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  1. Unlucky, but, I was wondering if the changes to the back four helped or hindered. And what was the score when the changes were made?
  2. The thread is "tier 4 restrictions" and how it affects "elite" professional football.If I had called my club that before this pandemic kicked off I would have been called all the "Arrogant Talbot Bast__ds"under the sun. I do thou agree with Alan and Noone that the time has come for a wee break from the fitba. If only Annie Lennox could save the world.
  3. Oh! I didn't realize I had to answer a question from you and give you a reason before I making a post. And for your information I have never asked any poster to justify their teams actions whether playing or not.
  4. No! You do not agree to any point.You are just trying to derail the point I am making and turning it into an east v west debate/ argument and i am not going there.
  5. Some are getting their professional fitba mixed up with elite fitba. The F. M. made comparisons with March 2020 and what is happening at present. Elite fitba didn't kick off for a further 3 months ( June 20) with protocols in place. Tiers 5,6, and 7 have some good teams playing there but are they elite? To be honest I am finding it difficult to name a tier 1 team worthy of being called elite. Gie it a by till the end of the month.It will no kill you.
  6. Like I said.It is all about doing what is best for all parties, particularly under the current circumstances.If there is any jiggerypokery well hell mend them.
  7. Cumnock,Pollok,Talbot,Glens etc. Sign players the same as any other club.They don't own the signed player.If the player wants a game for whatever reason what club is ever going to stand in their way.Its about doing what is best for all parties.
  8. Regardless of the team, this is the rantings of moron with chemicals/ alcohol racing through their bloodstream at 10 07 p.m.
  9. Oh no they didn't, Oh yes they did ! Oh no............
  10. F.T.F.Y. ☺ Sorry Glensmad, there was a voice in my head telling me to do it. 😨
  11. It's like a windy cleaners day oot !!! P.S. Laddergate now on national news!
  12. I find this picture sad,funny,embarrassing,unnecessary and ridiculous.I wouldn't be surprised to see it about 11pm before the bells. It looks like a complete set up. P.S. Always maintain three points of contact and minimise the time spent on the ladder.
  13. I find it strange that people cannot understand when a ref puts a home game off there isn't any gate money to be had, regardless of what the league is called.Talbot just wanted to get a game going but it was Rob Roy's prerogative to choose not to play.
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