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  1. Come back m8. Worth 10 of these other fuckers. Thanks for that
  2. I met him at the P&B 5's he was a strange chap.
  3. I believe the post of the week was,Div must have been on crack to make Salty a Mod.
  4. What happens in the hot tub stays in the hot tub.
  5. What's that coming over the hill it is Showunmi it is Showunumi
  6. My oldest daughter is a nurse in Glasgow and has said the admissions are worse just now than the summer.
  7. Partick losing at Cove,taxi for Jobby.
  8. I take it the trialist on the bench is a keeper.
  9. Not sure what happened and didn't want to ask,the boss announced it yesterday.
  10. We have had 3 positive tests in my work this week and the management are a tad worried.
  11. One of the guys at work lost his kid this week,only 4 months old😰
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