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  1. E-mail from the Masters Tournament tonight and the tournament is now scheduled for November.
  2. Just to finish on this selfish action by Charles to isolate himself in Deeside, and thereby bringing the infection into that area we can see that it was pre planned. On the 12th of March Clarence House staff announced that it was 'Business as Usual' for Charlie and the trip to Jordan was still on the cards. The next day, the 13th of March all bets were off and proposed events and trips he was to undertake was cancelled, on the same day he decamped to Highgrove. On the 23rd of March knowing full well that the PM was to announce a lock down that evening he boarded a flight to Aberdeen and onwards to his holiday home. On the 26th of March it was announced that he had tested positive for Covid 19. It is clear that he boarded the flight on the 23rd knowing he had symptoms. But as mentioned earlier he will be King so he can do what he fuckin likes and feck the rest of us.
  3. I'm not deflecting from the CMO's actions, they were well out of order and she deserved to be sacked plus she should have been fined, and she was a government employee not an SNP member. The intention of a lock down, in line with other countries, officially started on the 23rd of March, it was well mooted before that. And surprisingly Charles traveled on the same day it was announced, so no doubt he was forewarned of the lock down via the Privy Council, and decided to fly north with his entourage. His intention was obviously clearly to escape to his isolated holiday home to reduce the risk as there is fuckin nothing going on on Deeside at this time of year. There is one rule for the privileged and flagrant disregard of the general public by them, at the taxpayers cost this man commandeered an RAF flight, with an entourage, as he wanted to avoid the general public and risk contracting the virus on a commercial flight to Aberdeen. It may also have escaped your notice that as the NHS staff are crying out for virus testing kits this man had access to one. If you wish to believe that these actions were creditable then I really do feel sorry for you.
  4. The CMO has rightly resigned/been dismissed for a clear case of 'don't do as I do do as I say' by visiting her holiday home twice, a clear fuckin disgrace. What about Prince Charles leaving his main residence and flying on a commercial flight to Aberdeen so he could self isolate in his holiday home Birkhall, and on the way probably infecting the whole plane he was on plus his very large entourage. Double standards and not a mention in the press anywhere. We the public can't go out during the lockdown but a so called prince of the so called realm can do whatever he fuckin likes knowing full well the press won't dare comment on it.
  5. The president of Uefa Cerferin has released a statement stating that the Champions and Europa Leagues will be abandoned if the present coronavirus restrictions remain in place into September. But he said that playing behind closed doors would be preferable to abandonment. I take it that he implies that it is possible that large sporting or event/concert/festival gatherings could be banned until September. While the games he mentioned would still attract big TV financial gains such a ban would have a devastating effect on smaller clubs given there would be no gate or major TV money for our games behind closed doors.
  6. And what about Charlie who moved to his second home, Birkhall, with a massive fuckin entourage. I'm sure the Scottish Chief Constable will send a couple of officers round to his holiday home to issue a stern warning. Aye Right!!
  7. I'm sorry Mrs Merton didn't win as she would have been a top piss take by the impressionists.
  8. Surely you don't mean that, no fan want's to see their team relegated. Courage mon Brave!
  9. Nice hat, hold onto it. And that was a great 10 years.
  10. Thank goodness we have Trump as he is the only real comedy act in this crisis.
  11. Here's the sixth verse of God save the Queen written over 30 years after the 1707 so called union and a song the unionists love to sing. Lord grant that Marshal Wade May by thy mighty aid Victory bring. May he sedition hush, And like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush. God save the Queen!
  12. Here is a typical unionist fool. His ideal world is preferring Scotland to be ruled from another country, and yet that country, england, voted against being ruled from a foreign country, as they saw it, and left the EU against the wishes of the people of Scotland. Democracy or even the slightest respect for a country and people in that so called union, not a fuckin hope in hell. I have worked with many different nationalities, from the affluent to the poorest, and I have never known any who would prefer to be in the situation we Scots are in. In many english eyes we are no more than a colonial outpost and even they find amusement at these union flag waving Scots.
  13. Similarly we Scots did the same as other than Clydeside good paying jobs were hard to come by, remember mass emigration of Scots in their thousands to Oz, Canada and NZ in the fifties and thousands heading down to Corby in the sixties, many Scots joined the Merchant Navy and the Forces to get a regular wage packet, so we are not unlike the Irish when push comes to shove, as it did. Agree with you on garnering international recognition for our cause of Independence, to that end the SNP are already a member of the European Free Alliance which represents political parties from across Europe that are fighting for self determination.
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