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  1. After Indy, if Scotland wants a right wing party rule then that's what it should get.
  2. I'd be happy with two, due to the fact that it'll be 2 more than 0. Just announce James McPake registering as a player.
  3. Stellaboz

    Fifa 23

    How is create a club? It had a full on editing mode back around 2011, was a disaster when they took it away.
  4. Felt dizzy with all the revolutions.
  5. Talk to me about Sicily. I need tips for stuff to do end of October.
  6. What a championship manager 01/02 team that was. Scally, Lovering, Teale, McGinley and Grady were unplayable!
  7. @Chicken Wing you letting strange men come back with you again?
  8. We played 2 games in September, we'll be playing 6 or 7 in October. We need someone.
  9. Moving abroad gives players a different understanding and perspective of the game. Something that only helps our squad as a whole.
  10. Running out of time for being picky. Should come get a league winners medal.
  11. Horrible mindset to have. Id rather be scrapping it out with the best than eating dirt like England in league B.
  12. Too small, too stupid, too poor. These meaningless and baseless excuses just don't work anymore.
  13. We should be given the chance to do exactly that. There are many who want to see new parties and options after indy so that we prosper.
  14. The UK has us running ro a 10% deficit? Another reason to leave.
  15. Should we throw out invites to Mumsnet for our Challenge Cup equivalent?
  16. Anything 1994 backwards in time and I'll be struggling to add anything but more than happy to try some of the 60s games if I can link up with the right people. Also, some of the previous suggestions might already be in motion.
  17. I've never won a 960 game but I love the format. I also love getting a bye first round, best result I've had.
  18. Got Peterhead at 10/1 for a tenner. If its a draw, we riot.
  19. Any games that people would like covered on our podcast? Or periods of time?
  20. I've since been told it's called the glans. Doesn't help though.
  21. I generally got light headed when they had the diagrams out and the video tapes of women popping out babies in seconds, so sat with my head on my arms on the desk trying to picture Konnie Huq to get me through to the next lesson.
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