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  1. His first 3 games for Falkirk he was meh,then Killie away I was SCREAMING CROSS IT,but in typical Stainrod fashion he just scored instead The rest is history,I have been lucky enough to watch us since 1979 and seen some fantastic players. I brought my son up as a Falkirk fan and when my 1st grandson was born my son went well dad you ruined my life making me support Falkirk you may as well ruin his lol Long may it continue,
  2. The man is absolute fud,he had no reason to act the way he did to Falkirk fans.
  3. Now 4-0 on the night,Muirhead is a cheating bugger.
  4. If it helps Dunipace out in the short term then all is good.
  5. Fair enough you know more about Martindale than i do.
  6. Considering Livi lost Devlin as they couldn't afford him i find it hard to think they can afford Arfield.
  7. Picked Buddy up from my wife's pals today after our holiday,he went of his nut when i walked in.
  8. That would have been me,I am quaking in my shoes at the thought.
  9. Landed at 2.15am and left the airport at 4.30am
  10. So far we have been waiting over an hour for our cases.
  11. I was in a Octavia taxi in Lanzarote yesterday and It was a 2018 that had done 776k km.
  12. Would not surprise me to see Mcdonald at Dunfermline as Mehmet looks like he is off.
  13. If the signing of a player stops you renewing,don't let the turnstile hit your arse on the way out.
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