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  1. 1/ haldane 2/ mcarthur 3/ Convery 4/ Murphy 5/ Paton 6/ Mathieson 7/ Dyszynski (sorry, awful spelling) 8/ crawford 9/ blair 10/ mcclure 11/ scott - 12/ hurst 14/ law 15/ ridge 16/ steele 17/ buchanan
  2. Heard this tonight also. Hopefully true and good luck to the new team in place.
  3. https://twitter.com/Scottish_AFF/status/1192830079669329923?s=20
  4. Id agree with this. Seen them this year, excellent side - good players, and very well organised.
  5. I think EKYM are the dark horses for it this year.
  6. It is if his hand is unnatural or above the shoulders.
  7. Gunner


    Blantyre rgm v Oban.. top 2 in the first division also be a cracker
  8. The top part Over rules the second part and the second over rules the third and so on. I.e: if something happens that’s always a foul, it’s always a foul - nothing in part 2 or 3 will stop or change that. It’s a foul because the players arm is making the body unnaturally bigger - doesn’t matter that it came off his foot. Good luck on on your exam, the games needing more refs. It’s something I’m really enjoying having played for long enough.
  9. Here's the handball law in full and my interpretations. Simply, there are some things that always are a foul, some things that usually are a foul and some things that normally aren't a foul providing one of the other 2 circumstances hasn't happened. In the game being discussed. The ball hitting the arm from the foot of the player, wouldn't normally be a foul - unless for the fact that the hand/arm has made the body unnaturally bigger which is almost always a foul. - Worth pointing out, that position of referee has a massive factor on these decisions. Often there's no bad position, a referee will try to be in an area of the pitch to not only see whats going on there and then but also with some anticipation of where play will go next. Sometimes these incidents occur on the far side of the player from where a referee is positioned - it makes it near on impossible to know if the hand/arm was making the body bigger or not... and even thought the refs position is probably good for the play that's going on at that second - it's just bad luck.
  10. You cant pick and chose parts of the law to back your point up. Above the part you quoted it says: It is usually an offence if a player: • touches the ball with their hand/arm when: • the hand/arm has made their body unnaturally bigger The above offences apply even if the ball touches a player’s hand/arm directly from the head or body (including the foot) of another player who is close. - The part you quote only applies if one of the above offences hasn't happened. In this case, the arm being so far off the body has made it unnaturally bigger (i.e a bigger target to miss) - therefore correctly awarded as a foul - even though it's came off the players own head or body (including foot). -
  11. I heard the manager of Bengal is a bit mental.
  12. It's nothing to do with the SAFA. I've been party to conversations in which the SAFA have made it clear that they want the dual registration to be opened up to include amateur. It's exclusively the SYFA preventing this happening. I've posted about this a number of times and on twitter - the SYFA want the 'prestige' of a player pathway to junior football. There's nothing stopping registrations being allowed between youth and amateur. I am of the opinion, thats the way that it SHOULD be. More players would stay in the game and play more often - not to mention, those who are better would still make the move to junior if they so want. In addition to this, why are u21's part of the SYFA? They are adults. The u21's should be under the jurisdiction of the SAFA - and I know there's appetite for this within the SAFA too.
  13. Gunner


    Every weekend theres more teams on twitter searching for refs. I cant remember a season like it... more and more.
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