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  1. Ben starts school tomorrow,i couldn't get a holiday at work but they letting me go in late so i can take him to school.
  2. Dean Holden has been named boss of Bristol City,he was a good player for the club and also gave 100%
  3. My wife knew what car she wanted so when we saw it decided just to buy it,the garage has not hung about either the finance is sorted and car is getting picked up tomorrow. Of course she is getting the new car and i still have the DS3.
  4. I delivered to The Pot Still the day after restrictions were lifted and they looked like they were well placed.
  5. Went out for a wee drive today and 2 hours later ended up spending £17998
  6. I would never bad mouth her to the kids but they are too young to understand if it is right or wrong to ask for her.
  7. They did not test positive or have to self isolate so no.
  8. It was not a straight forward postponement,if it was down to players being unavailable due to say a normal virus then fair enough. But the Aberdeen players choose to go out and drink,breaking social distance rules thus causing them to have to self isolate. Also if i was Aberdeen FC i would fine them.
  9. Just been told she has buggered off down to London.
  10. I am more than happy for them to not see her.
  11. It is now 6 months since Ben and Maisie have seen their mother,they have not asked for her once.
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