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  1. The Tories voted against Devolution and have argued against ever since it's formation, the idea that the masses are getting above their station by creating parliaments outside westminster and the establishment is anathema to the tories. This action comes as no surprise especially when Nicola's popularity exceeds that of Bojo the Clown, this type of legal action is just the beginning as teh aim of the tories eventually is to dissolve the Scottish Parliament.
  2. Which American is not allowed to play Augusta.
  3. Don't watch it and then you won't get upset.
  4. That was at the top of his speech before he moved on to what he really wanted to say, he also mentioned that the Greens had discussed being absent from the proceedings. Fair enough though as that what his party stands for and he's entitled to his and the party's opinion.
  5. Thought I'd Bump this up as there seems to be plentiful opinions and talk of a Green list vote on other threads. Today in the Scottish Parliament Patrick Harvey gave a very forthright speech as party leader on the passing of Prince Philip, he mentioned that his party did not want a Monarchy in an Independent Scotland, the fact that wealth and privilege did not shield us from mortality, he went on to say that the 150,000 Covid deaths mainly passed a s a statistic, and of course he mentioned blood sports. All very inflammatory to some sections of society but that's his party's view as he explained.
  6. It is a marvelous tournament and set up in great form for the patrons, the way they have contoured the course so that the patrons have unrestricted views of all the fairways, the excellent cheap commissary's hidden in hollows where you don't wait more than five minutes to get served, everybody well behaved and appreciative of the event, members walk around the course in their green jackets and welcome any questions you may have, all in all it is one of the best sporting tournaments in the world. The only downside for us is that back in 1997 when we first attended the access to the shop was limited to 15 at a time as it was small, however they have extended the shop bigtime over the years and given free access and it can get crowded in there. Compare that to a British Open, Burger and Ice cream vans abound in prominent positions with their generators going full blast, excessive drinking, some guys never leave the village area preferring to drink there and watch it on the big screens provided, it's a fuckin circus, I am absolutely no snob and enjoy a refreshment but I prefer to attend Augusta where the patrons are there to watch the golf than going to an Open to get pissed.
  7. "On Independence the SNP want to retain the Nuclear Base at Faslane and aim the Missiles at London and other Major English cities" A possible headline from them or a tad outrageous?
  8. Well done to Oban Bob, what a magnificent debut and I'm sure he'll build on that and be back at Augusta many times. And hopefully we will get our badges back next year, nothing last year and no Europeans got badges this year, all understandable. The 16th claimed another scalp, I've stood behind that tee and what you see is a generous green that the average Golfer would not miss, but add in closing pressure and the crowds and even a top golfers arse collapses. There's normally a stand at the 16th to the left of the tee and from some areas you cannot see the tee, so the advice from the stand steward is once you hear the drive click count to seven and of you don't hear a splash, he's on the green.
  9. George the III gave up the crown estate and instead started to receive money from what we now call the civil list, this meant that George no longer had the burden of paying the civil service, defense costs, the National Debt and his own debts, the crown estate sizeable income was then received by the treasury and parliament assumed all previous payments made by the monarch. Every monarch since then has vehemently protested against this arrangement of what they saw as their entitled income, every government since mad George has refused to hand back to the monarch any monies raised from the Crown Estates and instead put the money into the country to the benefit of the people. However things have changed and last year the government relented to this Queen and have committed an annual sum be given to her, the first payment to the crown was £15 Million and each year the sum has to be larger than the previous year, excuses from the government was that the monies would be used to refurbish palaces etc, Aye Right. Another dodge is the Head of States position on foreign visits, until recently the Queen did them and now I suppose Charles will assume the role, on these visits as Head of State the Queen or Charlie will receive gifts from the countries visited, some are small but the Arab countries can be very generous, by right on an official visit as HoS all gifts received belong to the state (us), but this Queen and previous monarchs have steadfastly refused this stating they are personal gifts, which of course they are not. Charlie was caught out some years back when he laid out small gifts he didn't want on tables in his garden for his staff to take their pick.
  10. Avoid at all cost Vesailles in the summer months you are virtually shoulder to shoulder with hordes of other tourists and it is not fun, the operator just keeps cramming people in with no count or control, god knows what it would be like if a fire broke out.
  11. I'm on the fence with it, I see the Trumps and Sarkoz's etc etc etc and see the corruption and idiocy that goes with it. Would a committee work instead of just one figureheed as Heed of State, a female committee possibly but that might lead to a lot of tension once a month, but then again we wouldn't have wars. Mind you State visits would be a nightmare with them all trying to get into one car or the best seat at a State Dinner. Or maybe a Chance the Gardener type guy, everything would be coming up roses. Who knows.
  12. What you make of the Greens wanting to abolish the Queen, are you in favour?
  13. On Indepndence Scottish currency will not be a pound sterling nor tied to it, but it may well be called a Scottish pound standing on it's own, the SNP have already stated that, as I've said so many times that is why the SNP set up The Scottish National Investment Bank last November, it is the SNP's intention to rejoin the EU and one major requirement as per the Copenhagen Criteria is that a country applying to join the EU cannot have it's currency tied to another non EU member country's currency. That is why Lithuania discontinued the Russian Rouble and printed it's own currency. Anyway this all going round in circles and I'm finished with it, pensions and now currency have now been discussed exhaustively. The SNP have it all in hand, meanwhile unionists can continue with the scaremongering, end of.
  14. At what cost? A BBC report last week stated that the cost of one single pallet to Northern Irelland is now costing £50 - £350 more.
  15. With Independence Pensions will be sorted with no adverse effect on the population. The SNP have already addressed the currency issue. There are many other major issues which will require extensive negotiation and financial wrangling, not least the relocation of the nuclear missile base at Faslane, this will run into Billions for the remaining uk, Scotland will have to pick up some of that bill. Scots do have a negative outlook at times and the thought of Independence brings out too much negativity to many, there's no doubt there will be a bumpy road but I'd rather that and to be responsible to make our own decisions free from another country's interference. As I've said many times before the little englander Brexiteers despised Brussels laying down laws and engineered breaking away from the EU with all the drastic consequences that has led to, so why should we put up with another country, with a government we did not vote for passing laws for us. Are we not capable of running our own country?
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