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  1. There were absolutely no links at all to Abby being trans. What a load of utter fucking nonsense. If you're basing a game based on the so called opinion of a bunch of losers online, it's time to reassess.
  2. Billie Kay and Peyton were fucking gold.
  3. Yep, f**k all he can do about it!
  4. He's still a lino licking wee teamer.
  5. Like an opposite Gretna? (but without the liquidation hopefully)
  6. There's a lad called Comrie that's been consistently good.
  7. Adam Smith is a lino sniffing, right wing wee teamer. John Maynard Keynes shits all over him.
  8. There are many from both sides who should probably do the same. Often.
  9. I think he's still weaning on his maw's tits.
  10. You can just tell that the guy in the bottom picture walks around nursing a pint in the Innes and Gunn pub in Dundee thinking he's the world's top beer connoisseur.
  11. I love all Italian food but these two are near the top. I've had recently gnocci made from sweet potato and with a touch of BBQ sauce, it was heavenly. However my favourite up until then was the local Italian's tortellini in a bolognese sauce with mince, peas and a layer of roasted cheese on the top.
  12. I can't decide if I prefer gnocci or tortellini?
  13. Not for me. We need someone with experience of working full time.
  14. TLoU2 is fantastic. Anyone who is still complaining about Abby and the storyline needs to wind it in. It's a fucking rollercoaster of a ride and really presents well the morality of nothing being black and white.
  15. I'll defend anyone who wants to call Mark Durnan a c**t.
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