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  1. Pre Brexit we could be at the Calais check in for the eurotunnel shuttle and 50 minutes later we were leaving Folkstone, that was the best time but it normally would take an hour start to finish, the other week from check in at Calais to Folkstone took 2 hours 5 mins, and that was without being pulled over by French Customs. We also bought wine back which we had paid around 3-4 pounds per, a look in Tesco showed most at 7-8 per bottle, with the new laws we were allowed 24 bottles each, pre Brexit we would have taken at least double that. The country now is a shambles with the BoE running the government, so much for the Tory party supporting the business and financial community which are now turning on them.
  2. You certainly took your time thinking about it before you replied. And it's a line from a R W Service type ditty fool.
  3. Have you ever been in the great unknown with a cock in your hand that wasn't your own?
  4. C'mon now you're going too far on this one by saying the Caley players are commiting genocide against your team, ease back reading daft comics way into the night, yer heed's spinning.
  5. I think he's a great referee and I'm sure many Caley fans will agree, in fact last Christmas I sent him a Caley top and a 2022 Calendar so that he could pencil in our games.
  6. There might just be 7 travelling supporters, Ayr fans will be familiar with that number eh?
  7. Is it safe to visit Somerset, and if so are we required to wear a hard hat in the away end? I recall safety issues with the roof trusses and beams rusted and parts blowing off.
  8. Brechin fielded a strong side which has given them 7 wins out of 7 games so far this season and we put out a team with some inexperienced players to start, an early 8 minute goal took Brechin by surprise but they stayed in it and fought hard to take the game back to 3 all with minutes on the clock, with a 2-1 lead at half time we should have stayed with that first half side but Dodds preferred to sub 2 players at the start which upset our play and allowed Brechin to come back in to the game. The final score was the correct one but with proper management that game should have been put to bed way before it was, knowing that Brechin were on a roll game wise Dodds should have fielded a stronger side to start and then let the younger players on, young Mackay for instance was chasing the ball all over the park in that first half instead of maintaining his wing position, he'll learn, anyway enough said. McHattie did well for them so he'll step up come the January windae. Who do we have next.
  9. Can you get RTE? I've looked at a site called TV Macho which has a bunch of channels including RTE so it might work, what annoys me is that most of the English international games are on terrestrial but the SFA always sell our games to PPV, thats how much they care about the fans who can't always get tickets.
  10. Is the match available anywhere other than Premier, I've got BT and Sky sports but I refuse to pay another sub to Premier.
  11. I never boast or relate mistruths, and I was well aware that Glover co founded Kirin Beer, I first visited his house when I was in the Merchant Navy and I was totally unaware of his existence until the visiting ships padre, based in Nagasaki, told me about Glover, my second visit was more recent when I was living and working in SK and I had to go out of the country to Japan to renew my work visa in Fukuyama, my wife and I then took the train down to Nagasaki so that I could show her the Glover House and of course the Nuclear bomb Museum. On my first visit to the epicentre area the water tower though bent was still upright, as Nagasaki is very hilly the bomb detonated a couple of hundred feet above the ground for max effect, the water tower was immediately under it so escaped most of the blast, they have now moved the tower into the museum and it's lyibg on it's side. Given your knowledge of Glover you will also be aware of his connection with Puccini and Madame Butterfly. TBH I couldn't give a fuckin monkey's whether you believe me or not as you sound a malicious mistrustful little twat.
  12. We were heading south but stopped in for a break and a look at the John Muir set up, the cafe was at the bottom of the street on the right as you drive in on just before you turn into the High Street. I'm not surprised at the club facilities as it appeared a prosperous town no doubt as it is on the Edinburgh commute and would be cheaper than Gullane for Housing. Muir persuaded President Teddy Roosevelt to camp out with him and explore Yosemite which was the start of The American National Parks, Muir's birthplace has become a sort of pilgrimage for Americans and he is regarded as the father of American Naturalist and Environmental culture well over a century before today's more populist movement. As for progressive and history changing Scots, if you are interested, another fascinating man was the Fraserburgh born Thomas Glover who opened up Japan to Western trade and was a co founder of Mitsibishi and also the man who encouraged young Japanese Noblemen to go and study with the Royal Navy who were the ancestors of the Japanes Navy Officers in command for the attack on Pearl Harbour. I've visited Glovers house twice in Nagasaki.
  13. We had a cracking breakfast in Dunbar recently just off the town centre, plus the John Muir Museum is worth a visit to see how this man shaped America.
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