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  1. No matter how Utd try to sell this appointment it is the cheap option and a massive gamble. If we get off to a poor start i expect the supporters will make their feelings clear very quickly and i would expect most of the anger if this happens to be towards Asghar and not the management team
  2. His team is listed as Rangers so clearly not Tam but in fact big Tony.
  3. Great challenge by Broadfoot, pity it was on Rossi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Hate to say it but congratulations St Johnstone, cup double is a fantastic achievement
  5. Fuchs showed tonight he is far better playing central than to the right of a 3 as he has recently. Getting Fuchs in Butchers spot and bring in a midfielder capable of playing forward passes would be a big step in the right direction for next season.
  6. Killie in the bottom 2 and no injuries picked up the only positives to take from todays shitshow
  7. United players not giving a f**k today, embarrassing performance
  8. Brilliant today, not let down by a single player. Would love to see more of the Harkes and McNulty we saw today and what a big player Edwards has become, big man wins everything.
  9. Pawletts new deal better be on hugely reduced terms. So far this season we have seen new contracts for Connolly, Harkes, Clark, Smith & now Pawlett, with Smith being the only one that most would agree on (Clarks new deal would be acceptable if he was being played as a forward). These deals are a bit concerning for me if the club truly wish to progress as we should surely be looking at improving & replacing a large amount of the first team but that isn’t looking like the case.
  10. Given both teams situations and our starting lineup the result was no great shock but the biggest worry for me was some of our worst performers tonight were players who are likely to be involved at the weekend (Robson, Deniz & Sporle).
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