco.com/collections/mens?q=&hPP=10&idx=focoinc-uk_shopify_products&fR[named_tags.data--league][0]=Scottish Premiership&fR[named_tags.data--sub_category1][0]=Tops %26 Shirts&fR[product_type][0]=Apparel&is_v=1
  3. And with everything happening behind closed doors this would inevitably all be a bit more low key than last time you did it or indeed last time we did it, In fact making a petty, empty gesture to the SPFL is probably the only way to turn it into it a memorable occasion I'm warming to the idea
  4. Hopefully they leave the presentation till the end of the season meaning we can have a will they/won't they/should they/shouldn't they suspense building subplot in order to keep us all entertained In other news John Souttar's comments, although not actaully in context, mean he has been adopted as the posterboy of the #leaveitonthestand campaign "We shouldn't be down here. That goes without saying, a club like us should never be in the Championship. I don't think there will be massive celebrations. It will be 'job done, we are back where we belong'. There will be celebrations next season if we can win a cup or get into the top three/four, not winning the Championship."
  5. The reasoning as far as I can glean is a mixture of 1) Don't give Neil Doncaster the photo opportunity he wants 2) Don't treat this as "job done!", That'll be when we're back in the upper reaches of the top flight 3) This kind of petty shithousery should be a good laugh Personally I don't agree with them but have some sympathy for all three arguments but mainly the third
  6. Exuberant celebrations would probably be even more tinpot But it's possible to downplay thing too far
  7. Come through next August when Ayr are in Dingwall, watch a Hearts game, see some fringe shows, pay a fiver for a pint of lager and snog a Peruvian performance artist
  8. Based on their P&B followings I’d be happy to see any of them come up Great bunch of lads Even the Dunfermline fans
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