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  1. It is scary that even how shite the results have been the last few weeks we are still only 2 points off the top.
  2. They are back on Tuesday as Monday is a local holiday.
  3. Both kids had to get PCR tests today as they were sent home from school.
  4. Had to take both kids for PCR tests today as they have the cold and were coughing at school so were sent home.
  5. We just want somewhere for the kids to enjoy themselves,the park has a swimming pool,bar,resturant and play park so win win(a Bar)
  6. The game never went ahead and In Peter Houston's words DEAL WITH IT
  7. We could sign Frank Spencer and he would still be better than. Jamie Wilson
  8. Can you all please not bypass the word filter please,Div went to great lengths with Nil By Mouth when setting it up and bypassing will result in warnings and Bans if it continues. We all know what the word is when it comes up when *** comes up so no need for it folks,this morning alone we have had over a dozen reports from a Guest account and we all know who that is and a couple of them were warranted
  9. He was struggling with his knee last week
  10. Managed to secure a seasonal caravan pitch for the whole of next summer season.
  11. Sheerin said on Falkirk TV he was not training with the ball yet but improving every day
  12. That was his 1st touch as well was it not.
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