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  1. Once again you are making statements that are incorrect. The original astro was not nor ever considered for the Juniors. It was never ripped up, but refurbed when the facility was being built as it had to be moved fifteen feet to allow the new running track to be laid.It was always a separate entity, which allowed us to set up the Juniors due to saving significant costs as it brought the Club to one location. The Juniors were always going to play out of Petershill at the start. How do I know, I set up the Junior team. We were actually approached when Petershill was first open to go there and fill the training slots but the costings were prohibitive. Laterally ground sharing with Petershill was logical due to the difficulty of Glasgow Life not being able to fill the slot when Petershill are away. As said before, on another thread, all the Clubs were shut out of the design phase, by the Leisure Trust, when we pointed out numerous flaws, such as insufficient car parking spaces especially Tuesday/Thursday nights and Saturday mornings. There was significant frustration on all the Clubs based at Huntershill due to the lack of engagement. The Tennis Club stated at the beginning they were not moving, yet three floodlit astro courts were built and lie mainly empty. Original drawings showed a full length viewing area on the changing room side, yet when the buildings went up it was clear this had been omitted. They then stuck the two spectator areas as an after thought when we kicked up. Huntershill before the new facility was built, with the original astro and three grass was the only profitable football facility in East Dunbartonshire. It is now losing money. In the course of about 15 years we have paid around a million pounds in rental fees to EDC, whether for Huntershill or school let's. The original astro was built for the youth teams as that was the tie in with part payment with Cashback for Communities, with us covering the rest. This application was supported by the SYFA. No taxpayers money was used. The Council had met with myself recently and were looking to put concrete terracing in, with a view to paying for it themselves. This could have taken the capacity up to 4-500. The other suggestion was to remove the fencing down to about four feet, which would have a minimal cost impact, but this was refused. However due to the Trust, who manage the facility, unwilling to budge on things like leaving banners up, or pie stall etc, things that wouldn't have cost anything it became a stalemate. Having to fight to get the basics was draining everyone. The feeling was if we could get a toe hold in to slowly change the facilities, then we could move it towards a more appropriate facility and try and access funding. We actually had a lot of backing from Councillors but even their support couldn't make the headway required. What has been frustrating is that the Council chased Celtic, Rangers, Partick Thistle and Glasgow City to base themselves in the district, but their lack of ambition has meant two East Dunbartonshire teams have to play outside the district. Rangers were believed to have been given a six figure sum to base Murray Park where it is. Glasgow City were offered land 400 yards from Huntershill to build their stadium. The main Club itself covers the Juniors pitch hire, training let's and kit at the start of every season. This is no secret, however our Constitution does not allow players to be paid, therefore if the Juniors go down that avenue, that is their responsibility.
  2. Rossvale never owned Huntershill, which was always owned by the Council, and like most new Clubs we can't afford to purchase the land, then build a pitch and suitable changing faciliities/stand, as itis well outwith most new junior clubs budgets. At a million pounds an acre in Bishopbriggs, and a new astro pitch alone costing £500,000, then the days of Clubs having their own facilities have long gone. Even laying a good quality grass is in the six figure range after drainage and good enough turf. Most Clubs have to rely on councils, otherwise there would be no new teams in the league. The decision by the Juniors committee was to build a team to put pressure on the Council to allow the Club to look at putting the facilities in ourselves. That however takes time. Rossvale Juniors are only eight years old, and in a town of 25,000 people, surrounded by Glasgow, we are not in a small area where we can argue easily that we are the focal point of the community. We are in Bishopbriggs with Allan Glens, St Mungos, Glasgow Harp, West Park, Edfc, Springburn Harriers, Bishopbriggs Tennis Club etc, so the Council can't be seen to favour one club making progress difficult. We face many challenges but haven't done that bad after the short existence, and would ask that people be a bit sympathetic considering a lot of the Clubs we are competing against have 40 year, 50 year, and longer head start than is. If we are still in the same position in 10 years then people have every right to comment. Its harder to start a junior team now and put in appropriate facilities due to health and safety, and numerous other regulations, which weren't around when most Juniors were starting. This makes it difficult to set up a pie stall etc due to council regulations. When we were at Petershill, cordia ran the pie stall and we got no revenue. We had to give a cut of the gate over and above hiring the facility to the council for no extra benefits. We had to buy cordials hospitality as we weren't allowed to bring anything in. We weren't allowed to put banners up for advertising. Every barrier to raise money was blocked. This isn't about people at the Club not wanting it, it's simply not a feasible prospect when others are holding us back.
  3. Rossvale main Club do not pay the Juniors let me clear that up to end all the myths around this. If the Junior team wants to pay expenses/wages or buy players then they have to do that themselves. Our books are open for anyone to see, and our constitution is tied in with Sportscotland meaning we cannot pay players. So no parents are paying wages. The constant misinformed people on here should actually get their facts right before spreading malicious rumours. I can come on here and spout how other clubs are funded but won't as they are rumours that would damage good hard working people at these clubs. Have heard we charge up to £50/60 per month per kid. Our kids pay between £18 and £40 depending whether they train one or two nights a week all on astro, 50% of games are on astro. Referees are £40 a game for kids, £40 a let for training, £80 for a game on astro, £45 for a grass pitch. We support our 19s/21s who are regarded as juveniles so they aren't paying adult rates. These boys could have been at the club 15 years. We also buy the kids kit in most cases within their monthly dues. I hope this dispels the misinformation. I am Huntershill most nights. I will show you everything you need to know about this club if anyone really wants what it takes to run a club.
