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  1. Next friday is the end of an era for our family,we complete the sale of my father in laws house,He lived in in the house for 41 years bringing up my wife and her brother.He passed away last november and my wife will be a mess the minute she hands over the keys for the last time.
  2. Just thought i would just leave this here
  3. Getting my 2nd dose of the vaccine on friday
  4. We moved house 2 weeks ago and i think we have moved into a film set
  5. His first 3 games for us were meh then bang he hit the ground running,Killie away i was screaming cross cross and then he just scored,
  6. The best odds you will get is the MSG will f**k it up yet again.
  7. Having moved into the new house last week all we have done is pay out money,if you have the seen the money pit them you will know how we feel.Ben has been brilliant at night though and we feel that is down to us now having a bedroom upstairs beside him. Plasterer starts tomorrow doing the hall and stairs as the last person has artex on the walls
  8. The prices for cars just now are crazy
  9. That would have been me as it was not the type of post needed and fine you know it.Also we never delete things only hide them.
  10. Sad news that John Sludden has passed away aged only 56,always hoped he would sign for us in the day.
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