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  1. Tranent would have wanted the game on as were probably favourites to win
  2. It's a post from the unofficial BU site.
  3. Just had a look. Naming the GK that day would also be a memory test.
  4. About time the West situation was sorted. Surely the likes of Talbot have outgrown the Juniors
  5. I think I was at that game. Played at Linlithgow?
  6. I believe Archie Meikle was the BU top scorer before Jimmy Burns had the record a short time until Paul McKinlay overtook him. I don't know how many Archie finished with? I think Bo'ness won the Lanark and Lothians Cup in its final year but I'm sure others can confirm or otherwise
  7. Opened last night with loads of kids from the community club enjoying their football training.
  8. The winner of the Jeanfield Linlithgow tie definite favourites to beat Huntly. A great incentive for Saturday's game.
  9. Didn't see the lights last week up there.
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