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  1. Looks like £76 for ST's bus and ticket. Plus grub and drinks.
  2. Asked on the Cup forum if any talk on ticket release, one reply that Falkirk expect it to be this coming week.
  3. Anybody know when the tickets are due to go on sale from the clubs.
  4. Agree plus two more need to be got rid of if we stand any chance next season otherwise ST's will be cancelled and with a failing support over the last two seasons we can't afford that, as it stands it's too little too late.
  5. A much needed win and thanks to Ridgers we managed to get there in the end, though it was a poor game I felt we were the better team overall, Tiffoney thankfully was off his game as was Graham and both seemed to be out of position for most of the game which affected PT's structure, Bannigan I thought was their Mom but other than some good play they as a whole didn't offer much. Watched the tape this morning and felt the red card was way out of order, however I checked the SFA criteria and found the following, a red card is issued for 1-The player is guilty of serious foul play 2 - Is guilty of violent conduct and 3 - Spitting at an opponent. So the ref's interpretation can only be of 'Serious Foul Play' as Welsh makes no attempt to take the ball which is obviously out of his reach, but a red for a trip is way ott, and anyway PT could not take advantage our being a player down. Dodds in his post match interview as usual trotted out the injuries excuse but added that other teams have had the same issue, he also came up with a new one that referees also have been hard on us. I have never heard any other manager in all these years complain about referees? Cue Sophia and A.D. in defence of Dodds.
  6. The answer to that is blindingly obvious to most of us, management in any business and at all levels is based on performance and results, there is only one route when those two are not achieved. However I want to take exception to a pm you made to a poster where you stated, "Anybody defending Sandy Cromarty will have it coming", a clear threat of violence against fans, it is obvious that having joined the forum two months ago and going by your posts you are a club employee and to threaten fans with violence because you don't like criticism aimed at the manager is a first and a very inflammatory action to take. I caution you to think and step cautiously with threats to fans which we do not deserve.
  7. Golabek! great player for us and I think I've told this story before but it's worth telling again. We had Livi at home and almost at the whistle Golabeck ran right across the park like a mad demented Buffalo and banged into Wilson who flew arse over tit up in the air and landed like a bag of bones. My Daughter used to live in Garmouth and on the Sunday visit right after the Livi game me and my beau fils visited the Garmouth Hotel for a pint, and there was Stevie as usual with his pals enjoying a refreshment, so I asked him what the f**k was Golabek all about, well he said Wilson had left us recently and knowing that he was tricky I corralled Golabek every chance I got at training and back in the dressing room I took him aside every day before the game and told him that I didn't want to see Wilson making a fool of him, but I think he took the advice too seriously.
  8. Yes, great memories of a great side in our history, I never attended a game where I thought we could lose and never thought that the likes of Celtic were any better than us.
  9. Odd that a guy who took exception to threatening tweets on twitter now threatens anybody who defends me. Arses are twitching now that contracts are ending.
  10. I'll agree with you, in 18 years on this forum I have never seen such animosity against the manager, just goes to show what two bad seasons will produce. Why were Graham and Tiffoney subbed against Dundee almost at the same time? injuries or was the Dundee defence shutting them down?
  11. This is the social media world we live in, no longer fanzines or boos and handwritten boards aimed at the manager/chairman/players. For instance when Gardiner was appointed here there followed a bunch of posts from Dundee fans on our thread and that has continued the same happened with Dodds and this has continued verbatim. No longer are we singularly subjected to reading about our club in the local press with reports manipulated by the club but now there is a broader spectrum where fans make up their own minds and post what they feel whether that's good or bad. When things are running smoothly the posts are in the main positive, though you will get the odd keyboard warrior who will post maliciously but usually we will contain him. However when things are as bad as they have been over the last two seasons then the fans frustrations will be aimed at the management and club, that is par for the course at any football club nowadays and is to be expected and a reason why managers tell the players to keep clear of social media. The thing is that we have posters on here, not me, who can perfectly analyse a game and see the blatant mistakes being made by the manager. The management, who you seem to represent, do not accept any criticism and are infuriated by it as if they were above it all, how sad is that, and have made attempts to out the posters such as myself. Social media is where we are at and it's not going to go away. To end, it is very clear to many of us that the Dundee fans have been correct in their estimations of Gardiner and Dodds.
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