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  1. Because ICT are renowned for scintillating football . . . Here we go again, this from a fan of a club that has it's fans sitting on planks in that small stand. You would think that instead of coming on here giving it Billy Big Baws they would be humbled with embarrassment and be quiet on what their club has given them relegation wise.
  2. Having made most of our big matches in the past, sadly as with Fri night I won't make the game, absolutely gutted.
  3. What about those car dealerships across the road from Tesco, I don't think they'll be open on a monday night so might be a few parking spaces there and handy for getting back onto the A9.
  4. Shocking! most clubs look after their ST holders and don't take them for granted.
  5. There's a Tesco not far from the ground but I don't know if it will be parking monitored for an evening match, then further our the road there is a Dobbies where you could get parked but it's a fair walk to the ground.
  6. Print Sports Journos paddle out the same shite daily, the print media brings nothing to the game financially, total shitehawks when it comes to freebies and hospitality, it's time they were charged for attending games or their newspapers made financial contributions to the sport. The broadcasting media bring us money why not the grubby little print journos who spend most of their time grabbing free hospitality.
  7. That P G Wodehouse clown would only be tolerated on the likes of CTO as I note his drivel is barely challenged, on here he would be slaughtered.
  8. It seems Dundee fans are are on an off the scale type hysteria over this and keep bleating on I'm making things up, so can we clarify what is made up and then we can back to what the post is about. 1- Have I made up that Dundee have been relegated three times in ten years from the same league. 2 - Or is it the 'World Record' tag. Don't twat about and go off on tangents just answer and that's it.
  9. Wrong, Norwich were relegated four times in 11 seasons, so the record still lies with Dundee.
  10. Well done in spending the last two desperate and frantic hours dredging up that stat on an obscure Lapland team. So to ease your obvious frustration, correct me as to how many times HAVE dundee fc been relegated from the Premier in the last ten years and show me how I've made this up.
  11. This, from a Dundee fan whose team finished below Callum Davidson's, stones and glasshouses laughable.
  12. There's no bigger embarrassment in Scottish Football than Dundee being relegated 3 times in 10 years from one league, a World Record.
  13. They didn't throw it away, the caley subs and regrouping gave us the impetus to outplay ST Johnstone.
  14. What I will acknowledge is that he contained himself professionally last night and he was rewarded with that result which bodes well. However, as he admitted in his interview, he got that first half formation so terribly wrong, that was a very honest admission and as we saw his correction for the second half paid off.
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