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  1. Wullie Muir signed for the season, happy with that 2 really good goalkeepers we have in now.
  2. @LeodhasXD anyway to other way see the game tomorrow, any streams being put on?
  3. @LeodhasXD Will you be doing a stream on Saturday as I can't see anything about cumbernauld doing one?
  4. Any signing news this week @LeodhasXD or will we have a few trialists playing tomorrow? Also any updates when the new kits will be out?
  5. Will there be any streams for the friendly games? I'm away on holiday for the first couple of games and would be good to still be able to watch them.
  6. With under 2 weeks until pre season I wonder if we will sign anyone else before then. Hopefully we can get a goalkeeper sorted sooner rather than later. Was hoping we might have had a chance at keeping PJ Morrison but he has just signed for Falkirk
  7. Are we getting some content this week @LeodhasXD?
  8. Thought Alloa should have had the game buried long before the opener but we didn't and fair play to Dumbarton for getting themselves back in it and then winning after that unbelievable strike by riley-snow although I think It was the only positive he had when he came on, he genuinely looked all over the place and that lazy leg for the penalty was stupidity. I was sitting beside a guy who had come to an Alloa game for the first time with his as his child was in the community club. He turnt to me at 80 minutes and said I can't take this anymore i have seen a better standard at amateur level I'm off and then left so it will be a surprise to him when he gets home that the game finished 3-2 as he left at 0-0 As much as I was supporting the losing side yesterday, fair play to the Dumbarton fans the way you celebrated that late winner was sickening and good to watch all at the same time. We had a very similar experience away to Queens Park earlier in the season and they are the special memorable moments as a football fan.
  9. Day before a massive game and still no thread so thought I'd kick it off. Not too sure how chipper will line us up. I think we were very good in the 2nd half last week when Cawley moved further up the park (wasted at wing back IMO). Since chipper has come in we seem to be better in every department and look a far better team. I think if Alloa win, it practically garuntees safety from the automatic relegation spot as there would be 13 points between us with 15 to play for. Big couple of weeks but hopefully 3 points on Saturday sets us up nicely for Dumbarton the following week.
  10. Very good and the commentary is one of best you'll find in Scotland IMO.
  11. All the fans who have been staying away because of that absolute disaster of a manager, will hopefully come back and get right behind the team 100% starting from Saturday, we are right in the mix for relegation and the players need as much positive support going forward as possible.
  12. Think they are having a few technical difficulties, just seen @LeodhasXD rushing about before kick off, he might have not been able to sort it before kick off.
  13. Get him to f**k! Had more than enough of this absolute shite, something needs to change!
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