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  1. Yesterday at the residency hearing was a total letdown,the case was continued for 4 weeks as yet again our daughter never turned up. The sheriff was asked to award residency undefended due to her none appearance but refused as he wanted tk know why she and her lawyer did not appear. Her lawyer has dropped her due to no legal aid and no instructions.
  2. Shug Hill did however score a cracking goal qgainst Motherwell i think it was.
  3. Can i give a mention to Brendan Macintyre?
  4. Ken Eadie scored goals for fun everywhere but Falkirk
  5. My wife hates Masha,should i tell her she is not real?
  6. We can get players from England till 9th February on loan and of course free agents.
  7. Well another month and another court hearing,we have Falkirk Sheriff Court for the main residency hearing on Wednesday.Our daughter never showed up to see the kids last week with no call to the social work to explain why either. She has also been dropped by her lawyer due to no legal aid or instructions to him,roll on this time next week when we will be on a plane to Fuerteventura.
  8. Aye he started off looking like someone who could be good but just lacked match sharpness then like you say he just totally chucked it. He is playing in America now.
  9. If we can I would jump at Kris Doolan,i take it the Bairns For Life fund has not been used.
  10. He is a great lad and he gets her every weekend,he has earned the title of daddy not just a father.
  11. They do not know they are going to see her,we only stay 10 mins from the social work office and they call us when or if she arrives.
  12. Another no show by the kids mother fo contact today.
  13. And I bet the power goes to your head! Of course
  14. I like Longridge as a player but he is a it is my ball type of player,he does a bit to much when the easy ball is a better choice.
  15. We have the Hyundai Tucson and it is an excellent car.
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