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  1. That's the bit that got me wondering about the source.
  2. I don't have facebook so looks like it may be correct then.
  3. Been given names of a couple of strikers coming in on loan,not sure on the quailty of the source though. Brian Graham and Euan Henderson.
  4. My next door neighbour was the same with his oldest kids passport,it turned up with 7 days to spare.He fast tracked it and it worked,he did however make 3 trips to the Glasgow pasport office in Milton Street.
  5. Sibbald was training at Little Kerse today,not reading anything into it may only have been to keep himself fit.
  6. God's 1st few games for us were frankly poor but i remember standing on the terrace at Rugby Park screaming CROSS IT CROSS IT,then going or scoring is good as well
  7. My wife and I are gettng our1st night out together in nearly 4 years at the end of next month.
  8. Just about out of Stella Unfiltered but luckily enough I have a spare keg of normal Stella.
  9. I only found out earlier this year that Oli Shaws dad is Greg Shaw lol
  10. Damn ran out of beer,I do have a back up of Tennent's though.
  11. I remember Yogi was looking at a player from L2 in England and he was reported to be on £7k a week. Crazy money
  12. Malcolm has a contract till the end of next season.
  13. He is under contract at Linlithgow and no offer has been from any club has been put to them.
  14. Not been told but it from the same guy that told me about Gary Oliver and Sean Mackie.
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