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  1. with my boys team having a block booking at townhead on a wednesday night ,we are informed well in advance by the sports hub that there is a game on between the cumnock & whoever so dont panic the pitch will be available. as for the crowd and lost revenue thats the way the cookie crumbles,im sure [email protected] will still bring a decent crowd with them. we have the facilities for midweek games and now lets use them.
  2. I hope keir has many good years at Talbot on the bench. I can't see him get in your team in front of shankers, sean, the 2 wilsons or the boy kemp. the way he and his agent/dad has handled his affairs on the deal has been nothing short of terrible. correct both teams have traded players for years and we will do it again. as for joining a worse team someone needs their heed looked.
  3. disnae matter who paid for the pitch. even b4 we went to 3g it was seldom off unlike the hurlford coofield. every season same lame excuses to put the games off.
  4. save any hassles we should clap each other onto the park and kick one another off it. easy.
  5. have heard hurlford ammies are signing a few from the juniors steven Crawford from Cumnock,ryan caddis from the winton and chris Robertson from hurlford juniors to name a few,as the ammies don't want shortless winning the league.
  6. only 4 home games to play but( and a big but )win these games we could potentially be at home in other games as well but hopefully be back home at townhead by that point. i can see where you are coming from regarding getting the park prepared but i think we all knew that this issue would arise at some point over the season. look at the guys who look after clydebank/yokers park ,it's played on every week and sometimes 4 times in 8 days.
  7. sweep are you forgetting the money lugar will make from these 4 games and the stuff Cumnock have gifted to your club. you seem to be the only one moaning about Cumnock being there ,your club has made a pretty packet out of them being there since your club were on their knees this time last season. I am pretty sure mr saunderson will be assisting on getting the park ready for these games as well as your own groundsman who has done a superb job in getting the park ready all thro the winter.
  8. Sorry to see the lad leave.Very good player, should have no problem finding a club. Does he live near Cumnock What has Cumnock got to do with him. They have enough to see them through the season.
  9. drossan Winton Rovers (11th) v Largs Thistle (1st) Blantyre Victoria (9th) v Cumbernauld United (7th) Greenock Juniors (5th) v Shotts Bon Accord (10th) Kilsyth Rangers (6th) v Clydebank (2nd) Maybole Juniors (13th) v Cumnock Juniors (3rd) Yoker Athletic (8th) v Rutherglen Glencairn (12th) D A H D A H.
  10. Looking forward to the game and hopefully a wee victory for the Nock for a change.
  11. colin williamson came wih this big reputation,big game player, well he must have left it at shotts coz he's worse than a man short.as for love going to [email protected] don't know why tucker would take him while he has wilson,gormley and milky to choose from because he's no better than any of them. John has failed to attract players from anywhere but wishaw and ayr utd u19's that is quite worrrying considering the teams around about us went and brought in players from the top league to help them fight relegation. kilbirnie richie barr troon pat walker/michael reilly arthurlie chris dallas glenafton joe andrew
  12. spoke with a guy connected to the club today and he told me they still had guys to interview over the weekend.
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