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  1. The SNP have 61 MSP's, 56 of those were duly elected, (first past the post), and the remaining 5 are Regional/List MSP'S. The tories have 31 MSP's of that number only 8 were duly elected, (first past the post). and the remaining 23 are List/regional MSP's. Kinda tells a story. And I bet that SNP figure will greatly increase next year.
  2. I sympathise with the kids on tehse results and good luck to them on their appeals. And aye the tories and labour will batter the SNP on this but have been silent for decades on the fact that Scotland are a first nuclear strike target which they must think is acceptable.
  3. And based solely in Scotland unlike the tories and labour who are ruled and dictated to from Westminster, forget their sham Scottish cuntservative and sham Scottish labour titles as they as they're fuckin told, by their lords and masters, what to do.
  4. That aside the Clintons were beyond the pale when it came to lining their pockets. There was The Whitewater real estate scandal, and then came Travelgate where as soon as he took office he fired the seven employees in the White House Travel office and replaced them with a Little Rock Arkansa Travel agent, his excuse was that there had been financial misdeeds, when asked he couldn't answer why he couldn't have put the travel office out to tender.
  5. Schwarzenegger, I had forgotten about and how he got voted in as California's Republican governor. That's the American voting public in a nutshell.
  6. The one year contract would explain that indicating he sees a further move on.
  7. American politics at Presidential level is a fuckin joke and has been for years, it is absolutely beyond me why people here get so involved and wound up about it. The vast majority would vote for a Herman P Schnicklepooker the Fourth for President if there was one and he had won American Idol by sticking a straw up a duck's arse and playing 'Hail to the Chief'.
  8. Wasn't there some accusation of sexual assault against Biden? what happened to that?
  9. I agree with that, he has a good game in him and no disrespect to AU but I'm surprised he and his agent didn't aim higher.
  10. I mentioned Kirk ?? There is no doubt that Trump is a fool but the USA Presidency is littered with what we would term failures or fools. The Scandals of Hardings presidency after his death. Herbert Hoovers head in the sand at the onset of the Great Depression and then his ineptness with the gold standard. Woodrow Wilson continuing in the Presidency as he was riddled with ill health and paralysed on his right side, Truman's the pig farmer's ignorance that an atomic bomb had been developed, saying, 'The President never told me' as he signed the document giving the go ahead for Hiroshima. Nixon the great liar driven by paranoia to the extent he authorised that break in and had to resign. George W Bush, need I say more. Andrew Johnson impeached. Ford who as Eisenhower described, 'Couldn't chew gum and fart at the same time. Clinton, Impeached and lying he had, 'no sexual relations with that woman' and now is being drawn into the Epstein affair. Kennedy's disastrous Bay of Pigs which almost led to all out world nuclear war, Marylin Monroe? Reagan, falls asleep in major meetings, authorises a full scale invasion of Grenada, bombs Libya resulting in the italian embassy totally destroyed. And so forth and so and on and fuckin on if you can be bothered digging them up. And sadly since 1945 these fuckin cowboys have been capable of authorising nuclear destruction.
  11. Training usually is mornings monday to friday with afternoons free which could be considered part time, full time training is what? an all day affair?
  12. And there you have it in that interview, two senile clowns will be battling it out for the presidency. It was ever thus in American Politics.
  13. His mother spoiled him and neither she or Fred ever questioned him leading him to think he was the dog's bollocks. There's a story that when he was at that New York military Academy and once he got to a certain age Mary and Fred would turn up at weekends with a, different one each time, beautiful New York socialite with them so that Daft Donnie could parade around the campus with the girl on his arm. Of course he then ended up marrying arm candy as we all know. Bear in mind Fred and Mary made their money renting the slums of Brooklyn and Queens, Donnie convinced them the future was Manhatten, 'never mind the debt folks I'll bluff my way round that'. And as far as Daft donnie knows, Donnie knows best. Is he thick? Did Rose Kennedy have a black dress?
  14. I liked Alex Salmond and was always a supporter of him and obviously his policies, then some time before the sexual assault stories broke I heard of an incident involving him in Edinburgh Airport's lounge and apparent banning from the area, and of course the other problems started to filter through, I put it all aside and continued with my esteem to him and financial support to the party and was glad to see him acquitted of all charges. However his reputation was tarnished as has happened to many politicians in the past and I honestly cannot see any way back for him.
  15. I don't think Tom Walsh has landed a club yet, I was sorry to see him go and I'm surprised he hasn't been signed up. Watched Coll Donaldson giving away a silly penalty last night, lucky for him Donnelly failed to convert. Draper came on late and he now runs like a knock kneed Giraffe. The local lad Reid though was outstanding.
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