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  1. There is no fucking way we are spending £300k on a left back
  2. Still awaiting a work permit for Niskanen while Celtic today are playing the Croatian boy they signed 2 days ago. Why are we waiting weeks (St Johnstone also having the same issue) yet Celtic get clearance within days?
  3. The fact that we have thankfully ditched the back 3/5 may hinder the amount of game time Kerr Smith will now get. He is the one young player coming through looks to have the potential to play at a higher level and it would be nice to see him rack up 100 appearances in a Utd strip but if his game time is going to be limited with the change in formation i wonder if he would now be more open to a move away.
  4. No trains available on Sunday for any Arabs travelling through
  5. Love how all the Dees are taken the BBCs £450k figure as gospel. Dont think any arab really expects £1m up front but I hope that some of the clauses are achievable ones. £100k for 1st appearance, £50k for first time he wins a throw in, £10k every time the Belgium press mention the size of his forehead, etc
  6. Gerrard complains to the sfa - Thinks there is an anti-Rangers agenda. He feels making Dundee play Rangers on a Saturday and Celtic the next day gave Celtic an unfair advantage. Stolen from another forum
  7. He's allowed. Whether he’s allowed or not is we have a massive game at Saturday lunchtime and is it too much to ask our players to concentrating on everything Utd related given the state of play at the moment. There wouldn’t be a shortage of Celtic related pundits out there for the bbc to choose from.
  8. Why the f**k is our new centre half signing currently doing the live co-commentary on celtics European game
  9. Those are things that are happening in the background and we still need to facilitate their reintroduction into the team,” Courts said. “When Mark Connolly comes back, when Declan Glass, Jeando Fuchs and Flo Hoti come back in, we don’t want to have recruited into positions we know we only need to wait a month or so before key players start returning.” The above is from an injury report on tele website so despite being desperate for a central midfielder who can influence a game it looks like we won’t be signing anyone as “key players” Hoti and Glass would have their paths back into the team blocked (despite neither player ever being a first team regular). The shitshow continues.
  10. United to edge the first half and have The Rangers hemmed in for the last half hour, final score Utd 0 The Rangers 5
  11. As bad as anything we saw last season. First league game of the season and nobody seemed up for it, we looked like a team expecting to get beat from the very first minute. We were shit to watch last season but at least we were organised and pressed teams when out of possession but today we just stood off Aberdeen and hoped for the best. Not a single positive to take from today’s game
  12. Suspect we will see Freeman at lwb next couple of games unless Sporle is fit
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