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  1. You can't beat the value of lidl version on calippos, 6 for the price of two original one.
  2. A guy was on this radio the other day an ex member of muirfield, he said they will be delighted to lose the open, hate all the oiks invading their course.
  3. All McIntyre cares about is his beloved team from ibrox
  4. how about a local guy to help out foran, Eric Black, did black not sign him for Motherwell
  5. Tell them to have a chat to county , see how well he was liked therr, that will change their minds.
  6. Experience the thrill of watching rallying as if live , in the comfort of your own home. By sitting with your feet in the freezer, and inviting your neighbours round to throw gravel in your face.
  7. Jimmy calderwood, be careful what you wish for , It's not just him it's the rest of hunboi 3 you will get too Alky Clark, And the travelling std that is shagger Nicholl
  8. I recall when aitken binned hriederrson he said he was no better than what we had, Gary smith, John inglis, We were also £50,000 short of signing Graeme kavanagh under Alex Miller, stoke held out and the deal collapsed. John Robertson was a summer long chase for Willie Miller in the 90s hearts rejected a £600,000 offer., in the end he switched attention to Duncan shearer, Ebbs skovdahl, was close to getting Derek mcinnes , assistant at the time Richard moller neilson was advocaats coach at ibrox, and was keen on getting mcinnes on board.
  9. I'm a fencer, so the first thing I make sure I have is baby wipes, Worst place to shite is in among gorse bushes.
  10. In my line of work shitting in woods, burns, and fields is a daily occurrence.
  11. I would like to use this thread to publicise the mysterious case of the huntly supporters branch of Aberdeen FC, On one occasion before I started taking the bus, an incident which resulted in a life ban from the bus took place. Kenny Hamilton, now no longer on this earth, was the culprit in the ,shit in a shoebox, gate. The mysterious thing was no one recalls actually seeing him shite in the box, No one knows for sure that he didn't board tbe bus with the said item,
  12. Just remembered about an infamous pupil at inverurie academy, Graham Milne, aka "fool" We had an open plan English department, each class was separated by screens ,these things were around 5 ft, high, with material on the outside , a gap at the bottom, and two metal stands, they were standard issue in schools those days. Anyway , as our English teacher Mr Cockburn ( nicknamed fanny freeze) , went sit at his desk, fool had crouched down, on the other side of the screen, in an adjoining class, and as fanny freeze went to sit down, he pulled the chair from under him, , look you should've been there, as the c**t, got back up incandescent he barged through a gap in the screens and asked , who was that?, To which fool replied whilst still holding the chair " wasn't fucking me"
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