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  1. I was in my van,which i think may have upset my employers
  2. I told him I was a Falkirk fan,he asked me if he should start running.
  3. Doing a delivery today and thought I recognised the person standing next to me,it was none other than Gary Dean's.
  4. So sorry for you and families loss.
  5. Still injured and back at Rangers for treatment
  6. Brilliant movement from Dykes and a textbook header and of course fantastic cross from Fraser.
  7. I was on holiday in Lanzarote and the barman went ahhh Scottish who do you support Rangers or Celtic,he just could not understand when i said i hated them both.
  8. I banned him as it is obvious he is a clown and on the wind up.
  9. 6670 at the game,that is very impressive.
  10. Kyle Benedictus to get sent off against us again????
  11. If I remember correctly we had a crowd of 13k at a game at EEP in the early 90s,I remember Greg Shaw scoring for us.
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