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  1. Auchinleck Talbot v Yoker Athletic Scottish Junior Cup Final 16 10 ko at Rugby Park Live on BBC alba today 4 5 22
  2. Nice wee present I recieved for the game tomorrow.
  3. You started the shite talk Dave! P.S. lol
  4. The stag doo will all be on the bitter tonight. UNFUCKINBALIEVABLE
  5. Oh deer,slipped on the first rung.
  6. It needs national recognition with Scottish Cup in the title. Regional rounds to begin with then all in at 32 or 16. If any team from anywhere don't want in,fine,don't apply. You could call it the "Wee Scottish". That's original
  7. Did you hear that from a Talbot supporter ?
  8. The O.P. of this thread makes it very clear that he wants to make this thread about Darvel, Oh, and another team called Talbot.This is the type of thread we have when the season is over,something to debate about when there is no games on. I hope it's the lowland league forum for this nonsense next year.Good luck.
  9. Has he not just stopped himself from posting?
  10. Spring is most definitely in the air ☺
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