  4. I think I will have arthritis in years to come.
  5. Let me clarify the situation with regards to Huntershill. Rossvale had no input in the design of it as did any of the other Clubs represented. The Council basically said they were paying for it and they would design it. We were brought in shown the plans told that's what was being built, take it or leave it. It did have significantly more viewing area in the plans, however there were major changes between being shown the plans and it being built none of which any of the Clubs knew about. At the one and only design meeting the Clubs were brought into, numerous things were brought up such as not enough car parking spaces, which has proven us correct, access to the site is too open meaning dog walkers let their dogs foul the grass, a cafe should have been put in, a physio suite built as a number of physios wanted to rent the facility. There were a number of money making opportunities offered by the Clubs, which would have kept pitch costs down for the kids. The facility is losing money, as what the Clubs told the Council would happen has happened. The tennis courts are lying empty, with only occasional use. They cost £150,000 to build. The running track cost £800,000 to build, about £150,000 more than the building of the new park, and the refurb of the old one combined. The track gets used for two hours approx on a Tuesday and Thursday, and an hour on a Saturday. If the Club could afford its own facilities it would move, however an acre of land is about a million pounds in Bishopbriggs, if you could find a venue suitable which would allow you floodlights to make it a viable option. When most Junior teams were started land was significantly/proportionally cheaper or in some cases gifted. Building work and costs again were not at the levels they are now as they weren't tied in with strict building regulations. Therefore it was easier to build a ground then. Loretto, at Low Moss for instance is owned by Caledonian estates and when phase 4 of the Bishopbriggs by pass is built, that area will be re zoned, and those pitches will I'm sure go. Add to the purchase of the land, a minimum of £1. 5 million, then we could maybe move. Ultimately to answer the issues, Rossvale had no say in Huntershill, as like all Councils they just want you to pay your money whether it is sub standard or not. The person who was in control of the build has no design experience and doesn't know anything about football. So I hope that clears that up with the actual facts. I think the Juniors have done rather well considering the limited resources we have to work with.
  6. Why so negative we are a brand new Club, we don't have money to buy land when land in Bishopbriggs can cost up to a million pounds an acre in the area. We are at the mercy of the Council so are fighting on more fronts than most. As I am sure Rob Roy will confirm EDC are not the easiest people to deal with. So with all we dealing with to be where we are is down to a phenomenal amount of work done by committee, both at Junior and Club level, mananagement, and a great group of players. The Club knows where the issues are but success puts pressure on the Council to make the changes needed especially as we pay them about £80,000 a year. It's pleasing that 99% of people are supportive and positive towards the Club.
  7. Reasons for why we wanted to fulfill fixture on the Saturday. Huntershill costs more midweek due to having to pay training let costs. Petershill went from £150 a game on the Saturday to £300 midweek. Time to set up, the guys who are setting up instead of having two hours on a Saturday, now have to rush home from work and have limited time. Fewer Club officials available on Friday night, all available on Saturday. People moved worked commitments around to be available and now having to change them. People had opportunities to go to Cup Final and because they made commitment to play/officiate in all the games made sure they were going to be there. Staffing levels at Huntershill need to be increased, Friday nights one works there, but when it's really busy they put two on say a Saturday morning and afternoon. Just a few reasons, no conspiracies. This is semi professional football and things should be done right.
  8. Statement from Rossvale Juniors McBookie Central 1st Division Friday 18th May Rossvale fc - Port Glasgow Juniors fc - 7.30pm Kick Off We would like to clarify our position and the reasons for the revised fixture date for our final league game of the season to ensure complete transparency. We had originally (for a number of reasons) rejected a request from Port Glasgow to move the fixture from the Saturday 19th May date set by the West Region, the main ones being that we always endeavor to play every game on the date given to us and we have ourselves had to fulfil tough fixtures over the last few weeks with several players missing. After some dialogue, we were then advised on Saturday 12th May by the West Region that the fixture will go ahead as planned and we therefore continued with all our plans and preparations to host on the 19th. On Tuesday 15th we received further communication from the West Region that Port Glasgow were unable to field a team on the 19th, therefore the game would be forfeited, with 3 points and a 3-0 victory being awarded to us, hence crowning us league champions. Our team manager together with our committee immediately rejected this proposal as it does not conform to our values as a club and we feel it is not good sportsmanship to win a league title in this manner after what has been a long, exciting and highly competitive season. After meeting to discuss possible options to fulfill the fixture and a lot of negotiating to ensure all the fundamentals for a match day could be in place we proposed a revised date of Friday 18th at 7.30pm, and despite a number of hurdles and several aspects not being ideal for us as a club, not to mention some additional costs, we feel playing the game is the only possible solution to ensure the integrity of the league is upheld. To confirm – Our final League fixture goes ahead at Huntershill sports complex on Friday 18th May with a 7.30pm kick off.
  9. Biggest day of season for Central First Division, league winners to be decided. Three teams could win it on last day of the season. Fixtures man makes it the day of the Scottish Cup Final 19th May. Neutrals totally taken out the equation. Why are the Juniors dying, this is the reason. Arrogance or stupidity, take your pick.
  10. Is it okay for me to post on Club Facebook page.
  11. Its easy to say Rob Roy should have stayed, but having dealt with EDC, and watched how they have treated other sports with the promises that have been made nobody would have thought such a high profile build could have been sold down the river at the last minute. Only Rob Roy will know what happened but they dont deserve this.
  12. Table top clash Rossvale v Renfrew. Brian McGinty/Stevie Aitchisons first game in charge.
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