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  1. f**k me this is still being debated? What a mental thing to constantly touting, away and have a w**k over Kenny McLean ffs.
  2. Two great strikes. Have to admit, I love a good bamming up from our players, just got to take it when it comes back. Nobody was complaining when Higgy did it big time at Falkirk a few years back.
  3. Easy, easy home win. Excuses flying around like flies on dug shite. Is Craigan still playing? Wouldn't grudge him a goal.
  4. On Lewis McCann, I believe he's coming back from an injury at the moment.
  5. This situation was so much more bearable when there were Simpsons memes coming in every few minutes. Now that the reality of it is back, it's a grim landscape of despair and hopelessness.
  6. Mackieboz beats Dieharddoonhamer on time out. I'm happy to replay, but you never responded on the chat?
  7. He's already amongst a support that's on the way down.
  8. Normally I don't mind disagreeing about anything, but when I see someone still sticking by Grant, with his record and the embarrassments against Arbroath and Thistle at home, it actually angers me a bit. What the f**k is going on, is it stubbornness? Just admit you're wrong you fucking fandan.
  9. I'm all for it being completely unseeded and stick everyone in at the first round. That'd be absolutely tremendous.
  10. Regarding McManus, he was great in his first spell with us, playing alongside Nicky Clark and running into channels. His 2nd spell, Crawford decided he was a target man (which he certainly is not) and spent his time on the ground claiming he'd been fouled, or just giving the ball away. If played correctly, he's more than capable at Championship level.
  11. He'll blame the noisy away crowd on Tuesday saying his instructions couldn't be heard.
  12. Who are you all kidding? Its an away victory all day long. Yes we should play Wilson but I wouldn't expect 90 minutes out of him. If we want our best line up we should be playing Thomas and Kennedy, swapping them a bit to keep the Rovers full backs guessing.
  13. A man who is able to motivate his players beyond their baseline performance? Has a plan every week? Wins games? And he's actually a club legend, whom the fans will unite behind, come back in numbers AND give plenty time to? Nah, you're alright.
  14. When in doubt, lash out- seemed to be the posting method. What a shame that such a strong Scottish wrestling brand has/should be washed down the toilet due to all the disgusting political and beastly going ons.
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