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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Fact is that once politicians are elected to Westminster, whether Tory, Labour or any other, they do not give a feck to what the voters think, all are elected on the party payroll and due to that patronage they toe the line and do what they are told, there is the odd revolt but that's soon quelled as May's confidence vote showed where the antis were bought off just as the DUP were after the GE. We can all rant and speculate on the outcome but we will will as usual get what we are given, unless we don yellow vests and take to the streets but that will never happen. That is life for us as given by the Westminster Government. Independence is our only option to get away from Victorian style politics.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    Aye and Joe was meant to be the first RC President.
  3. The Official President Trump thread

    Trump is no doubt off his rocker but that's American politics for you. It's hard to find a US president since Eisenhower that is on the straight and narrow, Nixon was a liar, Ford couldn't chew gum and fart at the same time, both Bushes were warmongers and the son couldn't string two words together, Kennedy fecked anything that walked through the oval office door including MM, Clinton had a blow job in the oval office and he and his missus went about lining their own pockets, Johnstone bombed the shit out of Vietnamese civilians and dear old kind avuncular Ronnie the failed movie actor couldn't stay awake at cabinet meetings. One term Carter seemed decent enough though his brother Billy's drinking and antics fecked him over. Eisenhower btw spent most of his presidency playing Golf. Lincoln surprisingly had as poor ratings as Trump owing to his anti slavery policy and the ensuing civil war. American politics eh?
  4. The Official President Trump thread

    One son as you know became the US President, another a Senator and Bobby was the Attorney General. Looks like the kissing did them good????????
  5. The Official President Trump thread

    That is really fucking disturbing Joseph P Kennedy always kissed his sons and daughters on the lips in public.
  6. Public Touch Screens

  7. Public Touch Screens

    Duck Soup.
  8. Public Touch Screens

    A recent survey of some of McDonalds Food order touch screens have revealed that all tested had faeces/coliform on them so be aware, maybe it's best to order at the counter or go to Burger King. Go to the Metro News site for a check. I also saw that Morrisons have fitted screens at their cafe.
  9. Fracking

    Typical Westminster Government hypocrisy. The sooner we get those nuclear subs out of Faslane the sooner we will get drilling in the Firth of Clyde and area, loads of feckin oil and gas there.
  10. TV Tax

    A nasty wee boy.
  11. TV Tax

    Or Vagisan for dry fuds.
  12. The secretary of state for Scotland.

    That was never going to happen with him and Blurt Davidson, just tory shite threatening resignation if NI got a deal, who the feck would trust that pair of twats.
  13. Are you right wing?

    Not at all, the only oil stock I own is with a minor Alberta company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and I only purchased that on a daft whim many years ago thinking that the licences they bought in the bountiful Venezuelan basin would be profitable but the crazy cowboy owner feckin blew it and an individual share now is worth cents.
  14. Arab Spring

    Gadaffi's downfall began in 2010-2011 with the civil uprising starting in Benghazi which led to the UN intervening to stop his forces by initiating a bombing campaign led by the USA and assisted by the British and French so the writing was on the wall then, but as I mentioned in an earlier post the Americans still kept up their interests in the southern oilfields throughout the conflict and to this day. Among the 'series of antiquated 1950's hotels' you mentioned was Idris's main palace in Tripoli, the waterfront investment was told to me by senior NOC staff and again told to me over a beer at the British Embassy at an evening do, maybe a myth but it was real to a lot of people, on the flip side I asked our agent what the reaction would be if the european women turned out in bikini's at the resort and he wasn't too pleased at the thought being a dedicated muslim. I hope you managed a trip to Leptis Magna the roman town and harbour.
  15. Arab Spring

    The following from a report published yesterday; The port closure for more than two weeks in June-July blocked 850,000 bpd of Libya’s oil (nearly all Libyan production) from being exported from four ports. As a result, Libya’s oil production slumped to just 673,000 bpd in July, as per OPEC’s secondary sources. In August, production recovered to an average 950,000 bpd, while Libya’s production in September further jumped by 103,000 bpd to average 1.053 million bpd, OPEC said in its October Monthly Oil Market Report. As of the end of September, Libya’s oil production hit its highest level since 2013, NOC’s chairman Mustafa Sanalla said, adding that if the security situation in the country improves, Libya’s production could further rise from the recent 1.278 million bpd. So it seems that the oil production continues as before in Libya but who is benefiting financially is anybody's guess. However you are absolutely right when you mention the CIA's involvement in the removal of Gadaffi, it was well known that Gadaffi being from Sirte was despised by the people of Benghazi who had made many failed assassination attempts on him, so it was easy for the CIA to finance the uprising from Benghazi. There is absolutely no doubt that the Gadaffi family were despots and corrupt however changes were being made under his son Saif who had taken over running many departments and was aiming for modernisation, he for instance introduced yearly inspections on all of Libya's drilling operations under the National Oil Corporation, this was a world first. Dubai's Crown Prince had bought a major section of Tripoli's waterfront to develop it along the lines of his own country as a holiday destination for Europeans. Anyway it's all over now but who knows how it would have panned out.