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  1. Totally disagree with you on Thomas in the first half, Delaney struggled with him and ended up with a yellow through frustration and how Thomas was turning him inside out on the wing, he faded a bit in the second because he was moved into the middle which probably cost Coyle the game. All in all it was a fair result even though the BBC stats had us edging it. Your forward line in that first half were the slickest I've seen outside the Premier, the combination of Murray, Savoury and Thomas produced some excellent deadly passes, thankfully they couldn't convert due mostly to Ridgers and some drastic defending.
  2. No side since last summer is a worry, there are hundred of these young guys released by english club academies who then manage to find a club in england which doesn't work out, so he attracted no interest down south in six months and now he is in the north of Scotland? Now having outlined the facts let me say good luck to the lad, I wish him well and he could do well by us by reviving his career and making a great contribution as many have done in the past. Barry Robson a Rangers reject and picked by ICT for example who went on to represent Scotland and continues to make a good living from the game.
  3. Dearie me, after your last defense of Robbo was shown to be fraudulent, when you said that he had made a move for Dawson when Robertson was commentating for the BBC at Dingwall in December on a Celtic game, we then showed that Celtic had last visited Dingwall in August. Surely you should remain embarrassed and silent on the subject. When John Robertson signed a new contract as Sporting Director his brief as outlined by the Scotsman was that he, 'will fulfill a new role overseeing the football department'. Neither the article or the official statement from the club mentioned that he will be free to commentate for the BBC at Ross County games on ICT Matchdays. I am sure that Robertson will leave the club to return to the BBC when his contract expires in the summer, personally I am disappointed in his behaviour which is indefensible and I will be glad to see him go. End of.
  4. You wouldn't know how family lunch gatherings are important to family life as they obviously didn't have them in your orphanage.
  5. Spent hundreds of year in obscurity in the lower reaches of Scottish Football and now they think they are the dogs bollocks. Pride before the fall.
  6. Showing false bravado while upset with last nights result. Along the lines of; "over the moon that we lost last night so now we can really concentrate on the league" First time we've heard that slobber.
  7. Consider it a dent in their confidence. Plus less than 3 days later they have to make the long journey up to play us.
  8. Correct re the US economy which stands at a GDP of $20.94 Trillion, though there are indications that without the pandemic the Chinese economy with a GDP of $14.72 Trillion in 2020 would have possibly overtaken the US, given Chinese government massive investment loans in Africa this may soon be realised As I mentioned the EU is the largest trading bloc in the world with the US being it's largest trading partner. You mention Japan, during Apartheid South Africa had strict trading laws based on ethnicity, China though at the time with hardly a dollar to it's name was one of the countries banned yet Japan, with a similar ethnic background to China and with a booming economy was accepted as a trading partner by SA. We paid an Indian fireman off in Capetown during Apartheid, as far as immigration was concerned he did not exist as if they did acknowledge him by stamping his passport then SA was recognising his country, so he was taken off the ship straght to the airport and directly on a plane back to India by some obscure routing.
  9. Thanks Mantis, mind you he's probably making more money in the taxis now. He was always a determined winner.
  10. Mention of Bobby Man on the QP thread which bought back many happy memories of when we the fans went into every game with a positive and determined outlook and sure of a win, great teams great days. Now look at us, arguing among ourselves over injuries and failures, sad days and no fault of ours.
  11. Every club has injuries in a footballing season, it's a fact of footballing life, but in our case it was used after every loss by Dodds, except when he said the players weren't good enough for the club, and the same was carried by all the papers week in week out. As I mentioned there has many other distractions at the club during this season. Samuels injury occurred on the 17th of Sept, that's heading onto four months so surely by now we should have been told if he was back in training and regaining match fitness or whatever else happening is with the lad.
  12. Booby Mann - We were giving him some stick on one forum and his police woman wife came on vehemently defending him. Embarrassing for the big man. Great stalwart for the club. Is he still in fitba?
  13. Of course there have been injuries, nobody is denying that but, for me, looking at the whole picture there was a general malaise within the club which was reflected on the pitch last year. Dodds interaction with Ridgers obviously had a knock on affect hroughout the playing staff. Samuels injury last September was one where we the fans have never been told what that injury was or how long he will be out. Then the there was the concerts disaster which likely resulted in much finger pointing within the club which then probably became a main topic and a distraction from what the club is really about, football. Then we have the Robertson scenario, a Sporting Director, whatever that entails at a football club, who prefers to commentate for the BBC rather than support the football club that pays him, what affect do you think that has on players minds, probably 'why the f**k should I care if one of the management doesn't'. It is my personal opinion that as Robertsons contract is up this summer he has prioritised his future as working for the BBC in the North. So yes there have been injuries but also many other distractions and that is what has angered fans and brought about much criticism and discontent.
  14. Sheepshaggers us?????? You do know that QP was first based on Clincart Farm which kept pigs. Look it up.
  15. Provinces?? You've got ideas above your station in life and are so Glesca centric. No doubt QP will be hiring jets to travel to The Provinces for matches. Scotland doesn't have provinces, Canada has as does other large countries. Not so long ago you were over the moon if you got over 300 attending a match at Hampden and your mothers washed your strips as the club couldn't afford too. Now you think you are the Billy Big Baws of Scottish football. Pride before the fall as they say here in Bonnie wee Scotland.
  16. This will be a real test, truth is we have just beaten two bottom of the league part time teams and now we are up against a full time team at the top of the league who are full of winning confidence. However with our two wins and with Ridgers back and a new face on the wing I think we will win this game.
  17. Brewster was terrible at man management, his whole ethos revolved around Craig Brewster and the big I am, he was unpopular among players with his disciplinary regime and was sacked when we had a bad run and we were at the bottom of the league. I recall Barry Wilson being dropped by him and when I asked Barry why he said that Brewster said he was overweight? I suspect it was more to do with Barry being a better player.
  18. I told that tale to illustrate what Reagan believed in, the Bible can be translated into many ideals, the reference in the Bible to "the Kings of the East" has been taken to mean China and is predominantly an American conception from years ago. Noah’s son Japheth married a woman of the yellow race However, the Bible does speak prophetically of China’s role in end-time events. Revelation 16:12 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, to prepare the way for the kings from the east. The land of Sin (Hebrew: Χ‘Φ΄Χ™ΧŸ) or Sinim (from: Hebrew: בִינִים, i.e. the inhabitants of the land of Sin, or the people of Sin) is a biblical hapax legomenon that appears in Isaiah 49:12: "Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim."[1] Some English versions simply transliterate the word, others translate the Hebrew as Syene or Aswan, and still others associate Sin with China. Sinim resembles Sinae, the Latinization of Qin, after the Qin state, founded in 778 BC, and the Qin dynasty, founded in 221 BC by Qin Shi Huang-Di.[2]
  19. William Holden was visiting President Reagan and Nancy in the White House, after lunch Holden had coffee alone with Reagan, after talking about various news items Holden asked Reagan as the most powerful man in the world if there would be a third World War, Reagan answered absolutely yes and the Chinese will start it, Holden taken aback by Reagans positivity asked him how could he be so certain, cos it says so in the Bible Reagan replied!
  20. I wouldn't want to see Tokely in any managerial capacity at our club after seeing his behaviour and bawling out his players from the touchline when he managed Brora. Good man management is positive encouragement and the ability to listen. At our level the best I saw with the above capabilities was Pele.
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