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  1. You've probably heard the one about an ex-Lancaster crew member flying over Germany.........." Last time I saw Berlin I was looking through a bomb-sight." I had a girlfriend in Bad Nauheim (Nr. Frankfurt) some years ago.
  2. I'll bet you 1000 Reichmarks...... Red Ed is on the Google ...delving into the Luftwaffe history in order to prove me wrong...hang on....incoming text from Reichmarschall Goering......I need to take this call...catch ya.
  3. Ahem......" Ve haf Vays off dealing vith Trogdors! "
  4. The grapevine sayin he's on yer case Colkitto...watch yer back mind.
  5. Your correct in stating ''Jagdgescwader' relates to normal Luftwaffe fighter units... and fighter units designated as 'fighter escort' for bombers were termed Kampfgeschwader .....followed by Staffel designate.
  6. KG5? ' Kampfgeschwader Funf' was a Luftwaffe Bf 109 E squadron deployed to France in 1940 as fighter protection to bomber units. Just sayin'.....
  7. Thats assuming there isnt another 2008/9 style financial crash around the corner...thats when the 'moneymen' run for cover and take care of their priorities and sadly....football aint one of them (as a rule). Anyway..... best of luck.
  8. Notice you guys have been splashin' the cash recently in terms of new acquisitions. I'm guessing 'the man from Kelty' came with deep pockets? Well good luck and all that but todays news regarding Partick's predicament should perhaps be borne in mind...not just by your club ...by all of us!
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