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  1. We have lost 16 fucking games this season scoring 48 goals,i hate football.
  2. Myself,my wife and grand daughter all got Covid within 2 days,my grandson for some reason seems bullet proof and hasn't caught it. He says he is invinicible
  3. Delighted that Spain has ditched the need for face masks inside.
  4. The wee man has been a star all week,Myself,wife and grand daughter have all have covid he however seems to be bullet proof and not got it.
  5. Saw that was well,but on the bonus side Brad McKay is out.
  6. For some strange reason i am thinking about going tomorrow.
  7. Rudden is a totally different type of player than Dowds more of your poacher than Dowds
  8. He cost us nothing and he went for nothing,he scored a few goals in a shite period for the club. Cheers Anton best of luck and all that.
  9. What a waste of a talent Colin McNair was,glad to see has turned his life around.
  10. Don't know how accurate the the info is but been told Simon Murray is signing a pre contract
  11. Our youngest had a piece on ice cream on our last holiday and then complained it was cold!!! (she was 3 at the time)
  12. Players there that our squad today can only hope of being as good as and of course a proper strip.
  13. We have decided to book a last minute holiday,Booked 7 nights in Fuerteventura mid May.
  14. That is good bit of work by the ref having a word
  15. I feel not bad but my wife has also tested positive today and is floored by it. Our 5 year old grand daughter was sent home from school today as she is ill but so far she is negative. The wee man is just running about wondering why everyone is ill and he is OK.
  16. I am confused if I need to self isolate or not,I called my work and they said if I am feeling OK I can come into work as the rules had changed. A quick Google says that the self isolation rules in Scotland are not a legal requirement.
  17. It is hard trying to explain to the kids that I can't give them a cuddle as I have Covid.
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