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  1. Tough times right now, any amount over the seasons would be of benefit. There was a report in 2021 that Rangers were proposing a £25,000 press access charge per season for journalists to attend matches and pre match conferences, the 'media partnership package' would allow one journalist and one photographer at matches and pre match conferences.
  2. Next time you meet him ask how much he pays per game for his main stand seat, parking, pies and sannies at half time etc. Or you can ask how much he spends on games and travel plus ICT merchandise on a regular basis as you do. The first time I saw this freeloading was at a Clach pre season game and there was five of the shitehawks in the wee stand, lucky if there were 100 fans at the game, half time three of them made a mad dash for the free teas and pies with the other two shouting 'bring back pies.' the game was not reported on anywhere. And that was struggling Clach getting by on a weekly basis, these shitehawks have no shame. Btw they actively trawl these forums on a daily basis looking for shite they can print, they are no friends of any club. As I mentioned if you are approached by them choose your words carefully.
  3. Whoa, hold it right there, you've got my post all wrong!!!!! wind your neck in!!! Not once have I referred to any podcast. My post was against the print media, and I started by saying that the article in question mentioned fans plural were in support of the youth team being run out when in fact on reading the article it turned the comment was made by one fan the fact that he is attached to a podcast does not bother me and I wish him all success with his effort. You have to be aware that these journalists will quote out of context to suit their article and in this case the journo said that the majority of fans supported the youth team when in fact the journo had only talked to your mate. Good news does not sell newspapers. If you are regular on here you will know that I have no love of print media journalists who I regard as freeloaders in demanding free parking, free game entry and free hospitality, I have said it many times over the years that these leeches cost the club a lot of money over the season and they do not support football financially unlike the TV companies. Rock on with your podcast and I'm sure you take plenty of time cautiously compiling it as you didn't obviously do when reading my post.
  4. In any competition we should be playing our strongest team available, I don't know what Dodds is trying to achieve by fielding a youth team.
  5. So on Monday Billy Dodds announces that he will be fielding a Youth team six days later on Saturday due to injuries. So after the Dundee defeat on Saturday the following 1st team regulars are injured, Cammy MacKay, Oakley, Daniel Mackay, Carson, Devine, Harper, Duffy, Ram, Shaw, Boyd and Doran. I hope these lads recover soon from their injuries.
  6. Reading the article which says that 'fans' were supportive of the idea it actually turns out that only one fan made the comment. Shite reporting from a tory rag, the club would be better off financially when these freeloading would be journos start paying at the gate and pay for the freeloading hospitality they beg for like shitehawks. Times are hard and it's time these freeloaders started paying their way as we do. If Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove can pay for ST's so can the muckrakers. As I've said many times before the print media gives no financial help to clubs but take take take and write shite.
  7. We have all faced major problems in our lives but in the main we just get on with it. The game is on Saturday this is Monday and to bleat about injuries with 6 days to go is unnecessary.
  8. I believe that what Gardiner says on a fans podcast you can take with a pinch of salt, I have no doubt that the fans podcast is excellent and long may it continue but I would think that is accessed by no more than a few hundred, if that, and Gardiner knows that, what needs to be done is to have a daily news update on the club website, for the fans, concerning injuries and transfer news etc but that won't happen, instead they pump out TV and print media interviews which is probably has less fans access than the podcast given a lot of our fans are based south. As a btw, last season I had just purchased a cup ticket and was passing the front door when Gardiner came out saw the ticket in my hand and remarked in a confident manner, wthout me uttering a word, that, 'We're going up this season'.
  9. And the relegations, three in ten years,2013, 2019 and 2022 from the same league which must be a proud record worldwide for Dundee fans. And I've no doubt that if you win promotion this season you will be relegated again next season as you've no money. Yo Yo FC should be your new title.
  10. Absolutely no complaints with that result, we were lucky it was only one. Worth mentioning though that Aaron Doran was easily our best on the park.
  11. Agree, I had curried goats penis recently and it was inedible.
  12. The answer to that lies with the club who prefer to wrap any injury updates in secrecy. Seems that as a fan and a club financial provider you're not entitled to such information.
  13. Hope you're still attending yer Hilltoon ballet classes for fuds.
  14. Into Billy Hill's this afternoon and tried to put a tenner on Paul McGowan starting for Dundee tomorrow but was told all bets are off and I had to get to f**k.
  15. No mention of the West Stand roof crowdfunding on the club's official website.
  16. A poll the other day indicated that 52% of Scots would vote for Independence. Two things at play here; 1 - Scots are pissed off at an english based court denying them a democratic right to have a referendum. 2- And the Brexit situation still rankles with Scots who see their future within Europe. It indicates that the fight for Independence is growing and there is anger that one partner in a so called union is denying the other partner a divorce. Imagine if that was the law in a marriage. If we, according to the westminster government and the majority of english people, say we cost their union so much financially why don't they let us go? why hold on? Give me the reason why the english are so fuckin desperate to deny us Independence?
  17. One of our kids is disabled, what I do see often is young women and men running into a shop after putting a disabled badge on their empty car parked in a disabled bay, obviously the badge belongs to a disabled member of their family, the sad thing is that they could be using a bay that a wheelchair bound person needs, selfish. Enough said.
  18. For disabled abuse check disabled parking spaces where you will see cars parked by able fit young ones with no disabled card or out of date disabled cards, it's common, another major offender are taxi drivers.
  19. It seems tory scum donors want their details hidden, sums up a tory to a tee, nothing up front but all business round the back. We're quite happy with our monthly SNP debit. A poll today see's the Independence vote at 52%. The tory print media, The Sun, Press and Journal, Scotsman, Daily Mail etc will be out with full anti Sturgeon/SNP tomorrow.
  20. It may have been mentioned on this Forum before but I've just come across an article by The Ferret re the Scottish Unionist Association Trust which has donated £416,000 to the Scottish conservative party which has been described as 'dark money' as there is no trail or declaration as to who is donating, the trust has also been fined by the Electoral Commission twice with measly fines due to late declarations. Senior Scottish tories Ross, Carlaw and Mundell and others have received direct donations. In 2019 SUAT benefitted to the tune of £493,322 donation from the Irvine Unionist Club, again 'Dark Money', and this 'club' was fined by the EC in 2018 for not reporting a £100,00 donation to the tory party. Surely this is illegal when this association does not publish it's donors.
  21. And there has been protests throughout the land apparently concerning his prison sentence, (he served 8 months from Feb to Sept), while the two career criminals got suspended sentences. Crowdfunding was set up and in a week £127,000 has been donated.
  22. Trade deals so far turning out to be duds, economically the country is a mess and it's not all to do with the pandemic, the westminster tories now looking to increase immigration to offset the jobs lost when foreign workers left after Brexit, the hospitality sector on its knees and ongoing strikes escalating throughout the workforce. All in all it's a fuckin shambles and all thanks to the useless tories. Then there's the fraud, anybody know how Mone 'lost' £29 million.
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