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  1. f**k, any chance tickets will be floating about when we're there?
  2. Took a wee gander along to Viktoria Koln yesterday. Good afternoon out. 2 boys behind me turned out to be Gladbach fans who enjoy coming over for German games.
  3. There was never 4000 there, barely 3000 going by the pictures. No doubt that'll keep the sponsors happy though.
  4. This numbered c**t seems a wee bit lonely.
  5. f**k Norwich. Billy is the boy
  6. Does anyone else use the app "untapped"? Got introduced to it a couple of weeks ago and it's a pretty decent way to keep a record of what beers you've tried and rate them.
  7. Despite all of what's happened, I actually don't mind the guy. I have no anger towards him personally, he's just so far out of his depth and useless. Comes across like he might actually be a fun guy to be around as long as he's not responsible for anything be it the drink's kitty or managing a football club.
  8. One of my earlier memories going to games was a game against Killie where we beat them 3-2. Paul Wright missed a very late penalty which shocked me, as the c**t always scored against us. Another game of note was that calendar year we were unbeaten at home outside of the Old Firm (I think we took points off one of them though)and there was a game late in December against Killie to go the full year. Calderwood's team utterly battered them for 90 minutes but we lost 1-0 somehow, a true smash and grab. Can't remember too many boring Pars v Killie games home or away. Mind that game at Rugby Park where they showed Dundee losing at full time and we all thought we'd made the top 6? They then changed it to show Dundee won. I think McCoist scored that day at the age of like 39.
  9. I wish Denmark would tell every country this.
  10. Have a screenshot if it's a qr code. Not difficult or time consuming to be prepared.
  11. Mackieboz beats RbWatson with a steel chair into eventual resignation. GG.
  12. Hopefully next time he'll bag a goal. Absolute fucking player.
  13. Cannae wait! Booked up for this since fucking ages.
  14. Same in Chisinau? Would take it but my heart needs it to be much more comfortable for us.
  15. I disagree. Last season he was decent and its only this fucking manager and playing him in th middle that's fucked it. He should be playing ahead of Dow right now.
  16. How decent were the Faroes in spells last night? Fair fucks to them, they had a plan and looked great going forward a number of times, as well as being solid without the ball. 100% fair fucks to them for that.
  17. Utter guff. Not enough space being created going forward and we're fast asleep at the back except thankfully for Gordon.
  18. Agreed. What they do to those amazing creatures is fucking barbaric. A swift boot in the pie here please, Scotland.
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