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  1. I was one of those cheering at the door when they said he was staying then as you say 24 hours later i was in disbelief. Then of course they brought in the c**t Lambie who dismantled at fantastic team. Get well soon Jim.
  2. Taking Ben and Maisie to Majorca next Saturday for 6 nights,residency writs have been served and now the wait begins.
  3. Yet the word filter was not bypassed and you cannot get that into your thick skull.
  4. I spoke to McCall not long after we approached him,he said he was in fact approached twice but he said our squad was rubbish.
  5. The wee man managed to get stung not once but twice at the football on Saturday.
  6. 4060 against Dumbarton and just under 3800 against Montrose who both brought around 100 fans.
  7. Do Clyde still only open the main stand?
  8. We have a child protection order in place at the moment and that only lasts 12 months at a time,also the mother believe it or not still has parental rights and residency will strip that from her.
  9. Thought it was about the time I started taking the wee man to the football,he loves it, We are now going down the residency route,the social work are funding £6k in legal fees for us.
  10. Lex could not pick his nose never mind a bid.
  11. He is suspended for the next league cup tie.
  12. And we thought we had a small squad.
  13. As long as Lex Miller fucks off i am happy.
  14. I plan to ban you tonight and have a kebab tomorrow,is that ok?
  15. But your IP Address is a german one.
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