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  1. Hamilton’s biggest mistake today was scoring, as long as it’s 0-0 we are not changing formation and both teams finish with a point. Don’t mind the shitfest back 5 approach away from home or even against the top 4 at home but against a team bottom of the league who are haemorrhaging goals it’s just not good enough. The change in shape brought about by losing a goal is what got us the points and hopefully shows MM that we are good enough to attack the poorer teams in the league. Despite some horrendous viewing today we picked up 3 top flight points while Dundee and Hearts were losing in the lower leagues, pleasing.
  2. Whatever compromising pictures Pawlett had of Neilson he has obviously photoshopped Mellons head onto them and Mickey has fallen for it
  3. Pleased to see Smith back in allowing Bolton to move forward, disappointed to see Butcher and Pawlett straight back although we are a bit short on options but both have been fucking garbage recently.
  4. I agree that Sporle and Chalmers are a bit meh and was stunned with how much game time Chalmers got early season when Glass couldn’t get a look in but in more recent games they have been decent and at least attempted to take us up the park and having them back allows to vary the formation as they are capable of playing wide midfield rolls where for yet another season we are short of quality options. Also very meh players are better than very shit players which is what we have seen in recent weeks.
  5. We had something like 20 attempts on goal at Killie and got pumped 4 nil, the last couple of games we have barely mustered an attempt but picked up 2 points in games where beforehand most people with have accepted a draw. The football has been chronic but I think there has been a realisation from MM that a lot of the current squad are just not good enough, his interviews have changed from ‘we are Dundee United, we where Champions last season’ to ‘we are playing at a higher level and need time to adapt’. As bombscare as our defence is if they just concentrate on defending and don’t try to play football they might just about do, our biggest problem lies in midfield with Butcher, Harkes and Pawlett all being utter garbage recently and while Powers may possibly be one of the slowest moving players ever he retained the ball far better than the other 3 have. Once Fuchs is ready to play and Sporle and Chalmers return from injury hopefully these additional options will see underperforming players benched. My view at the start of the season was anything above 10th was a successful return to the top flight, if we have to shitfest our way through to January we can then look at hopefully bringing in a better quality of player that will allow us to move away from the eye bleeding displays we are having to endure just now.
  6. No, back in light training but still got a bit of pain so probably a couple of weeks before he’s back in the team
  7. Millar and McNulty the only names being linked
  8. If Fuchs can complete a 5 yard forward pass he will instantly become our best midfielder. Friday night was one of the worst midfield displays I have ever seen, Butcher and Harkes offered nothing offensively or defensively while Bartley and Holt strolled around the pitch dictating play. With Fuchs forced to quarantine for 2 weeks we should be giving Powers a chance, no world beater but can at least complete a pass.
  9. A couple of seasons of Osman Sow is worse than all these combined
  10. Sell Shankland and use the money to bring back Patrick Nkoyi to partner Sow and watch us swat the rest of the league aside. On a more serious note we beat the johnnies 1-0 in a bounce game today with young midfield trialist Hoti getting the goal apparently.
  11. Some of the figures being quoted for Pav are crazy. The £250k we were supposedly willing to offer for Nesbitt would be acceptable for a permanent deal but anything over £100k for a loan deal would be bonkers as while we would hopefully be in a strong position to get him on a pre contract there is no guarantee of it. I personally would love to see Pav return and hope we can work a deal as I thought he did very well previously (until Robbie decided he was a winger/wingback, fucking dick) and would fit in well with Mickeys high pressing game along with being a great foil for Shankland.
  12. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/6539/IMPORTANT-INFORMATION-FOR-VIRTUAL-SEASON-TICKET-PASS-HOLDERS.html Info on how to log in
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