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  1. I don't feel Christie has done enough in big games to warrant a start. His goal against Serbia aside, I'm struggling to remember too many big performances he's given us. Not saying he's shite, just feel Adams and Dykes work well. Adams is such a find, great all round player whilst Dykes has shown fantastic poaching ability in the box and a desire to attack the ball.
  2. Pay are brave boys train drivers wages!
  3. Rhys McCabe announced as player manager at Airdrie. Been playing at centre back apparently, weird one!
  4. f**k off you, by far, the biggest slavering idiot on here.
  5. Ah OK thanks. I'd play them both rather than Christie.
  6. It sounded like you had to authorise every single transaction.
  7. Makes me almost literally sick with anger reading stuff like that. Fucking lazy c***s on an individual level and as a society lead to these horrific and needless deaths. The sooner humanity is gone so the food chain can recover, the better.
  8. Not a chance he's turning full on heel. They've got no big time faces except him right now.
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