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  1. I've just checked his profile and what a fuckin fruitcake he is which does give him all the credentials to go far with the tories. A geordie by birth, a labour party defector, moved to Aberdeen to flip burgers in McDonalds and then was discovered by Ross Thomson who recruited him as his office manager which seemed to evolve into a close friendship where they shared a hotel room which turned into an expenses scandal for Thomson. I could go on but it's so fuckin laughable that anyone could class this clown as a 'star'.
  2. You've got a fuckin cheek calling the wise leader of the Scottish tories by his first name.
  3. The ship is mightier than the crew. SNP support will not waver with this and continue to increase month on month encouraged by Boris and his cohorts abysmal failures.
  4. With France closing the border with england stating the cause being the new covid strain, this for me begs the question as to whether this would have been the case if the UK was still a fully paid up EU member and not days away from Brexit.
  5. Some years ago a friend of mine had to move from the Glasgow area with his family to England for work reasons, his three kids joined the local school, after a few months it was Parents night and George and the Mrs went along, during the evening a man introduced himself as the Headmaster and George noted that he had a strong Scottish accent and asked him where he came from, The Headmaster replied Glesga and then asked George how his children were liking their new school, George said they were liking the school fine but all three felt that in their Scottish school they were really further ahead with their education than they were in England. I know what they mean said the Headmaster, 'I wis jist a Janitor in Glesga'.
  6. Interestingly I found the following headline from the Bucks Herald dated Aug 2020; Disadvantaged secondary school pupils in Buckinghamshire are more than a year behind their better-off peers, new research reveals.
  7. Totally agree with you but for the first goal when Storey passed the ball along the goalmouth for Keatings to tap in I felt he should have had that easily but he seemed rooted to the spot and possibly he was expecting a defender to clear it.
  8. I would think that it was mostly ST holders and yes it would have cost the club money but we the fans have also been generous over the years with our financial commitments in purchasing club products along with our ST's etc. Obviously there were differences from normal, each car entering the car park was stopped for ID photo checks, then we were made to form one line along the outer wall of the south stand maintaining social distancing, then prior to entrance further ID checks were made, our assigned section seats were well marked and I noticed that a couple of guys hade moved further up the stand from their marked designated seat, a steward spotted this and had the quietly moved back, leaving the stadium was done in an orderly fashion with only one section at a time. Major differences - Refreshment stalls, shop and bar not open and mainly clapping though there was cheering when the goals went in. An odd though enjoyable experience being back in the ground and well done to the club for making a well organised effort.
  9. For those of you who are lucky in the next home game ballot do NOT forget your photo ID, you will be stopped at the gate in your car and asked if you have your ID, the driver of the car in front of me did not have his and he had to leave, you will again be asked to show your photo ID along with your ticket and asked for your post code before entering the stadium and they also do temperature checks. The car park is free so I was surprised to see cars parked outside. And the ticket issued is non transferable.
  10. A great performance overall with the whole team working well together, Kennedy worth a mention though as the boy looked like he was on roller skates the way he waltzed by defenders. It was great to be back in the stadium and everything was very well organised and ran smoothly, there is no way there was 150 in the North Stand as it looked more like 50 but the south stand looked like there was the 150. Disapointed with RR's Hendry as I expected a lot more from him after the last game where he had a great game.
  11. Well done Dunfermline a great result for yourselves and for the Championship.
  12. Last I heard Murphy was now an Avon lady.
  13. Vote for a party that is wholly based in Scotland and does not have a member in the undemocratic unelected House of Lords.
  14. I very much doubt if anyone was surprised by the results of that Nicola/Boris poll or that anybody would argue against it. Apart from the terrible tories that is.
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