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  1. The O.P. of this thread makes it very clear that he wants to make this thread about Darvel, Oh, and another team called Talbot.This is the type of thread we have when the season is over,something to debate about when there is no games on. I hope it's the lowland league forum for this nonsense next year.Good luck.
  2. Has he not just stopped himself from posting?
  3. Spring is most definitely in the air ☺
  4. Great awareness from Shankers for the first goal with Hyslop doing what Hyslop does when a wide ball is played in.The right place at the right time. Samson goal was just beautiful.
  5. That's at least £130,000 in wages for a year and new floodlights and ground improvements to gain a licence and not kicking a ball in anger for over a year !!! Talbot paid out £200,000 last year in wages.Must be true because I have just told you.
  6. That's you summed up cup fitba.We all love an underdog striving to do a Berwick or a Clyde.
  7. Aye, and your team were lucky to get out of Auchinleck with a draw.☺
  8. If Talbot keep it down to 3 goals they will be doing well. I hope I'm wrong. Correct,to score more than 3 against the capital club would be very embarrassing for them.
  9. Ano, 9 yards out, a twisting header with not much power,curved away from the keeper into the net near the base of the post.Thats the way to beat their (man of the match goalkeeper ?) Absaloutly brilliant.
  10. 3100 tickets were available for the televised Talbot v Ayr game.
  11. Never mind what Talbot do.If your team had got their arses in gear maybe you would have had more imput at the start of the thread called who are you wanting in the next round.
  12. If yous had beaten Clydebank you would have a home draw,wherever home is ?
  13. Any premier team away. Al rephrase that. Any premier team that we can win a protest against.
  14. Well done Talbot and well deserved, you boys worked your arses off today. Hamilton had two serious chances to score today. Number 9 skied a strike at goal early on when it looked easier to score.Andy played well without being troubled all that much but 1 minute into the second half the big man got down low for a fantastic double save.It was brilliant. 60 minutes, 18yard line,long throw into Hamilton box,Gareth gets a wee touch with the head while Gee is reading this and salivating as if it was a Miller&Carter menu.... i don't think it touched the floor before he smacked it into the net.GOOAALL. Happy days.
  15. It would be good if some kind person could post todays scores.
  16. Erm.....You didn't happen to be in the chippie at the time?
  17. Jim Hopkins fruit miden springs to mind.He had a horse in a stable at the back of the shop. Rotten tomatoes became missiles when us under 10s didn't like what we were watching. Legend has it that Wullie Knox B.E.M. was born in that stable? Not too sure about that as there is no blue plaque on the front of the building.
  18. Ok, i acknowledge that your team is most definitely on a fine run. ☺
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