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  1. Chris has played in every position, even goalkeeper. Some guy.
  2. That was a political broadcast on behalf of......... Now back to the football.
  3. I am well aware of the great work frontline workers have done during this crisis including shop workers. Your comment IMO is still wrong and does a disservice to nurses, healthcare workers and other carers who work day to day with vulnerable people.
  4. "Nurses working in Covid wards are the same as us' Interesting if incorrect point of view Alan.
  5. The BUs are also missing key players due to injury and suspension
  6. I tried not to be a cheetah but I did get away with one handball
  7. Yip, and as you will remember I slotted it past Henry.
  8. I noticed we are coming onto the park from the Kinneil School/Jamieson Avenue corner. Possibly relevant?
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