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  1. Good to know we made a profit in the year 18/19 especially when scottish clubs making profit is few and far between!
  2. Any advice on parking , preferably where I haven't got wee boys wanting to "watch your car mister" 😂
  3. Hopefully PG can get a couple of guys without clubs in to add to the squad as it is very thin and will be a struggle if we have a couple of injuries or suspensions!
  4. Unbelievable to think folk wont come back due to the appointment. Just like any new managers some work out some dont, the chairman has obviously heard enough to think he is the man for the job and with his track record with picking managers you just need to trust him. Utterly ridiculous for people to say they wont be back just because of the new manager. Wont be that if we win our first few league games and they will all be back with their tails between their legs.
  5. It's been 2 weeks since jim left and with the betfred cup starting in a weeks time , I'd like to think we will maybe hear something about a new manager this week, I'm not at the stage where I am worrying yet but we are now getting into crucial preparation time for the new season. I still think we need 4/5 players (some loan which I realise most probably won't get done until mid/end August) but nothing will get done until a new manager is in and I think the sooner one is appointed the more chance we have of having a stronger start to the season.
  6. @LeodhasXD does fantastic highlights for alloa's you tube, usually 10/15minutes aswell dont know if there's an option of getting the full game for you but worth a try!
  7. Jack Aitchison got took off injured in a Celtic youth game tonight and looks like he'll be out for Saturday, been a real threat for us since he's had a run of games! Don't understand teams sending youngsters out on loan to get first team experience but constantly still using them in youth/reserve games during the week?
  8. @Station wasp the station bar is good and think they put on food sometimes, much better than a soulless place like Wetherspoons.
  9. I see our youth academy has dramatically went downhill this season, probably better not even wasting money on it!
  10. Ex alloa player Kyle Macaulay has joined Graham Potter's backroom team at Swanasea, seems like the boy has had a far more successful non playing career
  11. Alan Cook, Craig Malcolm, Frank McKeown, Garry Fleming, Kris Renton, Adam Martin, John Cunningham, Ryan Hoggan and Dylan Monaghan all released, Neil Parry, Scott Taggart, Andy Graham, Kevin Cawley, Jon Robertson, Iain Flannigan, Stevie Hetherington & Andy Wilson offered new contracts Expected pretty much all of that, quite surprised with Fleming though I thought Goodwin would have gave him a chance next season but must think he can get someone better in there to do what he does in midfield.
  12. Fantastic highlights @LeodhasXD great angle from above the away stand!
  13. Does anyone know if the wee bowling club next to the ground will show the early kick off, do they even have bt?
  14. Does anyone know what's happening with our youth academy when all this project brave stuff comes in , are we loosing it all together?
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