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  1. 5 hours ago, Jambo said: One wee thing that's almost gone unnoticed is the fact we had two hat-trick scorers on Saturday. Last time that happened was in 2018, when Doogs and Stevenson managed it in the record win over Eyemouth. But who can remember the day we had three players manage it in the one game? Nah Wisnae that game
  2. Haven't looked it up but guessing against Lossiemouth. Will be checking it out though.
  3. John S

    Bsc Glasgow

    I think he was referring to Marshmallo
  4. Bino's fans able to attend Newtown, BU fans able to attend Prestonfield, yet Dumbarton unable to accommodate any away fans at all. Doesn't seem right.
  5. Were there places for Stenhousemuir supporters at Dumbarton last night?
  6. A game kicking off without your traditional "Mon Bo'ness " shout. Surely not. Carol and I plan to be there, plus my new note book.
  7. You're talking about the official site! Clearly too early for me.
  8. Assuming it's accurate information that is
  9. Perhaps take one name from Athletic and one from United. From Athletic, 'Bo'ness '. From United, 'United '. Result - 'Bo'ness United '.
  10. BUs now releasing names of new players
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