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  1. First signing any new manager should be making is a 500k offer to QP for Dom.
  2. Thats a shame as Potsdam is great for a walk in the park there. A beer at the Spree is always worth it though.
  3. I'm wondering what utter muck he'll sign in pre season. No doubt a few of the Falkirk failures.
  4. He'll be staying, surely if he was away it'd be done by now?
  5. Got it yesterday after needing something new to get into. Was either this or Metal Gear 5. Wish I hadn't. A big, empty world and despite being only a couple of hours in ( not yet met Keanu) it feels like an "almost" good game. The combat feels shit too.
  6. Stellaboz

    FIFA 22

    Sadly not, sounds brilliant. The only other mental one I mind is Adidas Power Soccer
  7. Stellaboz

    FIFA 22

    Going in with a two footed lunge on Larsson as revenge for real real goals was worth the reds.
  8. People that used to pay a few quid for a stupid ringtone. Or a background for their phone.
  9. Another day gone by with not a thing confirmed. Getting really fucking fed up with it all now, almost to the point where I'm like nut, f**k it I'm done.
  10. Hope he takes some names.
  11. Dundee took less than 48 hours to bin McGhee. I'm really worried that nothing is happening here.
  12. If we want to go lean, let's just turn the club structure into a Monarchy. Have a king or queen in charge and just fucking let them chop heads and appoint barons as they please.
  13. That's because the recruitment was spot on. This'll never happen but if we approached AJ again and asked him to just recruit for getting us up and back into the championship, it wouldn't be the worst thing ever.
  14. I had to spew in mine on a car ride home about 20 years ago.
  15. Poppy being her cuddly little self today morning
  16. Was Craig Gordon not capped for Hearts at that level?
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