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  1. Well had my 5 year colonoscopy yesterday and everything was fine so I’m now officially in remission 👍😀😀
  2. Good to hear that [emoji106] I’ve have one more year myself before I’m officially in remission. That day will be officially marked by a delightful Colonoscopy [emoji41] and then some copious amounts of alcohol.
  3. Had a look at the new Tesla 3 when I was on holiday, very nice car, asked a few questions about it especially about distance on a single charge, they said it should get around 400 miles if I remember correctly. Price was reasonable at around £35000.
  4. Yes exactly that, it was as if someone had literally peeled the face off.
  5. Been to quite a few fatalities on the railways over the years but the worst one was down in Carluke a few years ago. Told to get there ASAP by the control room, on arrival one of my colleagues was already down on the tracks and advised the control room that he had found the victim, controller asked if he could confirm the person was dead,my colleague replied “I hope so, I’ve found his face “ I just arrived at that point and sure enough there was a face lying in the middle of the track,you would be able to recognise them if you knew them. Then spent a few hours picking up body parts but couldn’t find a leg, the train moved off to the depot and about 2 hours later they found the missing leg when the train was cleaned.
  6. Oh I have had earache [emoji16] and the earache was way worse [emoji23]
  7. A few years ago I started to get some pains and tingling in my hands, went to the doctor and he said probably a trapped nerve in my neck but just to make sure he took some blood for tests, couple of days later called back for another set of blood tests as apparently I had high blood sugar. Go down to the Doctors’s and new set taken, nurse then said “you have a very low blood count “ . So put on iron tablets and told need to go for further tests including endoscopy and colonoscopy. A couple of weeks later get the colonoscopy and endoscopy done, Doc comes around and tells me “ you have cancer of the colon” I didn’t really know what to say apart from “ok what happens now “ All I can say is that by the time I got home with the mrs there was several messages from specialist nurses and doctors on my phone. Pretty much a conveyor belt and fast [emoji106] Couple of weeks later surgery done and home a few days later. About a week later I had a call from my consultant telling me that they got everything and no need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy, to say I was ecstatic was an understatement. 4 years later still clear [emoji106]
  8. Unfortunately the cells in Mill Street are closed , you would end up in Greenock,oh the humanity
  9. No, I was referring the buses laid on by St Mirren, only part of the quote was captured and missed the bit I was quoting .
  10. Sold out already? Utterly brilliant [emoji106] going to be a great Buddie support heading there on Saturday [emoji3]
  11. According to Club official site, the club are running buses to Brechin for £10 per head including access to Westmarch suite.
  12. Haven’t had a decent dump in the last 3 and a bit years, possibly due to the fact that I’m missing half my frigging colon due to the c word [emoji23]
  13. Yes, visions of “The hills have eyes “ springs to mind, apparently still slightly pished but safe.
  14. According to a post on F.B. found at Buchanan Bus Station so hopefully okay [emoji108]
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