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  1. Theres only one David Healy!

  2. Last day of Goldenweek™ today, thanks to all that have contributed to it, thanks to the mods and admin team for helping promote G-W™ and allow me to celebrate with all my chums on P&B. Same time next year! Thank you, Superally *

  3. Dunfermline = Bottlemerchants?

    1. GordieBoy80


      Yep, not that we didn't know already, I was saying it 2 weeks ago

    2. SuperAlly


      I hope you come up, better atmosphere away at your club than Raith.

    3. GordieBoy80


      Atmosphere at EEP ? Where ? All there is is a bunch of moaning faced c***s

  4. loving the avatar, I've used the shocker many a time

  5. The Old Firm forum has hit an all time low, it's not even funny anymore

  6. who jure think you are

  7. Keys smashed them all!

  8. Hearts win, Scottish football wins.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SuperAlly


      Always bet against your team you will win either way (draws excluded)

    3. ayrunitedfw


      its a win-win. lose-lose situation tho.

    4. LTID


      try a little trick and he'll make you look a dick. CHRIS SAMBA THE BLACK MAN

    1. GordieBoy80


      Get your own material

    2. SuperAlly


      said DAFC to GordieBoy80. Don't worry there is enough chat for us all to enjoy.

    3. the 67

      the 67

      You are a w****r.

  9. Thank you ALL So much, Goldenday™ was a rip roaring success, thanks to the Mods and site admin, I am SuperAlly, Your 2010 Poster of the year. Thank you, Goodnight, Much love. x

  10. What a Goldennight™ that was, thank you all for all the mesages, thank you so much! SA *1

  11. Happy Goldenday™ everybody at P&B see you at the party tonight

    1. Davis Love III

      Davis Love III

      Happy 'Goldenday'! An alternative to Burns Supper perhaps?! Hehe.

    2. SuperAlly


      Yes DL3, it is 1 year today since I joined this forum, happy Goldenday™

    3. Davis Love III

      Davis Love III

      Oh I see! Well enjoy the milestone!

  12. You are Gold™ , GOLD™ ! Always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know, SuperALLLLY™ ! it is your golden week™ , Gold™ , GOLD™ ! 364 days, You've got the power to know, you're GOLD™ ! *solo* just another play for today oh but I'm proud of you, but am proud of youuuu, nothing left to make me feeeel small, Golden week™ has got me feeeling so TAAAALL, cos I'm GOLD™ !

    1. SuperAlly
    2. The Scottish Jew

      The Scottish Jew

      What an odd comment to make own your status.

  13. don't tell me to f**k off, bawsack!

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