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  1. Maisie has been at her dad's for week and god i miss her,Ben is bored out his nut but we do our best to keep him busy.
  2. I had a email from Ryanair today offering me to change my flight from 2nd May free of fees,no thanks just cancel the flight and i want my money back.
  3. A UPS driver died yesterday,people are ordering a lot of crap and someone paid with their life.
  4. And the cry was Alexa play the sash.
  5. Folks as much as Boris is a buffon please let's be sensible and think before you post.
  6. I do a daily collection from The Scottish Whiskey auction and at the begining of the month i can get 200 boxes a day.
  7. Took the wee man out for a walk as he had not been out since Thursday,i am a bad man telling him he had to stop for the red light.
  8. Getting a lot quieter at work,UPS have closed a hub as the volume has dropped.Now if people would stop ordering some useless stuff i could get home to my family and stop being in Glasgow that would be nice.
  9. For a Dunfermline fan he is a good lad,had a few beers with him,get in touch mate and let everyone know you are ok.
  10. Really enjoyed the 3 episodes so far,was a bit slow to start but the 3rd one is excellent.
  11. We have taken advice from the social work dept.
  12. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/family/parenting/coronavirus-qa-can-separated-parents-still-see-children/
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