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  1. People have short memories. He barely got a game under Grant, Hughes couldn't identify a footballer if he was given the France 98 team yearbook and he's now been shoved out wide. He showed he's a goal scorer under Craw.
  2. Is it too naive to ask to go to a 442? We've now got some wide options.
  3. If anyone should get stick it should be Breen for getting stuck under the ball for the 2nd. Shite defending.
  4. What would happen? Think I'd die of alcohol poisoning shortly after.
  5. Good spot! What does that say? Looks like Keith. Marino Keith incoming.
  6. Would be kind of funny to see a pen back in the drawer type gif.
  7. After Indy, if Scotland wants a right wing party rule then that's what it should get.
  8. I'd be happy with two, due to the fact that it'll be 2 more than 0. Just announce James McPake registering as a player.
  9. Stellaboz

    Fifa 23

    How is create a club? It had a full on editing mode back around 2011, was a disaster when they took it away.
  10. Felt dizzy with all the revolutions.
  11. Talk to me about Sicily. I need tips for stuff to do end of October.
  12. What a championship manager 01/02 team that was. Scally, Lovering, Teale, McGinley and Grady were unplayable!
  13. @Chicken Wing you letting strange men come back with you again?
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