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  1. It's the young who will make Independence eventually happen for Scotland, it's their future. They have grown up having no affiliation with England and consider themselves wholly Scottish and never British, unlike a past generation who came through a war alongside the english which coloured their views.
  2. Our whole family will be voting SNP, wife and I are party members and the rest are activists with one holding a major position politically. As I said on another thread we vote for a party which is wholly based in Scotland and not one with Scottish in it's title but absolutely controlled from London. Why vote for a party which is based in another country, it does not make sense. No other country in the world has this nonsensical political set up. Be True to your own country, aim for Independence to pass on to your children and grandchildren a Scotland which will stand alone and proud in it's rightful place.
  3. For me it makes sense to vote for the only party that is wholly based in Scotland and not a party with a Scottish tag to it's title where it is absolutely controlled from outside Scotland. Vote SNP and be true to your country.
  4. We're a way better football team that you. It's just that you hammer throw shitfest tae f**k your way against us, always and forever. Since the 90s. Sheerin moved to us because he knew we were ballers #4evs. Yes you're right it is a masterly satirical composition, silly of me to not decipher it properly. Have you considered writing childrens books? Adios
  5. Pages 1 - 4 of the thread is almost totally populated by Ayr fans, if you are struggling with the meaning of varacious then that sums it up in that AU fans 'have a voracious appetite for posting' pre match but in this case are absent post match. Another meaning could be 'insatiably eager'
  6. After a lot of voracious pre-match posting by Ayr fans earlier in the thread all has turned quiet from them.
  7. This will be a tough game for us, having watched McColl with various teams as we climbed through the lower leagues I was always surprised at the aggressive way he berated his players during a game which didn't alway's provide results he wanted , he may have mellowed as some say but, I doubt it and I bet you a penny to a pinch of shit he will be hard on PT players this coming week on the training ground. So as I said it will be a tough match for us.
  8. Took me a good while to interpret this post but I think it's a clear cry for help, motivated by a Dwarf mentality. You have to feel sorry for him as it's clear his primary school education passed him by.
  9. That's because your team is mainly populated by little guys which made defending from corners a piece of pish for the Caley big guys. That was very evident today where time after time any effort towards goal by your forward players was easily snuffed out by our defense. You really need to get some beef in midfield and up front.
  10. A good result and an excellent performance by the team, it could easily have been four if it hadn't been for their keeper pulling off a couple of brilliant saves. All played well today but probably Keatings edged it for me.
  11. As a btw is Dundee FC still having their fans sitting on planks for seats in one of their stands?
  12. Google 'American School Shootings' and you will see a Wiki list come up at the top, the total list over all of the decades is very extensive and frightening. In the 'nineties' when Dear Old Bernie voted four times against gun control there were 66 school shootings.
  13. That Ed Davey is a total dolls heed, as is his leader.
  14. Aye and dear old benevolent Bernie is not all he makes out to be. In the Nineties Dear Old Bernie voted four times against the Brady Gun Control bill which in part would have legislated for background checks on potential gun customers. His argument was that people liked to go hunting in Vermont. In 2006 two people were fatally killed in a Vermont School shooting.
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