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  1. He couldn't beat Tucker with a stick !..................Then again. ☺
  2. "There is no fear anymore" Thankyou, admitting there was before. ☺
  3. The amount of trophies my team has won for the community is payback you can not buy. You should be affronted asking such a question.
  4. Farcical weather conditions down this way.Not a day for the glamourous game on any surface.My dog hasn't made eye contact with me this morning incase I mention "gonna walk".
  5. That went well.Beith won the toss and not a lot else. The first half was about even Steven.The problem that most teams have is that they have to play a second half against the Talbot no matter which way they are shotting. At the moment our manager has the knack of getting games won well before the 90 are up.
  6. And if it's a draw the dropped points should go to poor wee Kilbirnie! ☺️
  7. Big game tomorrow between two teams who are usually farther up the table.We must ask some serious questions from Beith and hope that they do not have the answers.Harder questions than those in the Champions League....erm.......sorry, harder questions than those asked by Ken Bruce In the Champions League of pop master!! Those were tough.Anyway, I diverse, ☺️ new year.
  8. Calm down 😉 DON'T PANIC,DON'T PANIC.
  9. I remember at the start of the season Bankies fans saying that we are good at scoring goals but not so good at the back.So will just have to score more than the opposition. That was a manager ago.
  10. Ahem,......I am Happy! P.M. me if you need to know who I am P.S. Well done, refreshing.
  11. It has taken over 30 years for me to forgive and listen to the Lighting Seeds.I am over it now, thanks. ☺️
  12. Good to see the highlights cleared some things up.To be honest, standing near the pie hut, it was never a penalty in a 100 years.Saying that, it was never a 6-1 drubbing as some Buffs fans believe. It could have been 7 or 8.
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