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  1. Arab Spring

    Gadaffi's downfall began in 2010-2011 with the civil uprising starting in Benghazi which led to the UN intervening to stop his forces by initiating a bombing campaign led by the USA and assisted by the British and French so the writing was on the wall then, but as I mentioned in an earlier post the Americans still kept up their interests in the southern oilfields throughout the conflict and to this day. Among the 'series of antiquated 1950's hotels' you mentioned was Idris's main palace in Tripoli, the waterfront investment was told to me by senior NOC staff and again told to me over a beer at the British Embassy at an evening do, maybe a myth but it was real to a lot of people, on the flip side I asked our agent what the reaction would be if the european women turned out in bikini's at the resort and he wasn't too pleased at the thought being a dedicated muslim. I hope you managed a trip to Leptis Magna the roman town and harbour.
  2. Arab Spring

    The following from a report published yesterday; The port closure for more than two weeks in June-July blocked 850,000 bpd of Libya’s oil (nearly all Libyan production) from being exported from four ports. As a result, Libya’s oil production slumped to just 673,000 bpd in July, as per OPEC’s secondary sources. In August, production recovered to an average 950,000 bpd, while Libya’s production in September further jumped by 103,000 bpd to average 1.053 million bpd, OPEC said in its October Monthly Oil Market Report. As of the end of September, Libya’s oil production hit its highest level since 2013, NOC’s chairman Mustafa Sanalla said, adding that if the security situation in the country improves, Libya’s production could further rise from the recent 1.278 million bpd. So it seems that the oil production continues as before in Libya but who is benefiting financially is anybody's guess. However you are absolutely right when you mention the CIA's involvement in the removal of Gadaffi, it was well known that Gadaffi being from Sirte was despised by the people of Benghazi who had made many failed assassination attempts on him, so it was easy for the CIA to finance the uprising from Benghazi. There is absolutely no doubt that the Gadaffi family were despots and corrupt however changes were being made under his son Saif who had taken over running many departments and was aiming for modernisation, he for instance introduced yearly inspections on all of Libya's drilling operations under the National Oil Corporation, this was a world first. Dubai's Crown Prince had bought a major section of Tripoli's waterfront to develop it along the lines of his own country as a holiday destination for Europeans. Anyway it's all over now but who knows how it would have panned out.
  3. Arab Spring

    I wasn't aware that the French were involved in Libya, I do know that they are heavily involved in Iran's oil production with Total and virtually run Kharg Island. Since oil was found in Libya the Americans have been the main partner with the Libyans all the way through from King Idris to Gadaffi and even to the present day, desert production sites were staffed mainly by Brits but the Yanks are the money, from time to time when I flew down from Tripoli to some of the sites there would be a yank on the flight and when I asked one of them what he was doing he replied that he was looking after his Company's interests, though he didn't mention which company. On the exploration side of the business I did meet once some American Occidental guys checking out a licensed site in the desert. I never did meet with any French production personnel in Libya but they may have been there. Their main areas were Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.
  4. Are you right wing?

    The cause? simple, money. Take for instance Glaxo Kline Smith who tomorrow say state that they wish to locate a large part of their business to Scotland to develop a new wonder drug which will require up to 1000 personnel. Can you imagine the hysteria from all the scottish councils vying for the business and promising all sorts of financial inducements with cheeks spread wide? Stating the obvious but there you have it, that's how the world turns. Take for instance a country such as Azerbaijan which until 1991 was completely run down and an underdeveloped Soviet state, the city of Baku was surrounded with bountiful under producing oil wells served with leaking antiquated equipment and pumpjacks ,(nodding donkeys), a total feckin shambles. Then BP steps in, big style, they immediately take on the local Azeris and spend big money on engineering training programmes for them and at the same time totally ignoring the russians born in the country, corporate politics at work. BP invests heavily in oil infrastructure throughout with Platforms and production facilities even fabricating and running a pipe line from Azerbaijan to the Med, the money generated envelops the government and dignitaries also ensuring that the grass root levels also benefit to a degree. BP now runs the country but not that anyone would notice, and even the UN would vehemently deny that. Did you watch the Baku formula 1 Grand Prix? who would have thought thirty years ago........................................................................................................................ Some years ago BP flew 14 land rigs into Columbia's back country by helicopter, every feckin piece of equipment, every nut and bolt all choppered in, a massive undertaking costing many millions, the project went tits up due to aggressive banditry and corruption, and thats just one wee dot in the company's financial history so much so that BP got the feck out and left all that equipment behind. And that was just one wee hiccup in the company's financial history. Money runs the world we are in unless you live in a yurt in Outer Mongolia and cool yer tea with yak's milk.
  5. Are you right wing?

