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  1. If we're going down that route I demand we sign big Dorus in goals again.
  2. Absolutely this. I've utterly no interest but if someone else fancies it, crack on.
  3. I don't think anyone expects them to be the League 2 invincibles, but it's clear that they appear to have a strong squad and should do well. Hopefully much better now that they don't have Andy Rodgers.
  4. Higginbotham only 32 as well. I think he'd still be decent in the Championship TBH.
  5. You're not this thick. Are you? Seriously, you cannot be this stupid. If you're genuinely this stupid, I honestly feel sorry for you.
  6. Who the f**k is calling Eddie a 2nd rate performer? Only some absolute fucking attention seeking, fat nobody I'd imagine.
  7. Their website is utterly horrendous. Their app is a little better when it comes to up-to date timetabling but they don't make it easy.
  8. Speaking of Mehmet, I just checked out the career of Billy Mehmet... the boy has travelled a fair bit!
  9. I hated the Mako in the 1st game and actually prefer the planet scanning in 2 to it. A lot of time wasted driving around and occasionally getting your ass handed to you by a thresher maw. The combat compared to the next 2 does feel a bit clunky, but the story and character building are what makes this gold. Stick with it, talk to all of your crew in between missions on the Normandy and do all the side missions. Also, when it comes to a certain choice it should be obvious what do do! Also remember to have a particular romance partner in mind, depending who you choose it can lead to some funny cut scenes. I finished it recently with MaleShep, full paragon. Started almost immediately after as FemShep for a full on renegade playthrough but I need to give it a few months before I tackle it, just not enough time in between for me.
  10. Stellaboz

    Game of Thrones

    That's crazy! They should absolutely highlight it somehow, even if it's a small info board on the edge of the square somewhere. Are there any other filming sites nearby?
  11. Stellaboz

    Game of Thrones

    Is that the square where Ned fights Jaime?
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