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  1. Huge dosage of "the fear" today, along with feeling so bitterly cold no matter how many layers I put on inside.
  2. Should be winning this, which means I'm shiting it. Dow and Kiltie are incredible at times, don't know who the Morton full backs are but they will need to be on their game to stop them. Any news on Paton? Might we see Turner start behind Nisbet again? Seem to be much better than Nis and Ryan together, that blend doesn't work right now.
  3. Where did he go? Celtic Nation or some weird named team?
  4. Is there a sane reason why this thread makes me so furious?
  5. He's worth ten mill now, even Dundee Utd won't be able to afford that.
  6. @Grant228 already mentioned him playing at right midfield and he's right- Bell was stinking the place out playing there. As soon as he moved back into his natural central role he was fantastic, better than his Stirling days where he shone before.
  7. He's definitely most effective when playing behind Nisbet.
  8. I was also surprised last night how well Beadling and Cochrane did in the middle of the park. The first half wasn't great, but they put themselves about and eventually began to see more of the ball. 2nd half Cochrane was terrific I thought, showing a lot of composure for someone so young. Shame he's a Hearts player, hopefully Thomson will be contending for a starting place in the next week or so as he gives us another driving option in there.
  9. The Donald sounds like he wanted to beast his own daughter.
  10. That's fairly accurate, they had no buzz until the last few minutes. Didn't think it was a penalty at the time despite the cries of our players. Looking back, I'm still unsure. Goalie clatters him going for the ball and misses it, taking out Nisbit. If that's the other way around, it's a foul on the goalie.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-50649826 is the outcry justified or is this pathetic outrage? The latter for me. Anyone calling this sexist or the likes needs to get.in.the.sea.
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