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  1. And I bet the power goes to your head! Of course
  2. I like Longridge as a player but he is a it is my ball type of player,he does a bit to much when the easy ball is a better choice.
  3. We have the Hyundai Tucson and it is an excellent car.
  4. DKD and Zak(I am here to fucking score)Rudden are great signings
  5. Coll Donaldson is in talks with Ross County so that makes sense.
  6. Long story but in short 17th Nov 2018 she abandoned her kids in the middle of the night and they have since then been in our care.
  7. If we get residency it is for undefined time ,it is only the child protection order that is 12 months and residency would mean the protection order would be discharged.
  8. Due to the age of the children only 12 month orders can be given,she has never shown up to any of the children reporters hearings(5) If we get residency she would have to go to court to get them back and that costs up to £5k but the social work are paying our costs and she has had her legal aid refused.
  9. Well the hearing could not have gone better,our daughter never showed up which helps our residency case.The social work laid out the reasons why the kids should stay under our care and not be returned to her. Maisie's dad also was there supporting us as he is very happy with the care and love she is getting,the lay people on panel were unanimous in granting us another 12 months child protection order and also limiting the supervised contact to every fortnight as it has been of poor quality and they want to see it improving. Now we have a proof hearing on 5th February at Falkirk Sheriff court to find out if we get full residency.
  10. Just leave a beer on tap for me.
  11. Cannot see it,he is getting a regular game with us and unless he really makes an arse of it will continue to get a game for us.As i have already said i never rated Mutch but i have had to eat humble pie as he has improved a great deal.
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