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  1. Isn't it the other way round that BCA bought we buy any car? No i asked the same question when i sold my car to them.
  2. The last home game we had one cash gate per end.
  3. I made £1100 profit in 2 months on my Mokka X
  4. Can i come out from behind the couch now?
  5. Ben will never know his father,we contacted him a few years back saying we did not want money only for him to involved in his life,He said no so that is his loss.
  6. Watched the game in the caravan park and the atmosphere in the pub was brilliant,i just knew Dykes was missing the penalty though.
  7. Was that not the last time Gordon Marshall played for East Fife and we signed him after that?
  8. Is it sad that i have given up on the team we have?NO Is it sad that i cannot bear going on a saturday?Yes
  9. Dyslexia runs in Ben's family(mum's side) but he is fantastic at numbers,raise your concerns with the school.Which school does he go to?
  10. I stay in Falkirk council area but my nearest tip is in North Lanarkshire and i used to just go there but now they ask for ID,It is all down to who pays for the rubbish disposal.
  11. We get the keys of our Static caravan on friday,the park has 3 bars.swimming pool,gym(not using) kids entertainment and play park. I hated towing the touring caravan but never had the guts to tell June as she loved it but she is not daft and knew so we sold it and my car to buy the static.
  12. I think I hear them singing Keena so I am just guessing it will be play 2 up from please Paul,I just got sent the video.
  13. I actually saw a guy getting stopped by the traffic cops for going through a red light on St Vincent St,he made the error of nolooking behind him lol
  14. Was just going to post that,anyway on the booing if they deserve booing so be it they will take the cheers along side it when they merit it.
  15. I raise you Paul Sheerin who according to reports had heated discussions with a Fan today
  16. No wonder i have stopped going to games after 40 years
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