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  1. Pulled the plug on work and now officially retired. Also told by builder that the new house is ready to move in in the next few weeks, now heading to pub for a few ales
  2. Is it a “Barlow” x2 magnification lens, if so you might be getting what they call “empty magnification “ . To get proper magnification you need a bigger light aperture ie the bigger the telescope the better
  3. “The Universe is more beautiful and terrifying than we can imagine”, think that this is from a film that I can’t remember but it’s absolutely true.
  4. Most definitely chocolate heaven, I have strict orders to bring some back from Salzburg when I’m over there for the skiing.
  5. I think it’s the utter irrelevant questions contained in the census, I can fully understand asking about health issues and things like that but questions asking “ are you a manager “ “ how many people work for you “ etc what on earth is that got to do with planning?
  6. I doubt it, the "Upkeep" of these planes is too expensive just to "Chastise" the Russians I'll get my coat.
  7. What’s the difference between an apple and a Russian missile cruiser? Apples float on water
  8. I would say you are correct in this, you only have to look back at Operation Market Garden to see how easily it can go wrong.
  9. Sorry wasn't meaning to come across as sarcastic but it does sound like a good variety of drinking and eating places for such a small town.
  10. Sounds a rather pleasant place to live
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