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  1. But if he does say anything and it doesn't happen or takes longer than expected then, as we've seen over the last couple of months, people seem to get very upset about it. So he's probably decided not to bother saying anything anymore.
  2. Looked like Ross was pretty much playing up front alongside Gullan, so I'm guessing Connell will just take up the role Ross was playing and everybody else drops back one with Stanton having to fill the Brown role. Although I wouldn't know as my stream has decided to restart from the warmups.
  3. It was Connolly with the first assist not Gullan, though he was involved in the build up.
  4. Not a great performance, or even a good performance. But we desperately needed that. Hopefully build on it now.
  5. Utterly awful game of football so far. Nolan and O’riordan have looked ok at the back I guess. Based on that first half, both teams could play for the entire weekend and not manage to score.
  6. Up until the first goal I was about ready to join those who think we’ll get relegated. We were awful for the first 15/20 minutes, not sure if it was Murray wanting to protect the two young CHs but our midfield was dropping far too deep and we had a massive gap between them and Gullan. Every time we cleared the ball it would just come straight back and our habit of hitting high balls to Connolly and Ngwenya was bizarre given it was obvious immediately that neither were going to be able to win the ball. Thankfully we started to come into it a lot more after the goal and how we haven’t managed to take at least one chance is beyond me. Nolan looks ok at the back. O’Riordan though looks good and definitely isn’t lacking confidence. You’d expect that as the two of them play together more they’ll start to look a bit more solid, but we could really do with a bit of experience in there cause at the moment our defence is all over the place as none of them seem to know what each other is doing. At one corner O’Riordan was standing marking nobody and was having to ask who he was meant to be marking. Dick is no different to last season, Millen was poor and slowed things down far too much. Midfield and upfront, we played some nice stuff at times and created a lot of chances but it’s all a bit pointless if there’s nobody in the team who can actually put the ball in the net.
  7. We’ve come into it more since the goal. Which wouldn’t be hard given we barely got over the half way line before the goal. O’riordan looks decent and full of confidence. Pity we don’t have a Berra alongside. Not sure what the game plan was early on but hitting high balls to Connolly and Ngwenya was never going to work.
  8. I’m thinking Ngwenya might be playing on the left wing, he’s not warming up with the rest of the defence.
  9. Even offering his full wage as a lump sum he could still turn round and say no as it would out better for him to not to take the lump sum. He's well within his rights to take every single penny he can get from our idiot board.
  10. It's thanks to the new SPFL rules, few other clubs have been saying the same thing, seems clubs are being forced to do it as a subscription, either monthly or full season. Guessing SPFL don't want people using VPNs to get round it and ordering one off games when their club is away from home and hoping that making it a subscription thing people won't think it's worth it. Under the current SPFL regulations, we are unable to offer a pay-per-view pass on an individual game basis. We also cannot tie streaming access to a season ticket in a virtual season ticket.
  11. Isn’t the reason he’s out to get that injury fixed properly this time? I say properly, by all accounts it just got left previously for him to play through the pain.
  12. I doubt it'll happen but it would be nice to find out what happened with Musonda and Bene. Was it the case that Murray just didn't rate them and thought he could better, if it was then that's turned out to be a disaster. Or was it the case our budget is so poor that keeping one or both of them wasn't an option if Murray wanted to bring in other players.
  13. We haven't played a single league game yet. If we go the first three games of the season without picking up a single point and Murray is still struggling to bring players in then I could understand being upset. But people seem to be getting really angry and upset because of what might happen. Would I have preferred us to have our squad set by now, obviously. But I'm going to wait to see how the first few games of the league go before I get overly concerned about it.
  14. Well I for one am looking forward to our 2-7-1 formation on Saturday. I can kinda get the idea that maybe he's gone to free up wages for Murray to bring some guys in but it's such a weird time to release the news that he's retired that it doesn't feel like that can be the case. I'm sure it'll be fine, surely we'll just announce we've signed 3 new CBs and a striker first thing tomorrow morning now....right?
  15. Bit of a blow, but this bit from Murray seems to suggest it's something we've known about but he's not had treatment for it, despite being out for a fair wee while last season with his broken leg. You'd have thought they'd have treated both at the same time but I wonder if they ignored the foot injury hoping he'd back from his broken leg quicker than he was. "I think it's something that's been bothering Brad for some time. “It's a metatarsal problem that he's had and he had to get a pin in it just to hold it together. “So he had to get an operation last week which has been a success. It's a fairly standard one. “He probably should have had it a while ago, but the demands of football are hard on players and staff so he had to play and it's caught up with him.
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