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  1. I met Norrie a few times as my sister knew him and John Watson,he was a decent guy.
  2. My wife is still in hospital,she is due to get an ERCP on monday where they try and fish out the gallstones out that are causing the problem in the bile duct,
  3. My son's passport was due to be delivered today by TNT,he got an email saying he wasn't in(he was working from home.Then he called them only then to be told the driver couldn't get into his close but his door is outside the close as he is a self contained flat.
  4. I was talking to my son tonight about our horror signings over the last few years and he minded me of this one Falkirk buy striker Dylan Mackin from Livingston - BBC Sport We bloody paid money for him.
  5. The wee man came out with a classic the other night,was asked to tidy his room and he said i am getting to old for this.
  6. The wee man does not sleep till 11pm most nights,we are getting help from sleep scotland with this and they have given us some great advice.They have a long waiting list though.He is just now upstairs in his room talking away to himself but he can come downstairs 10-15 times a night for one reason or another,
  7. Been a horrible few days,wedding didn't go well as my wife ended up in A&E with horrible pains,discharged saying panic attack.Managed to get back for half an hour to the wedding only for the pains to come back so home went.She called the doctor yesterday as the pains returned and he sent her back up to A&E,she was taken in given pain relief only to be sent home and told to come back today for an MRI and ultrasound. 1am this morning worse pain she has ever had,called 999 and they turned up at 2.30am and took her in,admited and did an ultrasound,she has gallstones that has infected her liver and she has a blood clot on one of her lungs. If we didn't have bad luck we would have none.
  8. Both my in laws had direct cremations,we don't agree with it but it was their wishes.My father in laws reasoning was i am not paying for sausage rolls for people i don't like.
  9. I wish folk we remember we are a L1 side we are not going to attract high profile strikers,we need to take risks on players and don't think he will be on big wages.
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