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  1. Only if the Barbie`s getting fired up, take a burger just incase
  2. Closed because of unpaid bills I heard, but don't take my word for it, make a phone call.
  3. I was hearing the hospitality has had to be closed, more unpaid bills ?
  4. No one could tell us what teams will be in what league, I think because some teams might not be accepted. We could play a maximum of 28 games next season if we get beaten in the first round of all the cups.
  5. Happened right in front of where I was standing, the keeper came running out and I said oh, here comes a penalty, but he played the ball cleanly, so it was never a penalty in a million years, dreadful decision and made a lot worse when he consulted the linesman and overruled his take on it. If he had gone with the lino`s take on it, would he have told Rhuiri to come back on, as I have made a terrible blunder, I think he realised this and just thought well I've done it now, so fxxk it. Time to promote him to the bigger leagues and see how long he lasts.
  6. How Rude . ^^^^^^ ^^^ This must be some kind of a record, yooz still in the Scottish in FEBRUARY.
  7. Totally agree, but you forgot to add the BIG ROSE to your list.
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