    Thing is that is exactly what's already happening in a lot of oil and gas rich countries, the new kids on the block presently Ghana and Guyana are experiencing that process right now. The UK is also manipulated by the major's to suit their policies. Not so long ago any major with just over a 2% stake in a producing North Sea platform only paid 16% tax on exploration costs. And consider that you never ever see the Major oil companies top men being interviewed or discussed on TV, rather you get Ian Wood a service company owner and out of sight in the pecking order or some Aberdeen Uni professor or The RBS oil expert? talking shite. And let's not start on Google, Amazon, Apple and Starbucks who justify how much tax they pay because they offer min wage employment to UK citizens. You ask 'what happens when', in fact it's happening right now whether we like it or not.
  6. Are you right wing?

    There's one thing I have learned in life and that is to never underestimate people. You may be right but when people see fuel and food prices rocketing and major stores closing then they don't have to be financial experts to know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark and the economy is licking it's own arse.
  7. Are you right wing?

    I agree. Political parties fashion their policies and manifestos to suit and target those sections of community that will provide income to their coffers.
  8. Are you right wing?

    I don't want to go down the Jewish debate but just as a wee by the way some years back I was in Israel on a work thing and I did the whole Jesus guided tour in Jerusalem and Palestinian Bethlehem, anyway later on I was walking by myself in Jerusalem when I was approached by a Hasidic Jew with his hand out bleating on about a donation for some childrens charity, no tin or donation box or badge on his coat, I was totally taken aback so I gave him a few coins before he scurried away probably to con another gentile. Our tour guide was a german jew and when he took us to the Wailing wall area looking down I saw that a quarter of the wall was sectioned off for the women, on the male side there was about twenty jews praying but the female side w as packed with around 200 women, I asked the guide why this was and his answer was that the wall was the holiest site in the jewish religion and God was watching so Jews came to confess their sins to him and obviously jewish women sinned more???? Off topic I know and apologies.
  9. Are you right wing?

    Personally I am focused on Independance so don't see myself aligning in any direction politically, the SNP are apparently left of centre and me and the family are all paid up members so that maybe categorises us,. However it is difficult these days to label people as in years gone by when politics were either left or right, now it's a mish mash, Tony Blair for instance gets elected as a left man of the people and then plunges the world into feckin chaos with his pal George and condemns thousands to death with his gung ho shoot em up middle east war. Theresa May on her election as cuntservative leader promises to devote her politics to the ordinary people yet she is part of the tory nazi machine who have the ordinary people devastated by their austere policies. Corbyn is anti Jew and half his cabinet send their kids to private schools. Trump is a lunatic who has never hung up his own coat, Clinton fecked anything that walked through the oval office door as did JFK, Nixon was a crook and Ford couldn't fart and chew gum at the same time etc etc. So who gives a feck as to what is left or right as it's all one big feckin mess as it was ever thus and by the way who the feck is the leader of the Liberal party
  10. The secretary of state for Scotland.

    He's a feckin clown that's for sure.
  11. What the feck is the point of this office? the present incumbent comes across as a Buffoon on TV interviews and appears more like a bewildered hamster the more I see the twat. We have a Scottish Government and Civil Service which do liaise with the central government meanwhile so what does this insignificant little fecker find to do?
  12. There is no such thing as an independent Scotland.

    Yer 100% right in all points. Glad you brought up the Olympics as another project which covered up all the restructuring that went with it, I wonder how much that cost? As I said earlier the Scottish people need to wake up to whats going on, our NHS is on it's knees, cities and towns are falling apart with roads which are a disgrace, food banks in every town and city and yet we get Unionists defending it all, have they no shame or respect for their country of birth Scotland or do they think there is honour in running with dogs.
  13. There is no such thing as an independent Scotland.

    I think you misread that, To simplify I've rounded the figure to £64.2 Billion.
  14. There is no such thing as an independent Scotland.

    To my mind Independence is inevitable once the Scottish people wake up to the amount of financial no lube screwing we get from Westminster, you only have to travel around the Tory dominated southern and home counties to see where the money is being spent. The HS2 railway project is now up to an estimated £56 Billion cost and did you know that Scotland has to provide 10% of that money out of our budget even though the line will never reach Scotland! The Chancellor sets Westminster spending priorities then it's worked out how much will be spent in england before allocating a percentage of the spend to all the home nations. So we will pay for something we will never see, feckin fantastic eh and there's something you Unionists support, fools all. £34 Billion plus another £10 Billion set aside for overrun for a nuclear missile system where the UK are not allowed to service the guidance systems but see that they are sent back to the states for the service, another feckin waste of money and another no lube shafting! £15 Billion for the London Crossrail rail project. Billions spent needlessly acting as if they were still an Empire with two new aircraft carriers while our hospitals and NHS are falling apart. Westminsters Scottish oil and gas tax revenue from 1978 to 2015 comes to £64.2 Billion. Now look around your towns and cities here in Scotland and tell me about all the grandiose big money projects that has been part funded by that oil revenue. Wakey feckin Wakey or continue dropping yer troosers and smile as you get shafted and laughed at.
  15. There is no such thing as an independent Scotland.

    Aye and oil rigs and production platforms where the real money is being frittered away by Westminster.