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  1. Do you think the club would be open to a swap deal for someone like Cammy Smith? Smith is not getting much of a chance at United and somewhere like Ayr where he should play far more regularly would be a good move for him. Wouldn't be surprised if McCall tries to get him to Partick next season if Smith does see out his contract at United.
  2. Bit early to be talking about the title as we will have to factor in the 20 point deduction for administration. Win on Friday and we would be 20 clear of Dundee, could get interesting.
  3. Paul Watson is going to need bigger pockets, that's White, Hemmings and Dobbie all firmly tucked in there. Never rated Watson to be honest but since he has come back in he has been superb and is deservedly keeping his place in the team.
  4. Started with 2 up and Pawlett wide but changed it after 10-15 minutes as we started very poorly and I think Neilson hoped the change of shape might improve things. It didn't.
  5. Butcher at the back for this one, think our centre halves will have a lot of the ball and Brown and Reynolds distribution yesterday was horrendous. Appere was decent on the left yesterday but would much rather have him up top beside Shankland as yesterday gave us a reminder of last season with 1 isolated striker as Pawlett offered nowhere near enough playing at no 10.
  6. Told you I seem to recall this happening on more than one occasion so no offense but do you mind fucking off for a year or two. Pleasantly surprised that Neilson started with 2 up top and what a difference it makes. Shankland is more than just a goal scorer but he was emphatic today and had it not been for his 4 goals Appere would have walked off as man of the match today, very encouraging display from both. Not a poor performance from anyone in the team although ICT were dreadful and will be no more than mid table if that is going to be their level of performance.
  7. Would have greenied more than once if possible. Bigger signing than Shankland.
  8. Have heard the signing on fee for Shankland is nothing like the figures mentioned with a quarter of this amount being more accurate. He is rumoured to have a very attractive goals and promotion bonus included with his contract.
  9. Various comments 're Sow, don't get the hate, boo boys target etc. I never boo a player in tangerine but I don't get the love for him, showed next to nothing last season to suggest he is going to get the goals to take us up and Neilson's insistence on playing him kept better players out of the team or out of position. I really hope with a full pre season under his belt he comes good as he has shown from his time at Hearts that he can score at this level and he seems certain to be Neilson's preferred choice.
  10. As things stand Benji Smith Connolly Reynolds Sprole Butcher Harkes McMullan C.Smith Pawlett Sow Goalkeeper: happy enough to start with Benji as no 1 (really didn't think I would be saying that for the majority of last season) as I feel there was fair improvement as the season went on, possibly down to the fact this is the first club where he has established himself as no 1 and played week in week out. Definitely need to bring in decent back up should his form drop. Defence: assuming Sprole isn't dogshit then the defence should be good enough. Connolly does have his moments but our goals against record for the final 3rd of the season was pretty good. Plenty of cover so don't expect any further signings here. Centre midfield: toss up between Butcher and Bouhenna for the defensive role but definitely need another creative option in there. Harkes started brightly but faded and was a bit anonymous at times as the season went on, hopefully he can offer a bit more on a regular basis and technically he is quite decent. The other option here is Stanton who I don't think Neilson rates, technically good on the ball and can carry it up the pitch but I think needs to be somewhere where he will play every week to see if he can improve and that won't be at United. Attacking midfield: if McMullan can carry on from his end of season form then happy days, be even better if he learns how to cross a ball. It's a question of fitness for Pawlett, a fully fit injury free Pawlett could be one of the best players in the league however if he can't get over his injury problems then he can be a complete waste of a strip. Cammy Smith must fucking hate United, first time we sign him 2 weeks later we bring in Andreu keeping him out of the team. This time around it looked a good signing but he was never given a run of games in his preferred position with Neilson instead playing Clark out of position at 10. Expect to see at least one addition here. Strikers: we would be as well binning Sow and Clark as neither of them are suited to playing the lone striker role and sadly I don't see Neilson moving away from his beloved 1 isolated forward formation. I think Clark would score plenty at this level if playing as a poacher in a 2. As for Sow, f**k knows, looked unfit last season and drifted between looking like he might have a bit of ability to has this c**t ever played football before (mostly the latter sadly). Expect a couple of signings here. Nice having the derbies again but for f**k sake please lets make this the last season in this league (and I'm not referring to getting relegated before some smart arse responds).
  11. More rumours of Stevie May in on loan, not sure about this as he has been dogshit at Aberdeen but maybe a change of team could make a difference. Dundee and St Johnstone also being credited with an interest.
  12. Wasn't sure about Macron but these new strips aren't too bad.
  13. Dear Robbie Pavol Safranko is not a fucking winger!!!! Regards Every single fucking utd fan.
  14. It's quite obviously Carlos Tevez coming in on loan from Boca once Asghar completes the deal for them to be our feeder club.
  15. McCulloch seems to have a lot of haters amongst our support (sevco connections the undoubted reason) but in a recent interview with Safranko big Pav was praising the work that McCulloch had done with him saying he was learning a lot and that is far more important for me than McCullochs past.
  16. McInnes did say previously that they have a member of staff at every utd and Dundee game to watch Reynolds and Wright during their loan spells.
  17. It's a pity we can't morph McMullan and Aird into one player with McMullans pace and work rate paired with Airds delivery we would have a terrific winger. No doubt if we did try such an experiment we would end up with Airds work rate and McMullans delivery
  18. Today showed problems we have had all season and shall continue to have for the remainder. Big fan of Safranko but he doesn't get enough goals, Clark offers very little at times playing as the 10 but give him a chance in the box and he can get the goals to take us up the league. We finished the game with 2 up top, Pawlett in behind and McMullan causing problems wide, this is how we should be starting games by showing some real attacking intent but sadly under Neilson that just isn't going to happen.
  19. Nicky Clark dropped ffs, finally getting his name on the scoresheet regularly (few pens admittedly) and now Neilson decides to bench him.
  20. Been desperate to move away from 4-2-3-1 and Robbie has responded by playing 2 left backs, wtf
  21. Shite reporting from the sun as usual, it was 300k that Aalborg paid for him.
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