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  1. I have been told a deal with Kingsley is being discussed but not sure of the chances of it happening,the keeper on trial will not be signing and Akeel Francis has been offered a deal.
  2. That's the wee one had her test,it was awful for her.
  3. My grand daughter has had a temperature for the past 2 days and was sent home from nursery,they have said for her to be tested so i now have self isolate until the test results come back.
  4. If and it is a big IF we can get a deal together for Kingsley that may free up Dixon as cover at CH,we still a keeper as well.
  5. We have had a driver at our depot test positive.
  6. https://www.raithrovers.net/raithtv?vid=1292
  7. My mate is just back and has said the police are very strict when it comes to face coverings.
  8. He is not an out and out striker,his best games for Falkirk were playing wide.He is a bit greedy and sometimes we would scream at him to play the pass.
  9. We were £1850 for the 4 of us AI for 7 days.
  10. We get 80% sick pay for the 1st 3 times in any callender up to a maximum of 6 months,the half pay.
  11. We can take 5 dependents day a year and they can't hold it against us,it is unpaid but handy to fall back on.
  12. These pictures were take 2 years apart in the Milk Barn what a difference in the wee man.
  13. Thanks guys looking forward to it,we are having to fly from Manchester as Tui are not flying there from Scotland next summer.
  14. We have booked Magic life for next May with the kids.
  15. Booked a holiday for next May,been looking for a few weeks and the prices have been going up so decided just to do it.
  16. Camelon Juniors could use one,they had one destroyed in an arson at the weekend.
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