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  1. There will be people who thought that Rangers remaining trophyless in their current incarnation would be more entertaining than Celtic blowing 10 in a row. That’s a reasonable position to take and I can respect that while not agreeing Even they, however, can surely take solace from the ludicrous way Celtic are pissing all over their chips.
  2. Double header home and away against Raith followed by Dunfermline at home The league table says these are two of the better playoff hopefuls in terms of points per gemme but given that neither of them have visited Tynecastle yet that’s deceptive
  3. And now Boyce for Henderson and Ginelly for goalscorer Elliot Frear
  4. They were used as mocking cartoons in the late 19th century https://www.cnn.com/style/article/why-democrats-are-donkeys-republicans-are-elephants-artsy/index.html
  5. Much maligned and often unfairly but he’s hardly going to be irreplaceable when the time comes
  6. Is that in chronological order or in order of who you would trust most organise a piss up in a brewery?
  7. I don't expect anybody else to have it on their list but I grew up with that song. It wasn't until as an adult I bought Disreali gears that I realised anybody outside my immediate family knew it. I'm now beginning to think that possibly my old cockney grandad didn't write it himself
  8. Sunshine of your love Crossroads Badge I feel free Mother's Lament
  9. The Suggestion that Killie should put fans down the front for the sake of the TV cameras as opposed to further up so they can actually see the game properly shows how much the article misses the point that while English top flight Football is principally consumed via TV while Scottish Football is principally consumed live.
  10. Last week Neilson said he's "looking for a big striker with a bit of physicality who will link play" Yesterday Reggina said they'd "terminated their contract with Kyle Lafferty by mutual consent" Of course it could be coincedence
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