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  1. The curvature of the earth was never a problem for Josh in midfield.
  2. Stellaboz


    Finally won a league game at the 10th time of asking, smashing Rovers 3-0 in the derby! Kevin O'Hara had complained pre match about getting no match time so threw him in. Came out with 2 goals, as soon as the transfer window opened I terminated half my loan contracts as they're just not clicking. Settled back into a gegenpress 4-2-3-1 after the initial 3-5-2 then flat 4-4-2.
  3. I miss playing Burnout scenarios where you had to smash up as much as possible.
  4. It's vast becoming clear that Raith Rovers are the most morally corrupt football club in the country.
  5. How tall are Greg Shields and Callum Davidson? They weren't that bad at right and left full back in the day.
  6. Do you actually need it spelled out for you why this is a minter from your club? Are you that dense?
  7. Share the streams come Saturday folks, fucking money grabbing wee fannies.
  8. Only person taking offense is you, nobody is doubting his performances at St Johnstone.
  9. Stellaboz


    4 losses out of 4 in the league. Time to ditch the 3-5-2 then.
  10. Normally I'd be bricking it incase he now has an absolute shit-show against you but I'm genuinely not worried. It also helps the fact we had Williamson there before who was ok going forward but defensively utterly incompetent.
  11. It's almost as if you're refusing to believe the lad has improved in the two and almost a half years since that single performance.
  12. Let's look at some stats shall we? Comrie- absolutely fucking baller Rooney- absolute fucking horse shit
  13. He was only with us for a few months, during League One.
  14. Same c***s probably stood clapping at their doors every week for our brave nurses and doctors.
  15. I thought Driver was great at the time, probably aged horribly. The last mission with all the black cars was utterly insane though. I mind when Driver 2 was released and you could ACTUALLY GET OUT AND WALK! Absolute scenes. Still couldn't run people over though.
  16. Reading this morning a few morons moaning about how they aren't getting a bonus like NHS staff. No idea what they do but they clearly aren't part of the NHS payroll. Then some absolute spanner, a self declared bus driver starts mumping on about how he's the one transporting all these key workers. Well, talk to your company then you utter moron. I'm sure Brian Soutar would love to give all of his drivers a £500 bonus but he's too selfish to do so.
  17. It's all banter until you come steaming in with your filthy lies. FFS.
  18. A "big team/wee team" scarf would be fucking delicious.
  19. Anyone had one of those back in the day? My old man refused to do it as he wanted to keep the warranty fucking valid on the ps, despite the fact you could get games for fucking pennies over at Ingleston. And he only ever got me the platinum collection games, rarely ever a brand new title. Any good chipped memories?
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