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  1. https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.f706c2970475e742b527ec332df3ccc5&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.tenor.co%2fimages%2ff706c2970475e742b527ec332df3ccc5%2ftenor.gif&ehk=459rvA3uzt7jBRgMEA7AyHgY4bisHQI8LYpySaslLEM%3d
  2. They're not a good partnership so far. Not that they're not trying but it's a mismatch right now. The one up top with Dow in behind is the best looking, means Murray can take any free kicks in his range also.
  3. On a completely unrelated topic, your avatar is exactly in line with the drum beat of me listening to "Boom Boom Boom" by the Vengaboys that just came onto my Spotify. So for that, I'm shagging you first.
  4. YASSS HE'S BACK BABY!!!! Said no one.
  5. The South African league season runs August to May. The African Champions League runs February to November. I'm having to play a group stage game in June with all greyed out players because my squad are on holiday. Getting utterly pumped.
  6. Haha yeah I found that a couple of months ago. She's some lass 😍
  7. For all the versions that are out there, over many genres, this is the best version of Adagio for Strings by far:
  8. It's different for everyone, but you want to take on some water and a little energy boost BEFORE you realize you need them, otherwise you're in trouble. I can go knock out a 10k easily on just a glass of water before, but if I was to partake in an official race and they offered water at 5k, I'd grab it even for a sip. Best thing to do is practice and find out. A few months before you should attempt to get close to HM distance no matter how slow you go. Take a small bag of haribo in a pouch, take or hide some water on part of your route if you can, just figure out what's best. It'll all be for nothing if you don't get the miles in beforehand though.
  9. My 2 cats are indoor cats so have never killed any birds. One would be a murderous machine if she was though! The other would be mates with them. Actually she brought it up first without my encouragement and I'm much more prone to say how strongly I feel on here. I have close friends with kids (at most 2) and feel nothing but love for them. Except their father who thinks it's acceptable to drink Carling. Let's have them together bbz x
  10. As I've said, at this point in history having a shitload of them is IMO.
  11. It's not lazy not to want to have children. I thought at one point in my life that it would solve my problems, I thought it would fix a broken relationship... thankfully it didn't come to pass. I couldn't even look after myself at that point in my life, I wouldn't have been able to look after another. Now, I realize that I'm not obliged to by society despite what anyone says and I'm happy with that. Maybe my feelings will change, maybe not. I'm happy with my stance on the matter. We're at a point in history where we're becoming over-populated and if things continue as they are, basic needs are going to start becoming in short supply. It's our duty to all future generations to reign it in. So yes, I feel that people making big families now a selfish and unreasonable choice.
  12. That's my point. The EU will want to help Scotland "fast-track" even more now.
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