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  1. My first car was a 1.3L bright yellow N reg Ford Capri,cost me £40,my last Capri was a Y reg 2.8i now that was a total mad car to drive.
  2. Never got our Covid status checked last night all,all they asked was if you were vaxed was go through a different lane.
  3. Airdrie went 2 at the back in the 2nd half and went for it
  4. We head there on saturday and also have the app,also had Covid 3 weeks ago and that is showing on the app.
  5. Div has made a few changes to the forum and hopefully that will decrease the Spam posts
  6. McManus and Harry Burgoyne were our stand out loan players in recent years,Tumilty was decent enough.
  7. Now the Manager is in along with Paul Smith,we need to make solid signings that will get us the hell out of L1
  8. Good to see he is the manager rather than the 1st team coach.
  9. Still would get get game ahead of this seasons squad
  10. 1st signing an experienced goalkeeper please.
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