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  1. Lionel Blair was a fucking deviant despite the complete lack of evidence. Yewtree didn't dig hard enough
  2. Cheers lad, as soon as I lost that piece it was uphill.
  3. Every month the East End Tales podcast looks back upon a memorable match in the club's history with a special guest who either played or managed at the time. Me and my co-host also chat about it from a fan's perspective, our memories of the game and our guest as well as taking a wee look into the current season towards the end. To keep them all in one place here for everyone, I've listed below all our episodes so far, the game in question and our guest interview. We're also on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google podcasts and anywhere you get your podcasts so please subscribe. Links below don't need a login. Please support us and thanks to everyone who has already given us a listen! 1. Pars 3-2 St Johnstone, 2001 Scottish Cup 3rd round replay (Scott Nipper Thomson) https://www.buzzsprout.com/1972630/11086029 2. Pars 5-0 Dundee AND Dundee Utd 0-1 Pars, 2005 Great Escape (Jim Leishman) https://www.buzzsprout.com/1972630/11264998 3. Pars 1-0 Hibernian, 2007 Scottish Cup semi final replay (Greg Shields) https://www.buzzsprout.com/1972630/11478051 4. Dundee Utd 0-1 Pars, 1996 Tannadice/Petrie! (Colin Miller) https://www.buzzsprout.com/1972630/11735127 5. Pars 2-1 Airdrie, 1996 The Promotion Party (Andy Smith) https://www.buzzsprout.com/1972630/11899392 6. Pars 2-1 Raith Rovers 2011 The Martin Hardie game (Austin McCann) https://www.buzzsprout.com/1972630/12099928 Bonus episode- Games involving Dunfermline on and around Christmas time going back a century! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1972630/episodes/11922905
  4. He'd excel with even more creative players around him that find space. He's really good at coming deep, bringing the ball out of defence and then trying to find our wing back or someone in space to get us up the park. There was one in particular he played out wide to MacDonald against Peterhead first half, absolute world cup ball.
  5. He appears nonchalant at times, but it's just how he looks. Our fanbase love a scapegoat once they've decided someone is pish.
  6. I don't know her name but there's an Aberdeen fan and all she does is interrupt to make absolutely no point.
  7. Invitation to a birthday tomorrow. Aye all good. Today morning, I'm told she wants everyone to wear something gold. Nope. f**k off, I'm out.
  8. If you're early enough try Ronaldson Grove, I used to get a spot in there around 12ish, perfect for getting away early onto the M90 and incredibly close to the ground.
  9. I don't know, I have my worries about the club but in this case...possibly not to tip off all the roofer firms in the area that we're looking for a replacement and with increasing pressure on the project they don't want the price to get bumped up?
  10. We don't do play offs. Good thing we're going to win the league.
  11. Cute that the Falkirk lads already on this thread.
  12. Loans can happen until end of February, I don't expect anything for us today.
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