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  1. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/6539/IMPORTANT-INFORMATION-FOR-VIRTUAL-SEASON-TICKET-PASS-HOLDERS.html Info on how to log in
  2. As brilliant as Shankland has been for us there is no way The Rangers are going to gamble on him to stop 10 in a row. I personally think his numbers would match whoever they bring in but I expect it to be someone who has played at a higher level the last couple of seasons.
  3. Kilmarnock. Poster on another form saying 1-1 with Cammy Smith putting us ahead but no idea if that's accurate.
  4. Another friendly today and once again zero communication from the club re line-up or score updates. Our pre season coverage has been absolutely shocking, the fans have been starved of any action yet our final friendly just 1 week before the season starts goes by completely unreported.
  5. Also scored against Hearts in league cup back when they were still a top flight team
  6. Purple kit is apparently in support of Alzheimer's Scotland.
  7. Worked with Cathro at Newcastle and possibly coached Rankin as a youth at man utd. Rumours seem to be Barry Robson who has no previous links to McClaren.
  8. If we are to go for a rookie appointment Barry Robson or Jon Daly would be the 2 names that I would be happy with. Wonder if John Robertson has been considered, comes across very well in my opinion and has done a decent job at ICT given the financial restraints he is working to. Recently signed a new contract so it would be a question of whether he has a release clause as I doubt ICT would be keen to lose him. Some truly frightening names been linked and unlike when we appointed Neilson there is no obvious candidate this time.
  9. Left foot, Barry Robson Right foot, Billy McKinlay Finishing, Lawrence Shankland Passing, Charlie Miller Speed, Christian Dailly Dribbling, GMS Heading, Jon Daly Tackling, Dave Bowman
  10. Hearts seem to think them getting relegated despite being shit and only winning 4 games all season is a bigger injustice than Utd being denied promotion despite being top of the league from week 1 and sitting 14 points clear. Thankfully I dont think Hearts have a chance and this whole thing is nothing more than desperate pandering by Budge trying to get Hearts fans back on her side.
  11. Definitely Dundee Hibernian with that green top, they are awful.
  12. I remember being totally underwhelmed when we sign Noel Hunt who had a dreadful scoring record and in general looked pish. Hunt turned out to be a very good player, hopefully Bingham can have a similar impact.
  13. Do you think the club would be open to a swap deal for someone like Cammy Smith? Smith is not getting much of a chance at United and somewhere like Ayr where he should play far more regularly would be a good move for him. Wouldn't be surprised if McCall tries to get him to Partick next season if Smith does see out his contract at United.
  14. Bit early to be talking about the title as we will have to factor in the 20 point deduction for administration. Win on Friday and we would be 20 clear of Dundee, could get interesting.
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