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  1. Darvel fans must be disappointed. It looks like they won't win the league now and although the Cup run was exciting they will have nothing to show for the season and must wonder if they have seen their team progress. I've never been to Darvel's ground but assume it has seen improvement over the years.
  2. I'm not aware that it's common practice at this level to award the match ball for scoring a hat trick.
  3. Just on the day I was needing updates. The Twitter feed did well though.
  4. He was out injured last week so assuming is still the case. Same with Todd
  5. Can't be there today. C'mon the BUs. Hopefully good updates on here.
  6. I see there's more shenanigans going on to accommodate the B teams in a new conference league to be levered in at tier 5. Not many people want it apart from two teams that seem to run Scottish football. The BUs seem to have gotten involved in a pantomime of a league. Hopefully the LL teams will see sense and we can get back to a league without interlopers who have no interest apart from what suits them.
  7. We are just ahead compared to last season (assuming my counting is OK). We are two places and eight points better off.
  8. Good news in that we'd get through to the next round. Bad news in that we miss out on a home cup tie.
  9. League Cup was drawn tonight but can't see the details anywhere.
  10. Interesting. A view shared by fans of various teams.
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