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  1. O.k. That makes sense.You should consider yourself honoured to be "asked politely" by DL erm.....the user, cheers.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong.Did Talbot not beat Pollok at Beechwood when all Pollok needed was a point to win the league? Resulting in the Meadow winning the league.
  3. So, how did it reappear after being deleted for the first time?
  4. Heard the same thing about an hour ago !!! ☺
  5. Mmm... First post, hiding behind a wheelbarrow snapping a friend offering to help bring the waashin in. Fuckin Paparazzi lol.
  6. Am at page 6.Would it be possible to get Stephen Fry to read the rest to me? ☺
  7. It is all a bit Eurovision when the statement posts come in. ☺ Except there can only be one sensible way to vote. Port Glasgow dury, Were in. Arthurlie, In. Kello Rovers, In. Rutherglen, dury,We thought about it.........In. Now over to the Petershill dury, Were in.
  8. What have you heard ? 😃
  9. We all know, we heard about it.☺
  10. Yes. And if we all take our 2 week summer holidays this April it could be done............................................... Now that I have thought about it, NAW.
  11. The suggestions mentioned above have been circulating for over a year or more.It seems to be the case if we do not hear anything concrete from last nights meeting we will speculate what the outcome will be.Truth is, am fed up reading dross.We could save a helloffa man hours If people post what they believe to be facts and not what they want to believe.
  12. Yes, I heard the wife say something or other about eggs benedict. He says as the Mackies ice cream flows from his double nougat down his arm to the elbow, as I.C.T. pick up their third booking in 25 minutes, Wiping the the mouth as Hibs miss a penalty! You might guess am missing the Talbot games as the sweets get put by for another week! ☺
  13. Was in Tescos tonight and it is dry in Auchinleck. I got crisps,pickled onions,nuts and while at the sweetly isle (rustle rustle). I overheared two guys talking.One said there was a chance the game is on the morn and the other said (Don't talk pish!). I grabbed some double nougat wavers and high tailed it out of there.!! I will be back in tomorrow morning for a paper,fresh rolls,hollandaise sauce and six free range eggs. If I hear anything about the game I shall certainly post it here.
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