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  1. After our trip to Orlando with the extended family bit the dust this year, the better half and I have decided to go to Australia win March 2022. Our plan is to fly into Sydney for 6 nights, fly to Brisbane for 3/4 nights then up to Cairns for 6 nights. We intend to head out from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and Hunter Valley for day trips leaving us about 3 days for the city itself. Brisbane I think we'll just use as a relax time unless anyone has some ideas for something different to do. As for Cairns we are planning on the Barrier Reef , Rainforest etc with again some down time lying by the pool etc. Has anyone done something similar or any suggestions for places to visit, eat etc ?
  2. Alta, I stay in Paisley, as for the ferries we do use them but they don't save any time as you have to get through Port Glasgow, Greenock and Gourock then it's mostly single track road from Sandbank.
  3. I use the Rest and Thankful pretty much every second week to get to Portavadie and I have been saying for years that tunnel shields are the way to go. It would cost a lot less to build than you'd think and can be completed a lot quicker than these pointless catch pits.
  4. Quite a few years ago I relined the main water storage tanks at the top of the Red Road flats and you could certainly see the water move up and down the side of the tank by anything up to 300mm, a very surreal feeling of being on a moving boat is the way I'd describe the feeling standing right on the very top of the buildings.
  5. If anyone is interested I am selling my Marine set up as I can't really look after it. I've broken it down and the fish and corals are off to good homes. The Tank itself is a Red Sea 250l Max with protein skimmer , if interested please pm me .
  6. Possible Elephant in room in regards to the Colts team idea, what if , very unlikely I know, one of the Colts teams was absolutely rank rotten and finished last in the league, would they be relegated to the fifth teir? If not why not?
  7. About 34 minutes, oops too late😁
  8. You could say that cultural vandalism hit just about every city,town and village in Scotland in the Sixties and Seventies. Paisley had a Gothic revival town hall and Police Station in County Square which was flattened for the “Piazza “ 😡
  9. I have the misfortune to work part time at B&Q and at the moment it’s a total clusterf**k. Normally we can get about 20-30 click and collects a day, up until Friday we were running at 700+. The stores are not designed to handle that amount and of course 60% of the staff are furloughed so currently we are still running about 7 days for an order. Another issue is that we are not getting our normal deliveries and are running out of just about everything.
  10. Yes it was flattened about 2 years ago to make way for housing and a distillery both of which have yet to happen.
  11. You’re just glossing over the fact it’s just a big dog,you and your shaggy dog stories 😆
  12. Well had my 5 year colonoscopy yesterday and everything was fine so I’m now officially in remission 👍😀😀
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