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  1. After several weeks of rumors, the New York Red Bulls finally confirmed the signing of Cameron Harper. The 19-year-old was acquired for an undisclosed fee and will notably join the club on a permanent basis in an offseason when the Red Bulls have earned attention for a high ratio of loan signings.
  2. Because tory voters and unionists, (with a small u as befits), are immature and childlike. And you forgot selfish! Brexit has caused irreparable damage to the country's economy, with inflation at a 40 year high the economy is hurtling towards recession, put that to one side and those of you who are going on overseas holidays this year will be shocked at how weak the Pound Sterling is against other currencies. It's a clear fuckin shambles. And if you are holidaying in a EU country then enjoy the huge queues at Non EU citizens passport control, remember when it took 10-15 minutes when we were in the EU? I wonder how many rangers fans have applied for historical ancestral Irish Citizenship.
  3. Thanks for backing down and admitting your failure, good luck in yer life's effort to remain under westminster slavery and being fed utter unionist tripe while they bugger the working class without even a reach round. Yes I left the politics site when sectarian poisonous drivel started to appear from the inbreds.
  4. And your defense of the indefensible is laughable, read my post. Where I mentioned Print Media only. I said that 95% are tory owned. BBC, Channel 4 and Sky News are not print media, that may come as a surprise to your hamster size brain. The Guardian and Observer are owned by The Guardian Media Group > owned by The Scott Trust Ltd > financed by tory venture capitalists GMG Venture LP. The Guardian is owned by jointly by a Saudi Sheikh with 30%, a Russian with 41% and Justin Shaw with 26% none of whom I would dare to suggest are socialists. The only one you mention that lean to the left is The Mirror Group. And btw all of the smaller regional local rags are tory owned.
  5. What we have in fact is a Westminster government out of control, behaving in such a right wing manner that it is bordering on fascism, given that 95% of the print media is tory owned which serves to encourage their behaviour to do as they like and f**k public opinion. Am I alone in thinking that Jacob Rees Mogg and Heinrich Himmler are not dissimilar in looks.
  6. Talking to much family and friends who have flown to Europe recently for holidays and all have complained bitterly over the extended length of the Non EU passport control queues that we now have to wait in and be treated as outcasts. We will be voting for Independence, who in their fuckin right mind wants to belong in a broken UK framework riddled with a corrupt fraudulent government whose only real aim is to enrich the rich and shit on the working class, throw in a monarchy with a future king who thinks nothing of taken millions in cash from a despot Qatari family, and while we're at it, a brother of that future king who proclaims that he did not sexually assault an underage girl as he'd never met her but gives her £12 million out of the kindness of his heart. Time to go and start out on our own two feet, unencumbered with all that shite.
  7. Kincardine likes to play up how great living in Tory Buckinghamshire is. I did a course in High Wycombe Bucks years ago and we were strongly advised by the hotel staff not to venture into the town centre at nights. That only ever happened to me twice further, once in a Mexico City district and again in Cabinda. I always wondered if Kincardines kids are embarrassed by his Scottish accent and that in turn caused him to despise his country of birth. I just know they call him Jock or maybe Cock.
  8. A terrible sexist story doing the rounds of Bocelli walking through a fish market and shouting, 'Good Evening Ladies'.
  9. Yer jumping the gun. I never said he'd be a fit for us. I just mentioned that he hasn't a club prese
  10. I see Leigh Griffiths hasn't secured a club since he left Falkirk at the end of the season.
  11. I'll miss the Clach game due to a glesca function but Brora Saturday is on for me, lunch at the Mirage Helmsdale and Brora GC does a decent dinner on Fri and Sat nights.
  12. The 4 star Kingsmills Hotel is offering Autumn breaks for 2 nights from £67 per guest per night, included is Dinner on one night and buffet breakfast both mornings, plus you get access to the full leisure spa facilities and pool, free parking is inc, the hotel is a good walk from the town centre so taxis could be an extra cost on match day if you like a refreshment.
  13. So he's shunning the big time to join the monkey hangers in British West Hartlepool.
  14. With these signings it wouldn't surprise me if they have been assessing a couple of Oban Camanachd players also.
  15. Expected reaction from a Rovers fan and can't blame you but in the games against us he was a standout.
  16. So you're not a fan? Tumilty I'd take in a heartbeat, but with our money we'd probably end up with the Mathew one.
  17. I see KH have a social Club, are away fans welcome?
  18. Well done with the upgrade and a step in the right direction, nothing worse than standing in the pishing icy rain mid January, it might encourage more fans to turn up given they'll have some shelter.
  19. I believe PGA Tour player Russell Knox used to play ice hockey here.
  20. Rumoured that Nicolai Poliakoff was a very strong contender for the Dundee managers job but apparently Bowyer just beat him to it.
  21. Looks like McIntyre has fallen off the Scottish managerial merry go round and has got the Cove job.
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