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  1. There is no such thing as an independent Scotland.

    Seems like I hurt your wee feelings, but you did react like a wee boy by hitting me with a red, a man would have come back with a put down not a fourteen year old's pish. Hope your pillow is not too wet in the morning as you greet yersel tae sleep.
  2. There is no such thing as an independent Scotland.

    What a silly wee boy. On the BBC news today it was confirmed that the SNP has a bigger membership than the cuntservatives in the UK, 125,000 to their 124,000, shows the support for the SNP in our country of 5 million, and demonstrates how unpopular the tories are in a country of 55 million.
  3. Alex Salmond show on Russia Today

    Nothing could be further from the truth as myself and my family are active SNP members and have been for some many years, I am also a member of the Scottish Futures Forum which I was invited onto many years ago and take an active interest in Scottish affairs., I pay my own travel and hotel expenses to attend meetings at parliament and my involvement is purely voluntary. I've never been banned from this Forum or any other and I do have one twitter account, any other is news to me.
  4. Alex Salmond show on Russia Today

    In his BBC Scotland interview some twenty minutes ago he said that he was informed in March of the accusations.
  5. Alex Salmond show on Russia Today

    My mention of who the complainants are had no hidden implications whatsoever, what I meant was that whether the alleged harrassments had taken place within the SNP or on a private social occasion or suchlike. Is that any clearer? I am not finger pointing at all and there will be many jumping to conclusions. As I clearly said the damage is done to Alex Salmond either way, the no smoke without fire brigade are in full flow. If as he has adamantly stated three times on BBC Scotland 10 minutes ago to Brian Taylor that he did not commit any criminal offence then fair enough, if he did commit the offences and he is lying then I have no sympathy for him.
  6. Alex Salmond show on Russia Today

    This is extremely damaging to the party and whatever the outcome it will stick like shite to a coo's erse. When his onetime deputy First Minister, who worked along side him for years, say's procedures must be followed then there must be some damning evidence. It will be interesting to see if the two sexual harrassment complainants are SNP workers or are from outside the party.
  7. Oil Price

    If only we had done so and not allowed the Westminster Government squander it as they have done. I note that this thread opened with a quote from an 'oil analyst', how often do we see these so called experts getting it so feckin wrong, no one on this planet can forecast oil prices as the industry is so volatile, consider the present situation where the Saudis are determining the price by their push for increased production levels to raise the oil price, Iran was the greatest objector to the increase and they detest the Saudis and have been actively supporting the Yemeni's against Saudi Arabia, so with that you will never have stability and an assured oil price. BTW the Saudis pumped out 10 million barrels in May and at the Opec meeting in June they stated that they were increasing production. It is interesting that through the oil industry bad times you very rarely hear any statement from any major oil company chairman regarding pricing, instead we have the 'analysts' or experts such as Ian Wood who has done well but he still runs a service company and could never be considered as a major player in the oilfield. As for pricing, well in the early days in drilling in the North Sea there always was good times and then bad times so the norm was seven years from trough to peak to trough,186 was bad and then the next one in the early nineties, however that last boom went on for far too long with the likes of Seadrill and the rest pumping out deepwater rigs like there was no tomorrow and young people coming into the industry thinking that it was always going to be good times, well banks who now own some of those new rigs through loan default repossessions are cutting them up for scrap in Singapore and the companies who came through it all have learned how to tighten their belts and adjusted their budgets sensibly and accordingly. The one thing we do know is that with the increase in electric car production and the world hysteria over oil based plastic there could possibly be a far lower demand for oil in twenty years. time
  8. Oil Price

    The industry was fracking in the North Sea back in the seventies and eighties and beyond, early days saw strings of explosives lowered into the hole and then radio silence etc until ignition, all very improvised but gladly the system was made safer and massively improved later.
  9. BBC bias

    As does Vermont with 100,000 less of a population than Alaska. Others are Rhode Island and Maine with similar populations of around 1.3 million compared to California's39.5 million. The clue to this senatorial state population imbalance is in the country's title The United States of America, where territories which came under the US banner were granted equal democratic congressional rights, Texas for example was ruled by the French, Spanish and Mexicans up until the Mexican - American war, it then became the state we know today with it's two senators. This completely differs from the US election Electoral Vote which has total priority over the popular vote as witnessed in the Trump Election where Clinton garnered two million more popular votes. The electoral votes are based on each States population count so California has 55 electoral votes compared to Alaska's 3 votes.
  10. BBC bias

    Totally Agree.
  11. BBC bias

    Decent post. The US elects two senators per state to provide balance, Congress is a rolling political base in that Senators for instance are elected on a staggered basis so that unlike our Parliaments that shut down completely for an election the US system mantains that Senators are elected every two years for a six year term so every two years a third of the senate is up for election so that the government continues. Obviously I would like to see the H.O.L. abolished and replaced with a Senator type system comprised with members as outlined by Carbon Rod, there are 103 Counties in England, Scotland and Wales so one Senator from each county would be far less than the over 600 arseholes there in the H.O.L. and far less expensive.
  12. BBC bias

    The glory days of the Liberal party are well in the past, well over 100 years ago and now they survive on west country, north scotland and protest votes. What does annoy me is that they have only 12 MP'S and yet 98 peer's in that unelected archaic House of Lords, the UK must be the only country in the world that has a second voting house populated by political appointees, hereditary peers and bishops, a ridiculous state of affairs in every sense. I did like Charlie Kennedy though, problem was for him personally was that he would never have been out of place in the Fluke on a Friday Karaoke night.
  13. BBC bias

    As I recall .the save Leuchers campaign and petition was led by the Lib Dems spearheaded by the local MP Menzies Campbell and the Lib Dem MSP, the RAF did pull out and it now is home to an Army Field Regiment. The SNP did lead a campaign to save Kinloss and Lossiemouth air bases, both in Moray, Lossiemouth was saved and is a Typhoon fighter airfield but the RAF pulled out of Kinloss and it is now home to an army engineering regiment. Middle East and North African air strikes are mostly conducted from RAF bases in Cyprus which the Americans have access to and use them and in the UK, in fact the American air force has bases and full access to 22 RAF airfields in England, the last American active military base in Scotland, other than the Holy Loch, was Macrahanish Kintyre which has the second longest runway in Europe, back in the seventies air borne nuclear type missiles were stored there, interestingly Macrihanish was one of the bases outside the US where the Stealth bomber was tested prior to active service.
  14. BBC bias

    There was some talk at Scot Gov level that the Holy Loch nuclear base will be converted into a normal Scottish naval base under Independance.
  15. League Cup Group C

    Tough game to call though I thought our defense was shaky at times on Tuesday night so hopefully work will be done on that weakness before the game. If he plays it would not surprise me to see Mulraney getting sent off on Sunday.