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  1. Only here for the Nisbet chat. If you thought Rie was creepy with Colin Nish, watch any Pars fan follow this Hibees threads all season long.
  2. Who would be better? Livi are a Premiership club, there are plenty strikers out there that just wouldn't get themselves in those positions.
  3. No need, yer a wee stunner yersel!
  4. Maybe stop being shite at it... [emoji6]
  5. Or he'll be getting his hole. I know which of them my money is on.
  6. It's Sunday, what else you gonna do?
  7. When we fill in the corners, then Joe will get his turn.
  8. Imagine how many Nisbet would have scored if you'd play a more traditional 3 or 4 at the back?
  9. Went out in the heat this morning. No tracking as my GPS is really not wanting to connect this week. So a gentle half hour around this lake area, it's nice sometimes to not bother with numbers and just go for an easy plod around.
  10. Is career mode any good? Something like The Journey in Fifa? I'd be interested in picking something up with that kind of mode.
  11. I hope so. Just have to really try and convince yourself that you can take something positive from it.
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