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  1. Too much balls to Tom Walsh which has become predictable for the Arbroath defence.
  2. Looks like I've spent £13 to watch a load of Arbroath retailer adverts before the game.
  3. You are 100% correct. Maybe I'm old School but I would prefer to blood our young from within. To score four goals in 12 matches in a league below us does not suggest a wunderkind to me but I wish the lad well, unfortunately we are paying half his wages for his progress. All the while we have young forwards Cairns and Riddle in the first team squad and Harkness in the Development. Charity begins at home. St Mirren should be blooding for what there fans suggest is their future not us
  4. 19 year old strikerJamieson scored four goals in 12 games for Clyde.
  5. I'm not going to bother analysing our performance other than to say we were a total fuckin shambles from front to back.
  6. Ma Pilla will be bone dry in the mornin knowing that Stirling Albion will remain floundering in the lower reaches of Scottish Football for years to come, and sadly you know it to, having said that I admire your supporting resilience which is the real foundation of our football and without that level of undying support Scottish football would be a lot less.
  7. Two early goals which even surprised the Stirling players, and questions for signing a rated? central defender. We came back into the game but again as in Tuesday we changed out so many players which obviously changed our shape. We by far, with Carson, Doran and Walsh skillfully outplayed the Stirling defense but couldn't score, Stirling meanwhile resorted to thuggery professionally by blindsiding the referee most times by fouling disgracefully when they were skillfully left in our wake. I don't for one minute grudge them the win given that we couldn't convert but I wish them well in what will be, after Hearts, their biggest game of the season. Was Deku a grass mower in another life?
  8. I like this seasons home strip, got my two tickets for the Peterheed and Stirling games this morning, I expected to see the club busy with fans getting tickets but it was very quiet?
  9. So you're suggesting the SNP Scottish Government/Political Party and it's 125,000 members are in with the IRA?
  10. Yes the english media will be full of it.
  11. As far as I know they were still part time last season but have ambition to go full time soon. If they remain part time this season it'll mean Tuesdays and Thursday nights for training and all day Saturday, that'll suit Vigurs and Draper as it will mean they can remain up here with the family.
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