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  1. Fcking moan the cabbage. Do it for Last minute Reilly
  2. 5-0 Malmo tonight. Malmo -3 is 3/1 on bet 365. Dig in.
  3. Your a bum raper and your awaiting Malmo to score at least 4? Fair play Gav lad, say hi to mum for me
  4. Got any dirtys facebook accounts mate? If so fire me a pm
  5. Please be Dublin please be Dublin please be Dublin. Although would be good to visit the birthplace of the legend that is Nick Colgan
  6. Malmo contributed big time to Rangers going down the pan. I hope they get a wonderful reception at Easter Road.
  7. Missed that mate went to Europe year before, boy I know proposed to his missus at half time was quality Aye the way the draw works is shite. When's the draw?
  8. Aye was only kidding with the hearts ref. I reckon we will get scandies.
  9. That's the SPL fixture draw your thinking of mate and don't worry hearts will get relegated next season
  10. That's probably the best thing you've posted on the Internet Winnie.
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