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  1. And for us normal, slightly plumper people, I've followed in the missus' footsteps and started a plank challenge by trying to do a bit more every day. Started today with 2 minutes 10 seconds, which I'm fairly happy with considering I haven't done a lot of core work.
  2. I thoroughly recommend going back and watching the the Edge and Christian Show if it's still up there. Some good shit.
  3. Was going to try watch part two all the way through today but the Ripley Flair match had so much horrific screaming I had to fast forward to the finish. The rest of this shit I didn't bother with so I'll go with what I watched. Orton v Edge was terrific. Absolutely loved them going all over the place. Was it long? Aye. Was it fun? Aye. Great to see Edge back and in incredible shape, he's one of my all time favourites. The Firefly Fun House "match" was brilliant. Absolutely loved how bat-shit insane over-produced nonsense it was. Absolutely perfect for a strange event like this where there is no crowd and they can just fucking go away with it however they want, like last night. Loved the NWO Cena! Drew v Brock was short shit, but really what does anyone expect? You think they're going to put on a 20 minutes barn-burner in front of nobody? I'm sure they'll get a chance in the future to absolutely tear it up.
  4. I'm gutted for Drew. Absolutely gutted that he finally get's to the top of the industry and the big pop moment is taken from him. Nobody deserves it more, nobody. He's gone from shit gimmick last time and worked everywhere in the world to get to here. I've also seen him in front of a crowd of like 200 in Aberdeen one time. He was flawless, and his promo about bringing Scottish wrestling back up was truly passionate. I hope he get's a big moment in the future in front of a hot crowd.
  5. Just skipped through everything except Strowman and Taker matches. Goldberg Strowman went as quickly as I'd thought, dunno what people are expecting... also don't know why they've got him back except for $$$$ from the Saudi's to appear. He was never going to be back for too long. That Taker AJ piece was absolutely sensational, absolutely fucking loved it been cheesing through the whole thing. I love the over-the-top nonsense production stuff and aye, this was a bit of a rip off of The Final Deletion but I don't give a shit. Absolute gold and they both deserve amazing credit for it. Doesn't matter one f**k if "Taker is going over 3 full time guys". It's Taker ffs. At Mania even after the streak is gone (f**k YOU WWE). Absolutely loved it.
  6. What a fucking nonsense. Brilliant mate, there's a picture you took of some shitty street in Spain, won't top myself now!
  7. Doesn't matter about card. Just email and an address. I've been making the addresses up all over Germany past 2 years at various points.
  8. You're on the wrong thread, this Liz Hurley one is elsewhere.
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