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  1. What's the problem with Mortons stream? The frame rate is awful, like a bad jumpy movie. Seen worse games, understand why Turner is on the bench for this.
  2. Wasn't there but that goal from Longridge was fucking tremendous.
  3. Only because I had a thing for her, nothing else.
  4. Turner has benefited getting a full time season under his belt last time round. He's been able to push forward now with his development having adjusted to the full time demand, brilliant player.
  5. 13 is pish, couldn't get into it and the characters are all awful, except for Vanille. On that note though, I have all the cards in Witcher 3 but it didn't give me the achievement. Ragin'
  6. Stellaboz


    2022 and there's a 2 month break in October and November for the World Cup? 2 fucking months?! 29/10 to 26/12 is the time between my games with Ayr and Aberdeen. That's wild.
  7. Birth rates need to decrease across the board anyway, so good news.
  8. I use it to keep a record of all my runs, couldn't care what other people do on it. It's good to look at how fast I run a certain part of my route etc.
  9. What an age we are in when you can pay "contactless" as most people start to headbutt the card machine to pay for their goods.
  10. Since when was drinking in public allowed in Scotland?
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