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  1. Didn't need no pen last week thou. Just a thought. ☺️
  2. Am away this week so, same as last year I am missing the final again.All the best Talbot, a wee win would put an extra spring in our step coming into the winter months. E.P. P.S. Unless Talbot Teevee sets us up with a live feed! ☺️ That would make a lot of people Happy.
  3. Refreshing is the fact that some members of Pie n Bovril are prepared to start a thread about an up and coming game rather than wait until their team wins.I hope it catches on.
  4. 2nd. Half,Bot corner,Boyle organises who is on who.Boyle is on no one! There are no runners,standing alone! He is not the player that he thinks he is.
  5. Well, I was expecting a tight game with the league leaders but that wasn't the case. Three excellent goals from our point of view. Polloks young keeper kept his team in the game with three very good first half saves. Do not beat yourselves up over the 1st. goal.Craig is good at loosing his marker and excellent in the air.Ask Kelty,Ayr,Hurlford...etc,etc.Shankers is one of the best dead ball strikers in the league as he proved to us again.Gordon Pope also proved that his striking of a ball from open play is no fluke.( See last years Scottish Cup game). If any team scored 3 goal like todays against us I would put my hand up and say we couldn't live with it.So Pollok will just have to lift their heads and get on with it. 11☺️
  6. Looking forward to this game today and a bit of chat after the whistle. It is a perfect day for a game on a pitch that is up there with the best.May the best team win.That will be Talbot.☺️
  7. Nurture the boy.Possibly a Talbot player in the future ? 😃 Don't stert!..........banter.
  8. ☺️☺️☺️ What game is that then?
  9. And here he is celebrating.
  10. I am not a betting man but the Glens do have a good track record up at Pollok.
  11. The speedy no.7 was pulled off at half time.It was he who put his shin into Andy's face.
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