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  1. It was exactly the same the last game I was at versus Aberdeen. Malkays shite brand of football taking us straight to the championship.
  2. Clarke needs to change this immediately. We don’t look like scoring whatsoever, if Ukraine score first I worry for us.
  3. When’s my day off work
  4. Liverpool’s midfield is a cause for concern going forward in the season if injuries persist. Have thought it’s an area they need to address for a couple of years now.
  5. How shite must Dundee be for us to be 4 up in 40 minutes
  6. Game over in Hamilton. Hughes has to go for it now and change it up for the second half. Or it's the playoffs
  7. The majority was always going to be highly unlikely. The entire system is set up to stop a party getting a majority. The likelihood is we will see an unprecedented 4th term for the SNP and an independence majority in the parliament with the greens. More than enough of a mandate for indy ref 2. Bring it on
  8. That's it over. Fully expect the rest of the English sides to fall like dominos now
  9. A massive overhaul of players and staff is needed in summer ahead of the championship campaign. This has been coming for a while now. We have been this shite long before Kettlewell was fired
  10. Switch Tierney to LWB and Robertson into the defence. Tierney has looked far more effective foing forward tonight.
  11. We are rank rotten. Quite why Hughes continues to avoid starting our top goalscorer and best striker is a complete mystery to me. Congratulations on the top six finish. Some season for St Johnstone.
  12. Just the 13 penalties conceded this season..
  13. What a huge win. Fully deserved it was too, credit to Yogi for the tactics and gameplan. Nullify Celtics threat in the middle of the park and they are shown up for what they are, a shite team that still cant defend set pieces.
  14. Just finished season two of The Last Kingdom. Absolutely loving it, Utred is some boy.
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