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  1. Tooth number 2 out now,he now looks like a proper little boy.
  2. Not seen him for a while as he moved the business to a big warehouse in Maryhill
  3. Just got my appointment for my vaccine through,the joys of being an old git.
  4. Well that confirms my holiday is off,travel will restart no earlier than 17th May and i am booked for 12 May.
  5. He was told in August in 2020 he had cancer and was due to got for a PET scan at the Beatson Nov 20th,the transport came to pick him up but he was not well and asked them to call 999 or take him to Forth Valley Hospital they said not as he was breathing,but 2 hours later he died of a heart attack.Don't get me wrong he would probably not have survived even if he was in hospital but i wished he had that chance.
  6. My father in law died in Nov 2020 after being told he had cancer,we never found out how far bad he was as he never got the treatment for it until it was too late.
  7. The definition of wanting to throttle them but they hit you with words that just melt you at the same time. Oh he knows how to wrap me round his little finger,his fav is but your my best friend.
  8. 4am this morning Ben-GRANPAAAAA Me-Runs upstairs Ben-I just want to say i love you.
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